Disturbed Educoist and shareholder.


I do not know you but I saw you a while back outside the RDS in Dublin.

I am a shareholder in INE and have been reading with interest your blog comments on your site. I have not written in before as I have been terrified of saying anything that might seem to be against Educo or BNE because people are being sued for asking questions about the company. I’m still scared and don’t want to lose money or my shares but I have noticed that the privacy of your site allows people to say things and share information anonymously so I would like you to put this letter on your website for me.

I went to what was called an illegal meeting on the 6th of September this year in Dublin as I was curious to hear what was going to be said by people who put together a members group. I found it both disturbing and informative and worthwhile as lots of questions asked were put together and the meeting was told that these questions were at last going to be answered by the board at the annual general meeting. This didn’t happen at the agm as promised by Mr Onstand. He told us that there was going to be 45 minutes question time and it never happened and none of the questions were never answered. And what was he doing at he meeting Susan Morrice said was an illegal meeting. What I do not understand is why noone has reported to you yet about Mr Onstand because this is what I found disturbing at the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting I was sited down close to him and organisers of the meeting came over to talk to him before it started and I heard what was said. Mr Onstand was being questioned by organisers of the meeting and he said that he was the lawyer for Josh Stewart and Patti Usher and he opened his wallet and showed them something to say who he was and flashed it by them. Later in the meeting he said that he was the legal lawyer man for INE. After the meeting I was chatting to the organisers and they said that Mr Onstand lied to get into the meeting by saying that he was the lawyer for the shareholders called Flood. Gerry and Liz Flood had been at the meeting to and apparently Mr Onstand did not represent them at all so he got into the meeting under false pretences by lying. This man is meant to be our company’s legal advisor and he tells lies! What I am worried about is everything that is going on at the moment with our shares and loans instead of dividends. I don’t think that we are being told the truth or given all the information and I’m too frightened to ask for it in case I get thrown out of Educo by Tony Quinn and  not allowed my loan money which I need to pay off my shares. I don’t know who to trust any more can you help me my phone number is…….

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  1. Indeed we have been warned (I am an investor) but what do we do about it. We all know about the fraud, the lies and the theft, but they are getting away with it.
    They are stealing our hard earned money while joyfully expounding on the growth of the company (and keeping the profits to themselves); on top of that making us ‘borrow’ our own money instead of paying dividends. By the way, you can only get the ‘loan’ by having it desposited directly into your own bank account. They will not issue checks – too much disclosure for them perhaps?
    Is there no way, or noone to check them?


  2. ANOTHER QUINN RIP-OFF – OILing the wheels of corruption.

    When will enough of the victims of Quinn’s scams, exploitations and thefts stand up together and confront Quinn’s dishonesty and theft? They may now be beginning to realise, late in the day, that there is a pattern of corruption here that spans nearly 40 years. “Muscling-in” on other peoples’ oil company is only the latest in a long line of rip-offs by Quinn. Quinn started out “muscling-in” on other peoples’ businesses in 1971 by “muscling-in” on a Yoga class started by a woman, known to Dialogue Ireland. Having taken over the Yoga class Quinn turned it into a recruiting ground for young idealists and spiritually-minded hippies from whom he stole their minds and bodies to work for him without pay in his extremely destructive cult to build his “health” businesses. Quinn’s lack of business acumen was apparent from Day 1 and it took immense efforts, without pay in most cases, by the devotees and tolls on their health and lives to sustain and develop the “health” businesses. Next, with the cooperation of some cronies he pronounced himself to be a business guru in his Educo cult in the 1990s. Dumping the Tony Quinn’s Yoga victims was necessary so he could separate himself from the multitude of failures he had generated. As the Educo seminars dramatically collapsed and their casualties piled up, the oil company, previously dismissed by Quinn as a bad investment, now became the parasitic Quinn’s next target. The bolt-hole provided by the oil company, with its wealth and lawyers as assets he could exploit would be very helpful in propping up the Educo business and psychologically and politically separating himself from the financial disasters experienced by many Educoists who had invested huge sums in Educo seminars.

    Quinn’s disastrous influence now begins to exert itself on the oil company and the new casualties, the genuine shareholders appear. It is up to them to fight back and exert pressure on the phony messiah and his collaborators and poodles if they are to save themselves and their investments from disaster. The ordinary shareholders might yet prevail, or they might not, especially if they don’t learn from history. One thing they don’t need in an oil company is a proven cult leader, with a history of lies and vicious exploitation. The history of Quinn has been exposed in serious investigations and the awful truth covered up for so long is now being extensively revealed. Shareholders can’t say they haven’t been warned!


  3. We are all “disturbed” investors. Why should we not be disturbed by what is going on. It is a total disgrace and we had been hoodwinked into believing that this is good. It is not. The lies and the constant conflicts in what little information that we are being drip fed is not acceptable.

    Clark Onstad is just another muppet that is bought when needed by the company. He probably does not realise he is like the rest of the muppets on the muppet show he will ahve his use and then he will be disgarded. Every Dog has his day. He is a bully like the people who employ him, his actions at the AGM were disgusting. Who does he think we are that we cannot see STRIAGHT through idiots like him.

    Clark Onstad is being used to take the focus off the so called board. Its all a game, the mind control games of a Cult. Sanity has gone out the window and there is a free for all.

    For those silly enough to give up their share certificates you can be certain of one thing that you ahve kissed goodbye to your investment. There is a scam afoot and you should all WAKE UP.


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