I am delighted to have stepped away from Quinn and his entourage.


Another anon:

I have been following all the write-ups and am so delighted to know so many are coming back into themselves. A happy day indeed!
I was glad to know Mr. Jordan has had some comments given back to him to try and let him see the true reality behind his blindness.

I also hope all shareholders take very seriously all these smoke screens and the rewriting of BNE history. I am delighted to have stepped away from Quinn and his entourage. A freeing experience and a humbling one. To admit to oneself and friends, of my years of blindness is healing and insightful. Since moving on from Quinn I have been repeatedly told how glad they are to have me back again.  Now I can truly make differences to many whom I was told to stay away from.

Recently some one said how proud they are of past directors for standing up and speaking their truth. My hat is off to them. Sheila, Paul and Jean you all were the true core to this company. As I understand it Ms. Morrice was not very involved in the beginning as she wanted to spend time with her children.

I understand Mr. Cornec is unable to make any comments because of a clause in an agreement stating he cannot disparage in any way to Ms. Morrice nor she about him. Apparently because of non-payment by Ms. Morrice, Mr. Cornec had no choice but to file his lawsuit. This lawsuit was filed long ago in the Denver courts and was done so before the suit that was released by Ms. Morrice in the BNE/INE web site. I wonder why she decided to share this with all members and meanwhile Mr. Cornec has kept very quiet? I for one would love to hear what Mr. Cornec would have to say. All that stands out to this individual is untruths being brought to the forefront by Ms. Morrice. I guess it is Ms. now and not Mrs. as there is an apparent divorce filing. Again lies, mis-truths or truths?

I respect all past directors and am saddened to read such stories being spread to all. No one deserves to be treated in such ways. It is truly not the way to behave to other human beings and I pray all who have been trusting pawns come out the winners. We are all responsible for our actions. That is a marvelous god given gift, that of having choices. We are responsible for our actions. PLEASE WAKE UP!

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  1. Good news about your WAKEUP call, and good wishes for the future.
    The oil story is similar to that of Tony Quinn’s – theft, lies, deceit and corruption.
    Susan Morrice and Tony Quinn make a lovely couple of crooks.
    Let’s hope all this new publicity however will not only bring them to justice but will also protect a lot of unsuspecting people out there.


  2. Like many who come on to this website you could get the feeeling you are being bombarded by messages. What I have found by reading carefully through all these articles about educo and Tony Quinn is that we as people who undertook his seminars are at a time of question and true realisation. The big realisation is that TQ is a cult organisation and not what we were lead to believe. It has all been lies and plagurised information from mutiple sources that ends up as a confused pack of nonsense when you sit back from it all.

    Most educoists are afraid to even come on this website for fear of being found out that they were covorting with the anti life message. How many times on stage did TQ go on about DI?? trashing its name and reputation.

    Now with all this exposure it is somewhat easier for the average educo seminarian to come out and be better informed about what is going on.

    I dont understand the whole oil thing, and I am very glad I did not invest. Lots of my friends did and they are all upset annoyed and broke over this and all the financial mess of the world.

    All of what is going on is not life as we were told about it is greed and wrong. There is alot of people wakening up.


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