Comments of a concerned shareholder of BNE (B e N ever E xtinguished)


Susan Morris is Tony Quinn’s mouth piece or to put it another way, he makes the bullets and she fires them and uses the shareholders money to pay for the likes of the Onstead bloke to fight against us. Make no mistake the scam is too far down the road, promises are very easily broken and will be. Why have original certificates been asked for, question this and you will get a garbled explanation. The vipers will wriggle and squirm their way out. All I ask is that you demand, and as shareholders you have a right to see, all relevant documents. However I must add that you can demand all you like, you will have no joy. Do you not think it odd that Alex Cranberg has been absent from all of these manipulations lies and deceit, may be he is another bullet maker! Word is that Susan Morris and Alex Cranberg are to divorce, we shall see, a marriage made before God which sadly breaks down followed by ‘divorce’ can mean two things!!! It is without doubt that this divorce is not about vows but dollars. “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine ‘. Please listen to Rob Henshall, talk to him, why has he stuck his neck out, why is he fighting tooth and nail just to get to the truth, you saw him at the AGM he tried yet again, but as usual he was silenced, do you really think he is putting himself through this because he has nothing better to do, no, his persistence is due to the absolute belief that he and we have been wronged. Why did Quinn quickly exit himself at the AGM, why did he not stand before us all and answer perfectly legitimate questions? We must ask ourselves do we really trust Tony Quinn? He is a charlatan of the first order, to profess to be the Messiah is without doubt a most ridiculous statement. It is on record he has made comments about taking certain people ‘out’ is this why he surrounds himself with a bunch of bodyguards, and I don’t mean the female species. Everybody makes mistakes, don’t be afraid to change course because you may look foolish, what is better, to have a red face or the financial reward we are entitled too. You and I built BNE with the money we invested. In 2005 there were just three people involved at ground level. Sheila McCaffrey was actually at the well head when the oil first flowed, she worked tirelessly 24/7 Jean Cornec did more than his bit too. Paul Mariott not only did the drilling but built roads to the site, located crews and equipment without getting a cent in wages. Where Tony Quinn was at this time, didn’t want to know and said this on the record. I don’t want to know about the oil ! Where was Susan Morrice at this time, sat in Denver that’s where at the most critical time. She was playing at it and it didn’t matter that much as she had Alex Cranberg’s millions behind her, and he had topped up his millions using his company’s badly designed seismic equipment to ‘look’ for the oil which proved to be a disaster as history shows, the ‘find ‘ is not as rosy as at first thought. Cranberg has now decided it’s time to do a runner as the drilling has now stopped, despite what you were told about the Never Delay site. Please believe me when I tell you unless we stick together, use every measure possible you will not see your dividends because they will be in the greedy hands of Susan Morrice her nephew Josh Stewart and Tony Quinn. Please think hard and long, that’s all I ask.

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  1. Have B Shareholders any plans to retrieve money they invested in INE?


  2. Didn’t it strike anyone as coincidental that Mr Quinn is running a Song of Life seminar and charging money for it AT THE SAME TIME as BNE are offering to give Educoists loans? People are writing their loans off against their Song of Life seminar. It must have tortured Quinn to do the last one free so he is recouping on Song of Life 2 by inviting people who got the last one free to come back now, only six months later but pay 5,000 euro for the privilege. Are his seminars that hopeless that people will repeat the Song of Life AND pay money for it. Transparent is right.


  3. Every word you have said is true, Quinn is a liar and a crook, Ms Morrice is not an intelligent woman, she is so far under Quinn’s influence that she is beyond thinking for herself, if she had not done the despicable things she has, we would probably feel sorry for her, this woman is so far out of control she will probably implode when she realises she has been used and duped, sadly a straight jacket will probably be a blessing for her when she finally settles into her prison cell when the only thing she has to look forward to is a visit from her sidekick Patricia and the chance to reminisce about the fake messiah who stole everyone’s money, and is in the cell down the hall. There is a place in Belize called Hattyville, there are rooms here with their names on the door sitting ready!

    Let no one be in doubt what we see developing before our eyes is a scam of great magnitude, not a particularly sophisticated one, but a scam for sure. A company of great promise, stolen in public.

    Now we see more rhetoric from the company, a promissory note that requires you to support the company in a “kiss my but” way and promises to exclude you if you question the ridiculous actions of this band of thieves, sorry directors.

    A list of questions and answers prepared by the board, carefully structured (another Quinn structure maybe) to avoid answering the real questions that people rightly have.

    Quinn/Morrice are using the current desperation of investors need for cash to try and railroad this loan scheme through, demanding you to meet their conditions in order to qualify for their loan.

    If you are an investor do not lose sight of what you originally invested in. Your investment is your private property, you are entitled to a return by way of dividend, dividends by there very nature are unconditional, it is not the boards prerogative to decide who benefits from the companies success, we like you but we don’t like you, the playground mentality of the decision making has Quinns hallmarks all over it,. The company has stated that the bank wont allow them to pay dividends from the loan, remember this, and don’t be afraid to remind the company we don’t want a dividend from a bank loan, what we want and what we are entitled to is a dividend based on the profits, the considerable profits the company boasts about, the bank cannot dictate how that cash is distributed. The obvious question is always going to be, where are those profits?

    We have heard from the board on numerous occasions and we have been openly lied to, why would anyone trust a single thing this un-ratified board has to say.

    Remember when Jean, Paul and Sheila were in charge, 5 wells out of 5, all producing beautifully, now we have the self proclaimed managing member Susan, Quinn and team, 20 dry wells and 60 million down the drain and yet they speak of their success, the only success they have is that they control our money and patronize us with stories of dreams and light whilst behind these flimsy smoke and mirrors they are nothing more than a bunch of power hungry crooks.

    If you value what you invested in send a very clear message to this board, refuse to sign these documents they send out, refuse to sign up to the loan release scam and put them on notice that they are personally responsible and accountable for any damage or liabilities they create through their unprofessional management and scheming. Their time at the top is short, be patient and our investment will produce dividends.


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