NOTHING BUT A TRANCER ‘Archangel’ gave her communion-Sunday World

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Sunday World November 8, 2009


‘Archangel’ gave her communion.’


MILLIONAIRE mystic Christina Gallagher

gave an “Oscar winning” performance

during one of her

controversial ecstasies, a new book

has claimed.

Immaculate Deception reveals that the

fake visionary pretended to go into a trance

and claimed she was given Holy Communion

direct from the Archangel Michael.

The 56-year-old mother of two is believed to

have hidden something white on the roof of her

mouth and then pulled it down with her tongue at

the appropriate time.

Her sidekick Fr Gerard McGinnity told the astonished

crowd that the Archangel had come down from

heaven to given Gallagher the “host.”

Gallagher’s adoring fans were overwhelmed by what

they thought was a truly supernatural experience.

One former close friend of the visionary, who is

called Patrick in the explosive book which was published

last week, said he was stunned by what he saw.

But he believes today the event was set up by the

under-fire visionary.


Patrick said Gallagher had invited all her biggest

donors to the prayer session in July 1999 and ordered

that it be filmed, a rarity for the House of Prayer on

Achill Island where cameras are normally banned.

During the session in the chapel, Gallagher suddenly

threw her arms up towards heaven and bent her body

backwards while staring upwards as if looking at the

Virgin Mary. She then opened her mouth and a white

“host” suddenly appeared.

Immaculate Deception reveals that Fr McGinnity

seemed to know in advance what was happening to

Christina because he told the crowds that when she

opened her mouth the Archangel Michael had

appeared and given her Holy Communion.

Patrick said: “I certainly believe it was a gimmick

now. But on that particular day I thought something

unusual and extraordinary was happening. It certainly

was not the angel from heaven.”

He said a part of the “communion” appeared to have

a kink in it and that Gallagher asked him later if he


During this ecstasy Gallagher claimed she received a

message from Our Lady that she would give a protective

“seal” against the Antichrists to all those attending

the House of Prayer over the next two years.

Patrick said this became Gallagher’s “biggest money-

spinner of all time” as the seal was only available at

the House of Prayer and she urged people to travel

from all over the world to get it.

●Immaculate Deception by Jim Gallagher is published

by Merlin and costs €12.99.

Also available from DI

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