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Submitted on 2009/11/10 at 2:18am

I don’t know if Mr Curran of the Sunday Business Post reads your blog Dialogue Ireland, but if he does he might be surprised at some of the following facts. In fairness BNE is a great company with great prospects and has the good people of Belize supporting and working for it. The ideal was a great one – Irish shareholders investing in Belize and helping a small nation like Ireland itself and in the process making some money. It was win win. Tony Quinn came along and suddenly things changed. He himself told the international audience of shareholders at the AGM in September that “the English said they never have to worry about the Irish because they’re always fighting among themselves” He admonished his 300 or more audience in Ireland saying that what the English said was true. Great plug Tony. He was referring to an ongoing rift among shareholders about his being on their board. But let’s look at the article.

the article says that BNE owns 60% – it is 54% (according AGM in Sept)

the article says that BNE employs 200 staff – it is 163 (according to AGM)

the article says that BNE have several hundred Irish investors (around 400)

The article says BNE are “distributing returns totalling about 10 million” dollars. They are not.

According to their legal counsel and directors as announced at the AGM the company today is valued on the price of oil but they are trying to find another way of valuing the company they said i.e. by starting a “loan distribution progamme”. “You have to take it as a loan but of course it is at the discretion of the board to extend the loan and only to those people in good standing”. They said that if the shareholders wait for profit sharing they will not get it for three years. By taking a loan they can “have it in their pockets for Christmas”.

They claim that they had to take the loan out to “cover the already existing loan for drilling but the directors decided to secure more funds by adding to the loan”. So how does it work?

According to when you bought in, you will get either 10, 20 or 30 dollars per share this Christmas. Then next year you will get the same (once you don’t want to pay back this years loan). Then year 3, they say “the numbers could be doubled because profits will be realised and you will get a proper dividend”.

They announced that it is a “3 tier plan” – now where did we hear that before?

They announced that it “flows all the way to Nevis which is tax free into Ireland which is most advantagous to the shareholder”. “it’s a loan programme that is tax free” they said. Now who could give such wonderful advice? One of BNE’s direcors announced “credit where credit is due the real credit should go to Tony Quinn”.

That brings us to another discrepancy in the article where it states that the “investors” include Tony Quinn.

Tony Quinn is not an investor. When BNE opened their doors and scoured through Irish people looking for shareholders, the people who attended Mr. Quinn’s seminars were the first to be targeted. And lucky them as they got in for very low priced shares. Tony Quinn did not want to know. He did not want anything to do with the oil company and many can attest to this.

AFTER oil was found Collette Millea, his business manager, was brought on stage to tell everyone at his seminar in Dublin how Tony told her he saw “a light around Mike Usher’s head”. MIke was one of the original directors who went on one of Quinn’s seminars. He had passed away (RIP) before this great sighting was announced.

AFTER oil was found Mr Quinn told all his inner circle, and later announced on stage that he “saw a light coming out the top of Jean Cornec’s head” He said he told the light to find the oil when he shook Cornec’s hand. (Cornec was the geologist that spent many years looking for oil with Mike Usher). That handshake Quinn claimed was the reason the oil was found in the first place. Cornec is nowhere to be seen since Quinn joined the ranks.

AFTER oil was found Mr Quinn was made a director of the company.

AFTER oil was found Mr Quinn was deemed to be an “originating” director.

Far from investing money – Quinn was gifted 24 million dollars worth of shares.

The Irish shareholders were never asked to vote him in.

No one knows what he did to earn this 24 million apart from seeing lights.

No one knows where the shares came from that were gifted to him.

No one is allowed to ask questions.

His first task as director was to announce that people had to go on one of his seminars before they could buy shares in BNE.

He joined the board but 2 of the original directors were suspended and 1 got out.

His Blueprint newspaper was delivered by post to all shareholders along with a personal letter from Quinn asking them to “Trust”.

His Blueprint newspaper was put up on the BNE website.

It is suspected that BNE paid his expenses to do a seminar with the government of Belize who were voted out of office shortly after.

He personally wrote a newspaper supporting that government just before they were voted out of office. He supervised the great articles about himself in this newspaper of course.

There was no agenda at the AGM.

There was no question and answer session at the AGM.

There were personal confrontations between Quinn and former followers at the AGM.

One Quinn follower jumped up on stage at the AGM and told the room full of shareholders that it’s “all about the love”.


I wonder where the board got the idea that the Irish shareholders would want to avoid/evade paying tax to the Irish Government? I wonder why the board i.e. 2 people from Northern Ireland, 1 from Belize and Tony Quinn would get up in front of hundreds of Irish people in the Burlington hotel and tell them how to not pay tax in our own country?

Maybe some journalist can go out to Mr Quinn’s home and ask him for answers. Oh no I forgot – he only lives there for a certain number of weeks a year.

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  1. … Curran really an inquiring journalist, or does he just write up press handouts?
    It’s curious that he hasn’t followed up on this story especially following all the news that has been published by other press – we should be grateful there are other pro-active journalists in Ireland.


  2. Quinn is using Mind control to control the cult members who will still listen to him. Everyone should be aware what mind control actually does:

    Studies performed by people like Quinn who believe and do practice mind control have identified a number of key steps in coercive persuasion

    People are put in physically or emotionally distressing situations;

    Their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;

    They receive unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from a charismatic leader;

    They get a new identity based on the group;

    They are subject to entrapment (isolation from friends, relatives, and the mainstream culture) and their access to information is severely controlled.

    All of the above relates to how Quinn has reinvented himself again, en trapped those around him and he is now the “face of the company”

    This is all about control.


  3. Mr Curran,

    You are a highly repected journalist. Please do the right thing here and look into the complete story. This is a Nevis-based company and is currently writing its own rules. I am certain that you would be appalled at how it is operating and particularly its treatment of shareholders, seemingly led by the “face of the company” Tony Quinn.


  4. The facts as laid out above are as an accurate a statement as I have seen of this sorry saga and nightmare that us investors have found ourselves in. The conflicting messages coming out are there for the record on our communication channel except it is dictator channel instead.

    There is a clear attempt by the recent publications on the Com Channel and recent interviews in the so called blueprint and the Sunday Business Post. Tony Quinn did not start this company he was no where to be seen at the beginning. His Dublin based henchman and woman were actively working against funding this much too risky an investment. Now we are told that Quinn the Cult leader did all this to assist the company a complete load of lies.
    Susan Morrice is assisting these lies, really she should know better. She has lost any credibility that she had left and God knows that was thin.

    The people who started this company did a great job, Sheila, Paul and Jean we all know that it was you guys. The person who wrote the dream team is correct. We had open transparent and frank information from you. You told it how it was. You all worked hard. Now you have got the Dr treatment, replace you with people who look good but are nothing but wasters and loosers on their last legs.

    Now we are told the two Dr’s are in charge, Dr Canton in Belize – my friends that I have gotten to know through visits to Belize tell me that he is dangerous and a failed politician. He left the government position before he was kicked out. To be sidelined into the utilities commission for a cushy job. So all the platitudes and nice words at the AGM mean nothing to all of us shareholders. Dr Canton you are part of this ugly scam and you will be called to account.
    Then you have the mind bender and cult leader so called Dr Quinn with his bought qualifications for was it $99 on line?
    These people are not capable of anything let alone running our company. This loan programme is a complete scam and those who sign up will live to regret it deeply.

    Yesterday’s correspondence gave us the first clue – a loan repayable on demand with your stock certificate as security to be paid back out of future profits. So where has the tens of millions of profit that the company has made over the last three years and no the accounts show that there have been large profits. Answers before the loan programme details please!


  5. This is my first vist to the Dialogue Ireland website. I have been warned constantly off it and felt I would be betraying educo by being on it. As a person who went on seminars and has struggled with the meterial because I thought I was not good enough it is refreshing to see that this forum is giving room for discussion.

    I am not an investor in the oil in Belize. I felt I missed the boat on it but now I look at friends who have borrowed large sums of money to make this investment and are in deep financial trouble.

    I am not a financial wizard but the doubts on educo have crept in to my mind in the last year seeing the actions of people like Patricia Fitzpatrick alining herself with the oil. She told me years ago not to invest and to do a seminar with tony instead.

    Colette Millea, Tom McKenna and the people in the management of educo should really have a big reality check for themselves. This is not life, loving , meaningful and open. This is nothing but selfish manipulation. I am out of it all for good.


  6. As a shareholder who bought and paid for my shares and took risk in the company before oil was found. I bought into the dream because there were great people behind this project. Sheila McCaffrey worked endlessly and selflessly to do good. She worked harder than anyone I ever knew and she knew how to get results. I know that the other early Directors Paul Marriott and Jean Cornec also worked long and hard. They were a dream team.

    Now it seems all this articles are careful to mention Sheila McCaffrey. We all know the treatment she has gotten from this company – unfair and unjustified I am sure. I dont know the facts, but I sure do know when I am being lied to and we have seen enough of it on the communication channel

    Inconsistent lies and mistruths mouthed out by Mary Ann Malone – a mouthpiece and side kisk to Susan Morrice. Morrice and Alex Cranberg have spent time minipluating and bullying there way in this company. Of course Tony Quinn had aided and abetted this.

    In the end truth will prevail. Rob Henshall is to be applauded – a man amongst men as a shareholder standing up for all of us and facing down the hard questions. I for one am sick of feeling used and abused and the more I read about this company that I invested in, the more sick I become.

    We should be paid a proper dividend no scams, no pryimad schemes, just give us our return on our investment. 5 years you have had the use of my money. Do the decent thing give a dividend properly.

    Sheila McCaffrey your statement at the AGM showed that you still are that really powerful woman that can do anything she puts her mind to.

    Paul Marriott I know you are the man to drill, expertly and you are not someone who schemes and overcharges.

    Jean Cornec you are a brillant geologist that has stood the test of time with your belief in finding oil.

    All three of you deserve our thanks and you have mine for making this dream come true. You three were honest and hard working people who deserve better support from me and from shareholders.

    Tony Quinn was no where to be seen when it mattered, nor did he invest any of his money into this company. He has manipulated his way to become the “face of our company” what a joke.


  7. Excellent article as it gives so much truthful information about the finding of the oil, the workings of the oil company and the entirely destructive role of Tony Quinn in the operations of the oil company. His achievement in manipulating the operations of the board and his dogged defence by Susan Morrice in the face of the facts of this man’s history of cult activities mean that as usual many lose out dramatically while the parasitic Quinn, true to from, siphons off the money. He’s got away with his cult manipulation for nearly 40 years due to lies, manipulation, intimidation and weaknesses in governance and the legal system in confronting him and his crimes.

    Thanks God, the newspapers are exposing him more and more and the bogus nature of this conman’s claims, including, incidentally, his phony doctorate, which itself is revealing of his deceptive nature. The cult of Tony Quinn’s Yoga and Educo are now revealed as having exploited thousands of their money, their minds and in the case of many females, their bodies, all carried out by Mr. Quinn and a few hard core cronies and poodles.


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