Irish investors to get Belize oil payout

The Sunday Business Post published this story Nov 8. Dialogue Ireland has been in touch with the journalist to clarify this story.

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The Sunday Business Post

Irish investors to get Belize oil payout

08 November 2009 By Richard Curran

Belize Natural Energy (BNE), an exploration company founded by Belfast woman Susan Morrice, is to begin distributing returns totalling about$10million to shareholders in the coming weeks.

The company, which found oil in the Central American country Belize in 2005, is producing around 5,000 barrels of oil per day. In 2008, it had revenues of$113 million and reported a net profit of $26.7 million. The firm, which employs 200 staff, is backed by several hundred individual investors from Ireland, including well known hypnotist and health guru Tony Quinn. Morrice, who studied geology in Trinity College Dublin, said the company was now the biggest employer in Belize and the biggest single contributor to the state’s revenues. The Belize government gets royalty payments and has a 10per cent equity stake in the oil field known as Spanish Lookout. Located around 70miles from the coast, the field is producing the highest grade light sweet crude oil. ‘‘It’s so high grade that locals are putting it directly in their generators,” she said. According to Morrice, it has recoverable reserves of 20to 24 million barrels of oil. The original licence area, which is 60per cent-owned by BNE, covers half-a million acres. Morrice said the company had now made a discovery in a second field, called the Never Delay field, named after a nearby bridge. ‘‘We are working on details on a plan to develop this field,” she said. BNE is the only company to be successful in oil production in Belize. Morrice said 51 companies had tried and failed to find oil in Belize and walked away from it before the BNE discovery. BNE owns 60per cent of the venture. A Denver company called CHX and the Belize state own the rest.

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  1. To all of you here-this OIL Greed by foreign investment along with the Belize government will soon come to a end-I will advice you to take your money out from any investment you have in Belize- I am the founder of the Revolutionary Armed forces of Belize-and we will take back what belong to us Belizeans. and will declare UNCOSNSITUTIONAL any contract the Belize Criminal organization know as pup and udp part-has done with any foreign entity.investors.


  2. Fergus Jordan.

    You influenced too many people by being sold the idea through Tony Quinn’s advice. On top of the family being inssaulted in public you kept defending Tony Quinn.

    Now the truth has come out. Rip up your shares and move on. I’m glad personally I did not take your advice with BNE, as my Mother would have been a large investor.

    Sorry you were influenced, but more sorry you influenced others after Tony Quinn insulted you and your family. As others said Fergus….wake up


  3. A year and a half ago i invested money with a company called Parumaoil who at present are sourcing for oil in Belize. Like the above shareholders in BNE our shares were bought in the same way ie. Loan and have Share Certificates. A year and a half has passed and we have not yet had one AGM meeting I have had maybe two mails from the person who is heavily involved in this company and is a good friend of my husband. I am very confused and frustrated by the whole thing. We were told at the start that would be three years before we would see any dividends. My life is on hold and I am just wondering after reading the above comments have I just thrown away good money. I have no idea what to do next .


  4. Absolutely! Why the deafening silence from the Sunday Buisness Post in telling the TRUE story and not just allowing themselves to be used as a propaganda vehicle for the self-serving and corrupt Morrice/Quinn double act?
    Come on Mr Curren all the information is available – these gansters need to be stopped pronto.


  5. OK Mr. Curran – so do you think there’s a story here. Just how much information do you need – it seems a press release was enough for you to go to print initially but truthful facts don’t cut it with you..


  6. What did you and Quinn discuss at the private meeting you had together at the Song of Life seminar last April? I wonder?


  7. Dear Robert
    Whenever you started communicating with members I was shocked by your disregard for the opinions of the majority of shareholders of BNE and I found you totally insensitive to Dr. Tony Quinn and the feelings of members of our group Educo.
    I have paid a lot of money for seminars and borrowed even more for my shares and just wished you went away and gave up your stupid campaign for truth and transparency.
    When you were thrown out of the agm I cheered and clapped and then I thought hang on why is he not being allowed to speak, maybe he has something to say that some people don’t want to hear or that some people don’t want him to say. I sat through the agm and then woke up. This was not an agm it was a sales pitch for the loan scheme. It was being sold to us like an Educo seminar or a Quinn product. I spoke to lots of people, friends and family, some got it others didn’t and then I realised that there were 2 completely different camps and I was no longer in the camp I was in before. I felt free for the first time in years I had found the keys to the handcuffs and I had undone them. Since the agm I have done my research into the man I now call Mr Quinn and I have been really shocked. Mr Quinn hasn’t disputed or dare challenge anything that has been said about him in the papers or anywhere. All this information about him is in the public domain and if it wasn’t true then he would have them in court long ago.
    Why hasn’t he?
    Because it is all true what people are saying about him!
    No wonder he wants us all to be friends and forgive and forget!
    I gave in my certificate to Mary Ann and Mr Onstad was there and now wish I hadn’t.
    What does xjet want with OUR certificates? Is Mary Ann working for xjet too?
    Yes, I’ve just found out that the address where Mary Ann is workin at is xjets! I see to that the promissory loan notes are to be given to xjets address and that Mr Quinn has an interest in it!
    I thought Mary Ann was working for BNE!? Just what is going on?
    I need money to payback money for my shares and seminars and I think that you Robert now are right that there is something very fishy going on and that we should get a dividend and not a loan. The money is there so why don’t they give it to us?
    Please can you send this letter out to members of your group as I think it is important that people wake up like I have. You have another supporter.


  8. These emails expres the views of me and my family so well. We are sick to death of the junk that constantly appears in our inbox and letterbox. It makes little sense and is constantly contradictory, who is running this company??

    It appears to be incompetant and stupid people are running this company. Me and my family’s suspicition is that they are not operating the company in our best interests. We are confused about the loan programme that is talked about. It is not clear and what the terms and conditions are and we the investors are left wondering what is going on?? The answer is we dont know and we know we are not being told the truth. This is a huge worry to everyone!


  9. The tragedy is that Tony Quinn IS a master psychologist and knows exactly how to play people and quieten (most) of them if necessary – he has been doing this successfully for many years and amassed quite a fortune in the process and is now using high-powered lawyers to protect it. He knows alot of BNE investors are strapped for cash in these straitened times and will be easily tempted by his ‘cash in your pockets by xmas’ conjob. Even though none of the investors have been shown the terms and conditions of this loan ( Of their own profit share) most of them have been recently lured into handing over their original stock certificate(otherwise they are deemed ineligible for the loan) when all the professional advice is that this is highly irregular. But, of course , it suits Quinn to have as many shareholders indebted to the Board (which he has been controlling) as possible.
    Not surprisingly potential shareholders have been scared off by all the shenigans and it has been impossible to trade shares for over a year. But this is NOT the fault of shareholders seeking answers to to their legimate questions( as Quinn would have you believe) but caused entirely by the bogus unratified board implementing Quinn’s philosophy/policy of using OMP (other peoples money) to line his own pocket.
    Such is the seriousness of the situation for shareholders now that the only remedy may be total exposure of whats been happening at BNE, since Quinn muscled his way in, by a proper investigative report and not the likes of what we witnessed in last Sundays Buisness Post which was essentially a PR stunt.


  10. Having been to the so called ‘AGM’, I left the Burlington Hotel, Dublin in Sept totally disgusted & appalled at what I had just witnessed.

    Tony Quinn & his apostles TOTALLY controlled what happened at that the meeting.

    There was no platform for investors to voice their questions or concerns. We were fed a load of RUBBISH about getting a loan instead of proper dividend as this was the only ‘tax free’ way to do it.

    If any investor as much as tried to question why it was this way, the ‘legal team’ took over & said that was the way things were done in international business & if investors still questioned the board the security was called to escort them out of the room.

    Adolf Hitler would have felt right at home on that stage!

    This business of sending back the share certificates…. why in god’s name would any company want to get back certificates they have issued, unless they don’t know how many they have given out in the first place is my theory.

    I have made investments over the last 30 years & I have NEVER been asked to return my certificates, unless I was cashing them in.

    Because of the way investors were introduced to this company, they were drip fed so called VITAL, confidential information by very persuave & manipulative sales people, who manoeuvred themselves into a position of getting to know potential investors & their families intimately, trusting them with information about previous personal experiences & secrets.

    Then they would blind them with the science & geology of NEW seismic scans that were taking place in Belize, uncovering the VAST OIL reserves that Shell & Texaco amazingly missed. Potential investors were advised to GET IN QUICK & buy the shares when they were cheap because they were going to explode in value.
    Potential investors were also relentlessly encouraged to go on the TQ ‘mind technology’ courses to improve their lifestyle, outlook, cash flow etc.

    Potential investors knew & trusted the sellers… or at least thought that did!

    And I hold my hands up here, I was taken in by these people, and bought into the oil company but luckily I did not go on a TQ course.

    I feel cheated & am angry that this has been allowed to happen.

    I have no doubt there is plenty of oil in Belieze but our company has become very corrupt, I want to know who decided to give Tony Quinn all the shares that he now has? Who made that decision? Why were investors not consulted about this?

    If the company has been in profit since 2006, why are we borrowing money to pay a dividend to investors, it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. If it is to avoid paying tax, I will gladly pay tax – both here & in Belize sooner than plunge the company into debt.
    I salute the members/owners of INE/BNE that are standing up to Tony Quinn & his army of blind Hippocrates. I encourage all members who read these articles to do all they can to get this money grabbing evil man exposed.


  11. Mr Jordan,

    I saw you at the AGM and how you stood with your hands together in prayer with that pathetic little boy lost look begging Susan Morrice to let you jump on stage and say your piece. Until that time I had always thought you to be a serious investor and a shrewd business man, how wrong I was, all you are is another puppet for Quinn and Morrice, how can you be so narrow minded and blinkered, where are all the lessons you learned in business through your life.

    Tony Quinn himself proclaims that there is no room for “life” in business.

    Are you not capable of looking at this company objectively.

    They have clearly misinformed shareholders, they fabricate the truth to suit their own purpose but it does not reflect reality.

    The company is run by a woman who has proclaimed herself sole managing member, for the uninitiated that means there is no board decision, what Susan Morrice wants, Susan Morrice gets, the sad part is, is that what Susan Morrice wants is pretty much what Tony Quinn tells her she wants.

    Mr Jordan, you support a woman who has released a story to the world that she founded BNE, you know this is not true, there were five founders of BNE and TQ was nowhere to be seen.

    Mr Jordan, you support TQ when you hear him say that he found the oil, that he is an originating member of the company, you have said that you were there to witness the oil coming to the surface, where were Tony Quinn and Susan Morrice on that day?

    Mr Jordan, you know who the five originators were yet you go along with the stories that have been put out about the directors, that have been pushed out, all of whom you have in the passed called your friends, one suspended without a shred of evidence to prove the unsubstantiated lies propagated about her, one sold his shares to Susan Morrice only to find that she has defaulted on the deal, she has the shares and he has not been paid, she has lied again and you believe her. The last director forced out of the company and malicious stories circulated to suggest he has been less than honorable in his dealings with the company, so frustrated by the onslaught of negative propaganda that he has been forced to resign as a director in order to remove himself from the out of control so called board of directors.

    Mr Jordan, you sit by and do not question the fact that TQ and Susan Morrice publish a story that says that Josh Stewart “made the single biggest investment in the company to date” . Ask yourself this, why do the accounts presented at the AGM show no details of this “single biggest investment”. There is a suggestion that Josh Stewart bought John Cornec’s shares, if this is so then he must have bought them from Susan, if that is true then Susan sold something that she had not paid for, that is still not an investment in the company! So what investment did he make.

    Mr Jordan, why do you support the story that Josh Stewart is a legitimate director of the company when the truth is that he is nothing more than a substitute director who represents Susan Morrice’s stock that she purloined from John Cornec. He is nothing more than a puppet for Morrice and apparently owns no stock in this company.

    Mr Jordan, why do you support the story that Tony Quinn is an originating Director of the company, this man publicly told people not to invest in the company, he has never invested in the company, all he has done is caused Susan Morrice to approve unquantifiable amounts of company funds to be paid to his Educo empire and then agreed to have said sums written off.

    Mr Jordan, why do you support the latest Quinn/ Morrice scam of lending money to investors. You are an experienced business man, when have you ever heard of companies lending money to investors rather than paying dividends. The company has been in profit since 2006 and is well capable of paying a dividend. The loan scheme is a trick, a relatively unsophisticated one but a trick nevertheless. Quinn and Morrice purport to be acting on the instructions of the eminent accounting firm KPMG, but when challenged KPMG are quite clear that they are being misquoted and that the advice is not theirs. Quinn and Morrice tell shareholders that they must surrender their original share certificates, this has been questioned by innumerable international lawyers, most stating that on no accounts should share certificates be surrendered. This has to be questionable behavior even for someone as supportive of Quinn as you seem to be.

    Mr Jordan, finally your cheap comments about Miss Talent are beneath a man of your standing and sadly show you in a bad light towards all women, no doubt you will be praised by Quinn and his sycophantic group of cronies, but you will be standing alone and considerably poorer when you finally wake up to the fact that you have been conned, when your investment is worth no more than the three directors of BNE who did all the work while Quinn and Morrice sat on the sidelines massaging their egos and plotting to steel the spoils of other peoples hard work and dedication to a wonderful project that you supported with your hard earned cash. One day you will look at the way Quinn casts aside his most ardent supporters and ask yourself why you were too blind to see it coming your way. The one lesson that can be learned if you want is this, when you have served your purpose for Quinn he will cast you aside as he has with all the other people who have woken up and stopped singing his tune.

    Mr Jordan, wake up !!!!


  12. Fergus Jordan so you are the great believer in Quinn??? It was not so long ago you were making statements publicly about the effect of giving Quinn shares had on diluting your investment.

    Also you are publicly on record several times talking against Quinn and educo courses. What is it you said they were a “rip off” was the word you used.

    You profess love and kindness. You are not acting in a loving and kind manner making statements about anyone.

    Quinn on several occasions has openly made very very derogatory remarks about you and your family so I am surprised you are in such defense. The payout must be good – Are you the PR firm??

    Be very careful when you have finished being useful to Quinn, Morrice and all the sidekicks the will dump you that is what they do to people. Please for the sake of yourself and your wife and those who care about you wake up. Your family is very worried about you and your erratic behaviour.


  13. I am deeply surpised at a respected journalist like Richard Curran putting his name to an article like this. This is a journalist that I have respected for many years.

    Mr Curran please fully appraise yourself of the facts of the case in the company that we invested in. It is not as glossy as the press release no doubt polished by a good ( and expensive PR firm) I am sure we are paying for that along with the dozen firms of international lawyers this team feel the need to have around them.

    Mr Curran there is any amount of people who will tell you facts of this case and you can then decide to publish an accurate article – something that you are very capable of we all know.


  14. It is really simple if the company were being open and transparent with the shareholders they would give the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of a loan out. There is scam afoot that is certain.

    We will get the platitiudes from Susan Morrice and flowery letters that say nothing from Quinn and the other dumb and dumber board members will do as they are told.

    So what are the terms and conditions, why all the secrets. KMPG have stated according to the correspondence they are distancing themselves from this scam.

    If the board had nothing to hide all of us who requested the terms and conditions would have got them long ago.


  15. I have concerns myself as to why we haven’t shared in the profits for the past few years. I get it about the loan so we dont have to pay tax on it in Ireland, but I am very concerned about when and how that loan is to be paid back. If I take the dividends and pay the taxes myself am I going to be worse off. But If I take the loan are my shares collaterl and I wont be able to sell them. I have asked for the terms and conditions of the loan and to date I haven’t got any satisfactory reply. I asked Mary Ann about it and she said a letter will follow in the post. I dont know who to believe, or what to do about the loan. Any advice would be welcome.


  16. Mr Jordan talks about the message of love – would that be the unconditional kind that TQ preaches about ?- you say that you promote a message of love and in the next sentence you call a woman “knickerless” – what a hypocrite. Maybe you know her personally and you are stating the truth – but to say such a nasty thing having preached of love on stage – nasty.

    As a woman I find such remarks sexist and rude – you are one of these Educo people are you not. Do they all have the same attitude to women as you and TQ do.




  18. I would like to know all the perks and promises that have been made to Fergus Jordan. You may be one of up to 25 people who invested early in the company early. You are blinkered Mr Jordan and Mr Quinn the guru and the rapist of our company is playing you for a fool. No doubt he is in touch with you though his lackies telling you what to say and do. You need to please wake up and smell the coffee. We are being ripped off right, left and centre. You will serve a useful purpose for Quinn, Morrice, Josh the so called board member and the rest of the stealers. However one fine morning you are going to wake up and realise that our company is stolen and they will drop you like a dirty rag.

    A number of us who are share holders came to that conclusion a long long time ago. We all know the truth why else would a profitable company such as our not be honourable to all the good people who invested and distribute our profits. We have been profitable from 2006 – please check the accounts you have been given.
    Susan Morrice, Tony Quinn, Josh Stuart, Patti Usher and Clark Onstad the enforcer have all LIED consistently to all of us. Please re-read the information from the AGM, the conflicting statements on the propaganda channel and the complaints filed in the Denver court. They can be caught out in their lies so easily. Our company is a charade. Honesty is required and we are not getting from those who are in charge and all of their puppets.
    Mr Quinn, cult leader and guru has benefited from at least $3M of our money being spent on educo seminars for the cronies of Morrice and those who were forced and coerced into going on seminars. That is regular and connections seminars all paid for out of our money. Additionally two educo gyms in Belize. Why was this expenditure “written off” in this year’s accounts? How much was he paid for his consulting fees for the energy exchange paper – the educo propaganda that Belize people are laughing at. The Blueprint and it goes on and on. Millions of our money being given to him without any reports or due diligence. It is called corporate governance – it does not exist in our company.
    It can go on and on? This is a rip off. Please take off the blinkers, lift you heads out of the sand and look and see – this company has been stolen. We have to borrow our own money back from a profitable company. Oh and by the way those of you stupid enough to give you share certs back can kiss all of that goodbye.

    Mr Jordan and anyone else who is being bought off – you are now exposed and the truth will be laid bare in front of all the investors. It is not a pretty site. The good intentions of this company and the ideals it was set up for are gone. We have bullies, intimidators and a CULT in charge. That is not good for any of us investors, for life, for Belize or the world. They must go.


  19. I have just received yet another email from the guy supporting the INE member group. He seems to be one of the very few people prepared to stick his neck out to try to get to the truth all the time. He deserves our support and in my opinion has a lot of valid points about the company and its management or mismanagement. I stupidly gave in my certificate, I wish now that I hadn’t!
    I need money desperately but I am not going to take a loan or I think I will then loose my shares if I can’t pay back the loan or not be able to sell them. When will Susan Morrice and Tony Quinn start telling the Truth they have been caught out lying so many times now when will we all wake up!


  20. On a small but important point .
    I was the person who jumped onto the stage !

    I said that the activity of attacking the company and the rift between shareholders had to stop as it was the major drag on the share value and noone would dream of investing in such a company where shareholders were divided .
    I went on to say that as an original investor I wanted to get back to the original reason for investing which was a goal to find oil , make money and get the message of love and goal achievement to the People of Belize . ‘We should resend that love’ I said .
    Correspondents to this site and Journalists such as ‘Knickerless Talent’ of the Sunday Weirld should stick to writing about unimportant aspects of Life and allow the Real people to Evolve .
    Stop devaluing our Great Company


  21. The oil company have asked everyone to give back their share certificates to the company and there is a lot of trouble over it because some people say it is crazy to give them up. Is it common for companies to just come along and take back your share certificate – if you dont you wont get the the famous loan that they are talking aboout. Or is it a payout like Curran says in the paper. I am confused. Even if company’s do ask for your certificate I suppose they dont have a suspicious character like TQ doing the asking and they dont have a Patricia Fitzpatrick taking photos of all his Educoists as they parade into the hotel handing up their certs like sheep.


  22. I don’t know if Mr Curran of the Sunday Business Post reads your blog Dialogue Ireland, but if he does he might be surprised at some of the following facts. In fairness BNE is a great company with great prospects and has the good people of Belize supporting and working for it. The ideal was a great one – Irish shareholders investing in Belize and helping a small nation like Ireland itself and in the process making some money. It was win win. Tony Quinn came along and suddenly things changed. He himself told the international audience of shareholders at the AGM in September that “the English said they never have to worry about the Irish because they’re always fighting among themselves” He admonished his 300 or more audience in Ireland saying that what the English said was true. Great plug Tony. He was referring to an ongoing rift among shareholders about his being on their board. But let’s look at the article.

    the article says that BNE owns 60% – it is 54% (according AGM in Sept)

    the article says that BNE employs 200 staff – it is 163 (according to AGM)

    the article says that BNE have several hundred Irish investors (around 400)

    The article says BNE are “distributing returns totalling about 10 million” dollars. They are not.

    According to their legal counsel and directors as announced at the AGM the company today is valued on the price of oil but they are trying to find another way of valuing the company they said i.e. by starting a “loan distribution progamme”. “You have to take it as a loan but of course it is at the discretion of the board to extend the loan and only to those people in good standing”. They said that if the shareholders wait for profit sharing they will not get it for three years. By taking a loan they can “have it in their pockets for Christmas”.

    They claim that they had to take the loan out to “cover the already existing loan for drilling but the directors decided to secure more funds by adding to the loan”. So how does it work?

    According to when you bought in, you will get either 10, 20 or 30 dollars per share this Christmas. Then next year you will get the same (once you don’t want to pay back this years loan). Then year 3, they say “the numbers could be doubled because profits will be realised and you will get a proper dividend”.

    They announced that it is a “3 tier plan” – now where did we hear that before?

    They announced that it “flows all the way to Nevis which is tax free into Ireland which is most advantagous to the shareholder”. “it’s a loan programme that is tax free” they said. Now who could give such wonderful advice? One of BNE’s direcors announced “credit where credit is due the real credit should go to Tony Quinn”.

    That brings us to another discrepancy in the article where it states that the “investors” include Tony Quinn.

    Tony Quinn is not an investor. When BNE opened their doors and scoured through Irish people looking for shareholders, the people who attended Mr. Quinn’s seminars were the first to be targeted. And lucky them as they got in for very low priced shares. Tony Quinn did not want to know. He did not want anything to do with the oil company and many can attest to this.

    AFTER oil was found Collette Millea, his business manager, was brought on stage to tell everyone at his seminar in Dublin how Tony told her he saw “a light around Mike Usher’s head”. MIke was one of the original directors who went on one of Quinn’s seminars. He had passed away (RIP) before this great sighting was announced.

    AFTER oil was found Mr Quinn told all his inner circle, and later announced on stage that he “saw a light coming out the top of Jean Cornec’s head” He said he told the light to find the oil when he shook Cornec’s hand. (Cornec was the geologist that spent many years looking for oil with Mike Usher). That handshake Quinn claimed was the reason the oil was found in the first place. Cornec is nowhere to be seen since Quinn joined the ranks.

    AFTER oil was found Mr Quinn was made a director of the company.

    AFTER oil was found Mr Quinn was deemed to be an “originating” director.

    Far from investing money – Quinn was gifted 24 million dollars worth of shares.
    The Irish shareholders were never asked to vote him in.
    No one knows what he did to earn this 24 million apart from seeing lights.
    No one knows where the shares came from that were gifted to him.
    No one is allowed to ask questions.
    His first task as director was to announce that people had to go on one of his seminars before they could buy shares in BNE.
    He joined the board but 2 of the original directors were suspended and 1 got out.
    His Blueprint newspaper was delivered by post to all shareholders along with a personal letter from Quinn asking them to “Trust”.
    His Blueprint newspaper was put up on the BNE website.
    It is suspected that BNE paid his expenses to do a seminar with the government of Belize who were voted out of office shortly after.
    He personally wrote a newspaper supporting that government just before they were voted out of office. He supervised the great articles about himself in this newspaper of course.
    There was no agenda at the AGM.
    There was no question and answer session at the AGM.
    There were personal confrontations between Quinn and former followers at the AGM.
    One Quinn follower jumped up on stage at the AGM and told the room full of shareholders that it’s “all about the love”.

    I wonder where the board got the idea that the Irish shareholders would want to avoid/evade paying tax to the Irish Government? I wonder why the board i.e. 2 people from Northern Ireland, 1 from Belize and Tony Quinn would get up in front of hundreds of Irish people in the Burlington hotel and tell them how to not pay tax in our own country?

    Maybe some journalist can go out to Mr Quinn’s home and ask him for answers. Oh no I forgot – he only lives there for a certain number of weeks a year.


  23. Richard Curran is the Deputy Editor of the Sunday Business Post and contacted at this address.
    I personally have written to him concerning the article,
    but Sunday journalists usually take Monday off!


  24. Could Dialogue Ireland please provide to us mere shareholders the email address of this journalist? Mr. Curran needs to be informed about what is really happening in this company.

    Mr. Curran as a shareholder for many years in this company you are completely misinformed about the situation here, you have been fed a PR line which is untrue.

    You have a situation where Tony Quinn, Mind Guru and Cult leader is manipulating the situation to rip us off. The ‘dividend’ as suggested is not a dividend but a “tax free loan’ for shareholders to borrow their own money. This is at the discretion of Quinn and Morrice. Morrice has acted in a most unprofessional and unethical manner and her recent behaviour borders on the insane. She is clearly under the influence of Quinn and his cult activities. Sadly she cannot see it herself, and she is allowing this evil influence to take the money and value of the shareholders and let it be abused. This is a complete charade

    Mr Curran listen to the real story and expose it for what it really is a rip off!


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