Who influenced who? Christina or Gerard?

Some think Christina got Fr McGinnity involved others think it was the other way round?

What conclusion have you arrived at?

Generally the folks who are really into the House of Prayer have as their final defence that Fr McGinnity is very holy…so?

So what….? Well that means he would not be involved with a freak show and it must be genuine…….

Check it out .. check it .. check her out …check him out.

Jesus said, He did not trust himself to them because he knew what was inside of them.

If you see a copy of a cheque with Fr Ginnity’s signature on it. Money for the House of Prayer what does that mean? If as the evidence suggests he raised it by using undue influence or misusing his priestly authority, it would be taking monies under false pretences. That would be a resigning issue. He needs to do an interview like the whistle blower one. Come out and explain to the public how he stands over his actions in regard to the House of Prayer.

In the meantime here is the archive from the web concerning this man who they said could be a bishop. Reading about his treatment is not a pretty one. But reading about the people who have suffered at the hands of the House of Prayer is also not pretty. He was not able to take the pain and God knows it would be very hard. But the green eyed monster got a hold of him and he became a bishop on Achill with thousands of pilgrims massaging his ego. As you forgave Micael Ledwith you will find you too can forgive yourself for making this mistake of like Icarus flying too high without a parachute.

Read the archive we have assembled and add any material you wish by way of comments.

Gerard McGinnity on the web

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