TV3’s Midweek talk to Jim Gallagher about House of Prayer Book

Immaculate Deception author Jim Gallagher tells Midweek about writing the book. TV3 also went to see the places mentioned in the book and as usual were not able to meet Christina Gallagher. While the programme was going on we were in touch with a family in New Jersey where family members had given large sums to the House of Prayer in Ireland and all over the USA. The Midweek Programme is bringing a fresh approach to evening news. It does not segment the news from human interest and religion like say Front Line or Prime Time. Also Colette Fitzpatrick has a very good interviewing manner which leaves the person interviewed space to tell their story.*

The powerful effect of Television and the book requires an immediate response from the Catholic Church if lasting damage is not to be done.

The Archdiocese of Tuam can’t do anything as the House of Prayer is not regarded as a Catholic organisation. It has clearly stated this on a number of occaisons.

In the professional opinion of DI we regard the real power behind the House of Prayer as Fr Gerard McGinnity, a priest of the Archdiocese of Armagh. It is time for this soldier to be brought back from the western front. We can’t wait till those severely affected receive pastoral help or legal redress. His authority is what gave the House of Prayer oxygen. His removal is necessary to remove the plausibility structure which gives the House of Prayer succour. His displacement in the past  is part of the explanation of his support for Christina.

Part one:

Part two:

*Colette Fitzpatrick

Colette Fitzpatrick is a TV3 News Anchor. She presents TV3’s daily news bulletins at 5:30 and is the host of TV3’s Midday. She also hosts the prime time current affairs show Midweek every Wednesday at 9.00pm.

Colette is one of Ireland’s most experienced live television presenters and brings a wealth of experience to her role at the network.

Colette, from Holycross, Thurles, Co Tipperary, has been working in the TV3 newsroom since March 2001.  She has edited and anchored bulletins for the morning news programme Ireland AM and also reported on a range issues for the main evening news.  She reported from Kashmir on the aftermath of the earthquake.  She was also a regular stand-in as main presenter on Ireland AM alongside Mark Cagney, Alan Hughes and Aidan Cooney.

Colette previously worked in the newsroom in Today FM where she edited and presented hourly bulletins and reported on a range of stories including courts and tribunals.  She produced the Sunday Supplement, presented by Sam Smyth and also previously worked at East Coast FM in County Wicklow where she first began her broadcasting career.  Colette graduated in Journalism from DIT in Aungier Street.

2 Responses

  1. Michael McCrory, good of you to speak up here, I think it is a disgrace to the Catholic Church that they did absolutely nothing to reprimand Gerard Mcginnity! Absolutely shameful! I wish the Garda I would investigate further.


  2. ‘Whistle blower’ Mike Mc Crory here.
    I just viewed this video for the first time- here in California.
    It’s all true what Jim Gallagher says and people STILL go there to the House of Prayer, dish out their money and continually demonize both Jim and I, in spite of all the evidence showing her for the sharlatan that she is.
    “There’s nowt as queer as folk.”

    ” The human proclivity to go beyond the evidence or ignore it all together is, unfortunately, widespread. True it is that men are swayed more by their own sympathies than by honest argument.”
    “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”


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