The connection of McGinnity and Ledwith on the Pat Kenny Show

Maynooth is very significant but not in the way the Pat Kenny programme looked at it.
McGinnitty told the truth about Ledwith, and his bishop rewarded him by putting him in a back water.

Ledwith rejected Catholicism for a New Age cult called Ramtha in Washington State.
He has now left them or been pushed as there is no mention of him since 2007.
He took revenge on his faith by going New Age. McGinnitty got revenge on his Church by becoming the leader of Christina’s House of Prayer.

It was not not the other way round Christina leading him astray. He became a big fish in a small pond to deal with his rejection.
In 2005 when the hierarchy  apologised to him he expected some preferment. Without him Christina would be a fortune teller in a small town.  McGinnitty in Tuam diocese  is out of his own jurisdiction- Armagh. The spot light will now move north from the west, and now the Archbishop of Tuam will have a lot on his plate with Joe Coleman.

Vatican ‘defrocks’ Ledwith  Irish Independent October 27, 2005

Move for dismissal of former college president carried out last month

Micheal Ledwith, the former President of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, was last month “defrocked” by the Vatican, the Ferns report reveals.

The report details the allegations of abuse made against Ledwith and the sequence of events which led to his retirement from Maynooth and his eventual dismissal from the priesthood at the request of the acting Bishop of Ferns, Dr Eamonn Walsh.

It details the response of the Hierarchy to the various allegations of abuse, and to more general allegations made by seminarians about Ledwith’s “extravagant” lifestyle while at Maynooth.


The most serious allegation against Ledwith was made by a man named “Raymond”, who alleged in 1994 that he was abused by Ledwith, starting in the early 1980s when he was 13 and continuing until he was 15. Ledwith strongly denies the allegations.

Raymond said he approached various members of the Hierarchy about his allegations. He said he was sent away by the then Bishop of Limerick, Dr Jeremiah Newman. Following that, he met Cardinal Cahal Daly, who referred him to Bishop Brendan Comiskey.

Bishop Comiskey set up a canonical investigation and had the diocese pay for counselling for him.

Ledwith subsequently reached a financial settlement with Raymond which bound them both to confidentiality. Neither of the two men would discuss the alleged abuse with the inquiry. The reports also details how a second man, Shane, who was a student at Maynooth, claimed in 2000 he was raped by Ledwith in November 1994.

In June 2001, Shane withdrew the allegation and said no rape took place and the sexual encounter was consensual. Ledwith denies ever knowing Shane and denies any sexual encounter took place.

The second category of allegations against Ledwith concerned a claim by six seminarians at Maynooth about his alleged “sexual orientation and propensity”. They also thought he showed favouritism towards certain students.

These allegations were brought to Fr Gerard McGinnity as Dean at St Patrick’s, who then brought them to Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich, Archbishop Dermot Ryan and Bishop Kevin McNamara, all now dead. The report details the response of the various bishops, including Eamon Casey and Brendan Comiskey, and the inquiry concludes that, in total, the concerns of Fr McGinnity and the seminarians were “inadequately investigated”.

It relates how Fr McGinnity went on leave and was then told by Cardinal O Fiaich that he would not be returning to Maynooth. It says the treatment of Fr McGinnity could only act to deter others from making “bona fide” complaints to church authorities.

The report says the inquiry is “satisfied that Cardinal Daly, Bishop Brendan Comiskey and Bishop Walsh acted promptly and effectively in extending support to Raymond and his family”.

It also details the circumstances of the departure of Ledwith from Maynooth.


When Raymond made the allegation against Ledwith in 1994, Bishop Comiskey asked Ledwith to go to America to be assessed at a treatment centre. He did not do so, but Bishop Comiskey set up an inquiry into the allegations.

At this point Ledwith was on leave in the US and Bishop Comiskey wrote to the Bishop of Seattle to inform him of the allegation against Ledwith. However,, under canon law the lapse of time prevented Bishop Comiskey dismissing Ledwith from the priesthood.


In the meantime, the trustees of Maynooth, consisting of senior members of the Hierarchy, conducted their own investigation into the allegations against Ledwith. This was ended when Ledwith retired from St Patrick’s College in 1996.

In 2003 Bishop Walsh moved to have Ledwith dismissed from the clerical state, using new fast-track procedures introduced by the Vatican. The dismissal took place this September.

David Quinn

Religious Affairs Correspondent


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  1. In almost two thousand years the catholic church have taken vows of secrecy to protect their shamless hypocracy, the pediphiles, the money laundering and the thousands of other criminal acts that they have perpetrated on the world. Now that their hypocracy has been revealed, for those who are willing to see and hear, they suddenly feel the need to come forth and assassinate the reputation of Dr Ledwith who retired from the church years ago. Whose ring or arse did he forget to kiss? Or is this his punishment for finding the truth?


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