The material associated with the Dublin Buddhist Centre is on the Dialogue Ireland web site.

You will be able to evaluate Laurence Cox’s views as you look at his views in light of this material.

1 Should I be bothered by Sangharakshita’s past, or more generally

what should I expect of or look for in a Dharma teacher?


Yes you should, if an organization has its very framework systematic

sexual abuse at a number of levels in its upper echelons, this creates

long term problems too manifold to list. If the roots are poisonous,

the flowers will probably kill you too


2- Is there something about the nature of the FWBO that make

situations like the Croydon case particularly likely, or more

generally are there problems with the shape of Buddhist organisations

in the West? Yes, there are problems in most Western Buddhist

movements. However, the ‘specific problem’ (Croydon) was a

smokescreen-in fact it emerged that the ause was spread across centres

and evidence shows that the abusive behaviour continued until at least

the late 90’s (see fwbo at Shabda quotes)

3 – Where do these views about gender come from, and what should I

make of them as a “male feminist” involved in the FWBO, or more

generally how do Buddhists come to hold views that go beyond the scope

of the Dharma.

Some of the gender views are found in scripture but many (the view of

women as lower in the spiritual evolution than men for example) are

born from Sangharakshita’s own intense misogyny. Yes, youre right:

misogyny is beyond the scope of the Dharma

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