Our Father, who art in bed: Marcial Maciel by Paul Lennon

Our Father, who art in bed: A Naive and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ


From age 17 to 41 I was a member of the Legion of Christ, a lesser known but important Catholic Religious Order. Led by its charismatic Mexican Spanish-speaking leader, Fr. Marcial Maciel, who would be praised and supported by the late pope John Paul II, the Legion of Christ and its lay branch, Regnum Christi (Christ’s Kingdom) has made deep inroads into the Traditional Catholic woodlands of North and South America and Europe. This is the story of a member whose relevance may consist of being one of the very first eight Irish-born members during the foundation period, of quickly becoming bi-lingual and of knowing Fr. Maciel well -locking horns with him on a few occasions- and of being one of the handful of members who ever verbalized doubt or criticim of the Legion while still inside. Leaving this mind-controlling organization after more than 23 years was a devastating experience. But I am not the first or the last to leave and survive. Recovery and healing have followed those harrowing years and I am thankful to the kindness of friends and strangers. “Thank you” to them and to Life!

We invite reviews and the book can be purchased from us for €20 including postage and packing.  Cheques should be sent to Books @ Dialogue Ireland, Veritas, 7/8 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Send us a cheque and we will send book out. This offer relates to the Republic of Ireland. All other postal areas send us a mail for personal terms. Send to info@dialogueireland.org

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  1. well, by now he have had the
    Apostolic Visitation, the Vatican Statement, the appointment of an Apostolic Delegate for the Legion and 4 comissioners; and the appointment of a Visitator/Investigator for the Regnum Christi Movement. The saga continues


  2. Vatican has named Apostolic Visitor, De Paolis, to take over the Legion and perform heart and head surgery. See latest news items


  3. It seems the Jason Berry documentary aired on RTE last Sunday night, April 11, may have woken up some of the sleeping Catholics in my dear Emerald Isle to the sleeping viper of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi movement in their mist -sorry, midst


  4. An investigation into the Legion of Christ is underway, launched by the Vatican Secretariate of State by papal mandate. Many Catholics are still unaware, due perhaps to the infiltration and control of the media by members of the Legion’s lay branch, the Regnum Christi. The latter flies under the radar in Ireland but is active is most large cities. Its goal is to infiltrate the professions, politics, education and the media in order to create a Catholic society in their own style, a la Franco or De Valera.
    Ireland, awake! We already slept through the sexual abuse of generations of our children because of “The clergy knows best”, “Why bother?” and “It’s none of my business.” When our Catholic Schools and even the Dail are taken over by the Opus Dei and the Regnum Christi maybe we will arise from our slumbers again.


  5. Wondering whether the Legion and its Regnum Christi Movement continue under the radar in Ireland and/or what kind of support they enjoy in the media. Are they supported by (well to do) “Orthodox” Catholics the way they are here in the USA?
    A series of events have brought them out of their “complacency/silence” and to the attention of American Catholic blogs: revelations about Founder Maciel’s double life, the launching of a Vatican Investigation into the Congregation/Order on July, 2009, and very recent banning from the Archdiocese of MIami in the USA [see: http://www.americanpapist.com/labels/legionaries%20of%20christ.html%5D.
    Is it “business as usual” for them over in Ireland or is there some kind of a shake up?


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