The Good Life Club TQ having had a bit of a failure tries again- Free Spanish hols

So to help those who do not understand what being up a mountain means, it is a way of describing being lost. TQ is really enjoying being in Spain. He does not have to worry about giving loans to Oil people. He can do his health routines by the pool. Being an African myself I have visions of TQ sitting around the fire with the Mau Mau in Kenya helping them to use NLP to get the Brits out. If you just use your unconscious attention you can win the battle… sorry started dreaming back to Spain. What you have here is an admission that the earlier seminar was a bit of a mess and TQ wants to stay in Spain as long as possible this year. He really wants to be close to Dublin in case there is a coup attempt. Could it be Martin Forde? He has the brains for it. Or Tom McKenna? The two of them have a lot to answer for after their disaster in Naas. Well how about Ama Collette, the hugging Postal Requests Guru. Maybe the time has come to realise that the game is up. Your  vision of people just coming over and giving you more money while you jump on their grave is an insult to our intelligence. Wise up and head for Everland. Rather we should call it NEVER Ever land. Do you have a monkey as well? I know a lot of people and you are the monkey on their back.


The Good Life Club

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13 October 2009.

Hi Everybody,

Have you ever considered sitting on a mountaintop? When I did it back in the very early seventies it was in Africa and also where I am writing from right now – Marbella. Of course the place is very different today. However it still has the perfect climate that drew me here and now it’s all very up-market. We are in possibly the most beautiful hotel in the world – Puente Romano. I am writing to you because I am wondering if you would like to join me on the mountaintop. Did I hear you say what for? Why, to undertake quite possibly the greatest adventure of all: To Enter Life. Originally that was my purpose for being on the mountain. This resulted in me achieving such a deep level of concentration (depth of attention) that it made the vital difference to the rest of my life.

Let’s take a simple example: You are on the most beautiful beach; the weather is at its

most ideal (right now here). You are worried about the recession and you cannot stop

thinking about it. This is what I call painting over life with your thoughts. Soon you

don’t see any, or very little of the beach, only your thoughts. Then you have a

relationship with your thoughts and you call them Life. For recession you can substitute any group of thoughts you like and end up mainly having a relationship with them, rather than Life. Ask yourself possibly the most important question you can ask yourself. Do you know Life? The purpose of life is for you to know life. Tragically people are so caught up with their thoughts that they actually miss life. For the fun of it I have named life Everland. This is the direct experience of life when you don’t look through any thoughts. Then rather than see what you think is, you see what is. Were this to happen to everyone the world would be a different place for the better overnight.

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People search for a Shangri-La, a Utopia, a Paradise Lost. All the time this Everland is everywhere and always available to anyone who will look with a clear mind. Just think of the thoughts as the clouds that prevent you seeing life in all its beauty and bounty. Life is the source of all abundance. Once you can see life in you, others and nature you can begin to mine from this unlimited source. This relationship with life (union) is your greatest achievement. Everything you need comes from this source.

The Ultimate in living, the art of living is not to live in your thoughts but

1. Live in the Real World.

2. Mine all you need from life for abundant living.

As the clouds of thought clear, you begin to see the real beauty of the world and life.

You will see that when people love you, are genuinely helpful or when you do

successful programming together, in fact it is the life within that comes to the surface

and is making it all possible. So if you want to move to the next level of more Union with life this is for you. In a fun way we can say that this is for those who want to be one of the beautiful people living the high life. The beautiful people are those from whom life shines out and they live at this high level. Life then takes care of all their needs abundantly. Such people also provide Inspiration, Leadership and Pioneer the way for others.

Keep following the light,

Lots of Love,



Date: Arrival 15.11.09 – Return 29.11.09.

Conference commences at 9am Monday 16th.

Venue: Hotel Puente Romano. Marbella.

Fully paid Connection / Summit Seminar: Free.

People who want to repeat Song of Life: €5,000.

People who completed & fully paid a Beginners Seminar: €8,000.

For any further information please contact: or

3 Responses

  1. My money is on Tom, I think they educoist will find much more sangria in spain than shangri-la.


  2. Does he not realise that there is nobody interested in his schemes and scams any more.


  3. Quinn the cult leader must be joking another free seminar that you have to pay for? This is his last stand to try and keep the gang together. I am sure the oil money ‘loan’ will be given to those who attend this seminar or agree to it.

    His days are over.


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