The Noise: Quinn can’t cope with the electronic world, but concedes on Blueprint

A few weeks ago when Quinn introduced his new Blueprint he obviously showed his ignorance of modern communications by sending out the million copies by snail mail and paid door to door drops. Now after mixing up the oil and Educo stuff at the AGM he has the cheek to have a go at those who he calls the Noise who stood up to him. In fact he was like a scared rabbit caught in the lights, and came up with an offer of stuff you  or take a loan and pay it back. Now he is appealing for silence and a one party state. He would love to be in North Korea. Dream on Tony. You know as much about business as the man in the moon. Give Hick’s tower a lick of paint and provide some third level grants to talented students at the Malahide Community School. You are about take..take.. take in a world getting sick of celebrity. How many did you have at the seminar in Spain? Martin Forde made a bags of the sales pitch in Naas. We don’t do religion, get real. Ring a ring a rosy was the best he could come up with and then most split.

His view of his business plan is standard, “For example, we can liken a business to a pyramid. Everything that happens at
the base of the pyramid is very predictable and at the top can be highly unpredictable.” We always thought his system was a pyramid scheme, here he confirms it. He is extremely unpredictable at the top, but we know what happens at the bottom, nothing.

Here he is pushing the baloney again about Josh. We showed that Josh only came up with the Educo junk after he was taken out in a heavy hit to the head.

It really is decision time for you Tony. Come out with your hands up. Say after me

I am not the Christ, neither am I an imitation Christ.

I am just a pure sinner who needs like Zacchaeus to pay back.

Zacchaeus stood there and said to the Lord, “Look, half of my possessions, Lord, I will give to the poor; and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will pay back four times as much.” Then Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this  house, because he too is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost.”
Love, success and happiness to you Tony if you pay back what you have taken by means most foul.

On the communication channel today along with an electronic copy of the BLUEPRINT

October 9, 2009

From Tony Quinn

I have obtained the Board’s permission to talk to each of you personally. In turn
if you have friends who are members would you be so kind as to pass on this
letter. What I am asking of you is to make a decision. The majority of you may
know me through seminars. Then you have heard me say many times, ‘Life is a
series of constant decisions’. Make the right decisions and you will have a
wonderful life. On the other hand keep making the wrong decisions and your life
will be a disaster. Forgive me because in this letter I am going to quote from my
own business structure. This is the same business structure that has been
credited with adding hundreds of millions to Josh Stewart’s company XJet’s

For example, we can liken a business to a pyramid. Everything that happens at
the base of the pyramid is very predictable and at the top can be highly
unpredictable. At the base you take the oil you have found out of the ground and
put it in barrels. At the top you decide where do you drill the next well or find the
big investors. What’s at stake can make or break a company. One of the real
dangers at the top is that you don’t have the same clear‐cut guidelines you have
at the bottom. After all how much disagreement can you have about how to put
the oil into barrels? However when it comes to where will we put the next well?
How do we get big investors? How do we run the company? Can you see the
scope for disagreement, sadly even for falling out with each other.
Let me give you a real life example. When I received a letter signed by all the
directors at the time saying that they needed my help I was honoured and
delighted. These were people for whom I had great admiration and affection.
Ironically striking oil turned out to be the easy part but then you are suddenly
plunged into big business. One of my answers was to offer a business structure.
Please just bear with me a minute while I tell you a little about it. It took me a
number of months to design this structure. While I do have a basic structure,
then you tailor it for that specific company. Again, think of the pyramid, this is
composed of individual blocks. Each block contains the clear guidelines as to
how to run that section of the business in relation to the whole (pyramid). The
degree of instructions in a block varies depending on the level of competence of
the people in that section. Hopefully you can see that the right structure causes
the business to run like a highly tuned machine and allows you at any time to get
a read out (and thus monitor) of its performance. Josh for example does this with
XJet in a few hours on Tuesdays. Finally I thought I was making a few very
necessary and very valuable contributions. This was immediately taken up by
Susan, Gilly (our CEO) and Josh for XJet (he wasn’t in the oil back then). As a
result XJet’s profits quickly started to soar. When this happened I approached the
rest of the Board with this business structure but to put it mildly completely
failed to get their approval (remember it was a different Board back then).
One of the main reasons why XJet grew so rapidly was because of the lack of
‘noise’. Noise is where the directors and members all disagree as to how the
company should be run etc. I have never before experienced this level of noise as
in the oil. Okay, forgive me but to quote from my business structure. You have
heard the saying ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after
themselves. I totally disagree, you should look after the millions and don’t bother
with the pennies. Go for the big hits. For example last summer in London Susan,
Josh and I met with an investor and we were talking 100 million. In addition we
had other strong possibilities. We were looking forward to the A.G.M and we
thought we had a fair chance of pleasing everybody, the intention was that if we
scored (the 100 million) everyone would benefit. Then it all broke down because
of the NOISE! In business if you get caught up in the noise you miss the big hits. I
also believe in business to go for 80% and not perfection. Honestly, you will just
exhaust and discourage yourself trying to solve the noise (the 100%).
Consider this objectively, we have a number of people who have carried out their
due diligence on us. That’s when they go in with a fine toothcomb and go right
through every aspect of the company. This has ranged from investors to banks.
These have been highly experienced people in the oil and every aspect of
business. We were always given a clean bill of health. Forgive me but could it
ever be that these people know better than those making the noise? Seriously
even the people making the noise should consider this possibility. Okay, if you
say that you can deliver this 100% and do better than we are doing then your
track record should speak for itself? I have seen so many people trying to achieve
that 100% get stuck permanently at the bottom of the pyramid. However if you
take a concept like XJet, make the right decisions and consequently have the big
hits and don’t get bogged down in the noise, you can have a clear run straight to
the top. That’s the fun thing about business and you learn a lot about yourself
and life in the process. What I am asking you to do is to get your focus back on
the ball. Indeed if we were a football team we would be attacking each other
rather than trying to win the match.
Right, bottom line, you were at the A.G.M, you even went as far as reading this
but you still know better how to run the Company. Forgive me but I am going to
repeat what I said a long time ago, ‘don’t worry, sit tight while we do the work
and you can collect the profits’ (and the country profits also of course). Okay, you
have heard the good news by now and I am told with a little luck good news
could go on for many years, surely you agree that’s pretty cool particularly in the
present financial climate. Even better no endless noise will be hurled at you
personally. If in addition you want an exit strategy and I know some of you will,
then this involves investors. Therefore we will have to decide which we want
‘noise’ or investors. Hopefully you see they don’t go together. Quite simply no big
investor would or could be expected to take on the level of ‘noise’ that goes with
the job. Frankly we on the board cannot waste too much time dealing with the
noise. It really is decision time for all of you.
The oil became possible because many of you were of one mind. I can assure you
that the board and the CEO are of one mind. Ask yourself what has been gained
by all this noise, who has won? Now ask yourself what have we lost? My perfect
outcome would be that we all sat down as the friends we once were with the
great trust we had in each other still intact to enjoy the results. We set out to
erect a beacon to the world to show what was possible when a group of people
were of one mind. Gilly, his team and Patti Usher ably helped us in this task. We
saw a whole nation benefit. Even now all we have to do is to be true to that
purpose and even greater success will come to everybody.
If we don’t let the challenges defeat us we will emerge even stronger. You can
decide to make this one of the milestone achievements in your life. Remember
life is a series of decisions. Therefore I ask that you give no further energy and
support to the noise. Instead that you decide to give your energy and support to
Gilly, his team and your Directors. In short, that we ‐ Trust.

Love, success and happiness to you Tony too. But first there is just that bit of honesty needed!

2 Responses

  1. This letter from the Guru was sent out with the financial data from the oil company. When I questioned why I was receiving his promotional data that had nothing to do with the oil reports, I never received an answer. I asked them to discontinue including Quinn promotional material with matters concerning the oil company, I couldn’t see its relevancy.
    However, it’s impossible to get any anwers from this oil company since Tony Quinn ingratiated himself into it. Phone calls and emails are ignored – so just what is Susan Morrice (the supposed Chairman of the company) doing?
    As Tony says “a bit of honesty is needed” In his case however, a lot of it is required!
    Will anyone ever uncover the truth about this devilish duo – Susan Morrice and Tony Quinn before we all lose everything?



    Quinn is really hurting and running scared from the shambles he’s created. By “muscling in” on other people’s work and inspiration in finding oil and building a business, he’s been instrumental in messing up the running of a company. From forecasting the failure of the oil venture and advising that nobody should invest in it he has conned some influential people in the company into accepting him into a position of influence in the company with the usual result that the company isn’t functioning normally and now he tries to blame others as usual – this time he’s calling them the “noise”. When will the victims throw off the shackles of believing in this conman who has never run a successful business in his life, just the cult-associated activities – seminars, dubious vitamins, etc.? Once they have awakened from the hypnotic influence and junk philosophy from Quinn, there hasn’t been a single business person or performer e.g. Steve Collins who over the years hasn’t turned around and said that any success they had was their own efforts and that Quinn’s specific “contribution” had little or nothing to do with the success. He really is out and out like a parasite in stealing and riding on the backs of others. The well-known cult phenomenon of “misattribution” is very evident here, in which the heavily conditioned and spellbound member attributes only success to the cult leader and accepts failures as due to his own inadequacies. Psychologists call this general area of cult mindset “cognitive dissonance” as the devotees attempt to reconcile in their minds the obviously different reality they’re experiencing with what the cult guru has taught them to expect. It doesn’t take much perception to detect in Quinn’s latest repetitious rambling spiel the fears of a guru who is being questioned and even criticised by a not now so faithful flock. Quinn says hold on and the company will reward you when it sees fit to reward you. When or if this happens then he (Quinn) will be off the hook. In the meantime those conned out of their money could read a book like Wallace Wattle’s “The Science of getting Rich” and listen to a few CDs from Napoleon Hill on effective “Positive Mental Attitude” and get vastly superior results than they would ever get from Quinn at the same time as demanding their money back from the Mucky Messiah.

    There are many reports on the Dialogue Ireland website archives of the terrible financial losses suffered by those who got involved in the Educo seminars pyramid scheme and various spectacular business failures by business people who were successful before they met Quinn and were financially ruined after exposure to the guru. Check out the Galway businessman and the Marcus story for glaring examples of disasters from exposure to Quinn and his methods.

    The hour of reckoning is coming ever closer to Quinn and the worst of his collaborators. For Quinn and Co. – it’s high time for repentance and reimbursing the unfortunates.


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