“Quinn’s Philosophy” Post 100 Comment to Post from Susan


Submission to God’s will is not a popular phrase these days – possibly because most of us first encountered it from the mouths of adults – and God’s will sounded suspiciously like their will most of the time.

The transcendental concept of a universal life force is more attractive than some sort of super-parent whom we are supposed to obey, but Quinn represents the life force as some kind of treasure chest to be randomly raided by anyone who gets the “secret” key from him.

The facts are that the concept of a universal life force is at the core of many great teachings – Tao and Yoga included.  Along with this concept is the teaching that those individuals who follow a purifying, liberating and strengthening inner path can access this force directly to obtain freedom from fears and limitations, including poverty and ill-health.  This is crudely, crassly and inaccurately interpreted by the ludicrous Quinn as using the life force to accumulate material wealth and attain endless physical vigour.  The example of the life of Jesus shows a man who is free from fear of anything and anyone, including material want and even death, not a man obsessed with greed and gathering material possessions and indulging every expense and whim to retain (unsuccessfully) a youthful and vigorous appearance.  Jesus has supreme inner confidence, that whatever circumstances arise he will come up with a response to this, he will never be trapped in fear, not even on the Cross, where he rises above his enemies and gives them his forgiveness, from his great understanding of their small and fearful minds, “they know not what they do”.  That is true wealth and strength.  Did he have bodyguards, shut people out of meetings, gang up on them and persecute them to avoid facing questions, hack into their message systems, tell his followers that his enemies should be assassinated?  These are the actions of a coward.

Jesus gave us two commandments:  Love God and Love your Neighbour as Yourself.  He also gave us a test to apply to any prophet, to tell the false from the true, “By their fruits you will know them”.  How does Quinn setting up a system of pyramid selling so that his followers are tempted by the prospect of profit to persuade people to pay huge sums and incur debts, fit in with the law of loving your neighbour as yourself?  How does charging vast sums for plagiarised positive thinking and visualisation systems that are obtainable in much more effective, intelligent and intelligible forms free from many sources on the internet (try http://www.scienceofgettingrich.net) or in very reasonably priced and readily available books, accord with loving your neighbour as yourself?  How does plundering a third world country of its natural resources, so that the oil can be burned as part of our society’s scandalous waste of this precious and limited fuel, accord with loving God and appreciating and respecting the world that we have been given as a priceless gift?

It’s embarrassing to admit that we knew nothing of the basic science of thought which has been available to the lucky few in our society for over a century, but the directed and constructive use of thought is still not taught in our schools or in society generally.  It’s embarrassing to admit that because of our ignorance we were sold a second-hand, warped and often damaging version of this science and paid over the odds for it because we didn’t know better.  It’s painful to realise that we were seduced and behaved in greedy and corrupt ways because we ran with the wrong crowd and were impressed by a con man.  Fortunately, Jesus has a teaching for us here as well, in the beautiful parable of the Prodigal Son.  Forgiveness and recovery are possible.  Be honest.  Admit your mistakes, particularly to yourself, regret them, avoid denials and attempts to falsely understate and justify wrongdoings, do what you can to repair any damage you may have done to others and yourself, remain ready to repair in future any damage you cannot repair now, and be wiser and kinder to yourself and your neighbours in the future.  That is true wealth and strength.

May God bless you.

2 Responses

  1. Interesting insights and I cannot argue – you know he used to call himself Merlin until Millea came along and gave him a new name i.e Mandrake and she was…. yes…. Mandrika! Although some time later she changed his name again – this time to ‘Q’ as in Star Trek – had his business card made up on this one. She said she would get him a million a shot.

    I wonder will those poor souls wake up – hope so – anyone know if seminar went ahead in Spain these last two weeks?


  2. Quinn often states that he is not afraid to speak to any man on earth, strange to see him at the recent oil AGM where he most definitely was afraid to answer questions from anyone, along with his new oily girlfriends he simply looked lost on stage like a rabbit in the headlights, whenever anything even slightly contentious came up, the jaw dropped and he looked about the stage, waiting for his new henchman “the enforcer “to step forward and protect him. Quinn just standing there with that sad old man look, with the bags under his eyes drooping to the stage, finally the years of Botox could cope no more. His neck, lost, like a dried up twig in the shirt with the colar five sizes too big. Where is that magnificent karate kicking fearless hero we have all heard about, the truth is he was a legend, a legend in his own mind, not real at all, what you see today is real, the frightened one hiding behind his girlfriends and lawyers that other people pay for.

    Imagine the fear that man must hold inside, imagine being the one person on earth who knows what is about to become public, he is that man and he is right to know fear. Just imagine being Tony Quinn and trying to get to sleep at night, knowing the things you have done and knowing that soon the world will know you for what you are.

    For those that still believe that Quinn is a force to be reckoned with, there must be doubt now they see this withered pathetic creature trying to hang onto the vestiges of youth, desperately trying to stay in control, to those that have seen the light, broken away from his grasp and free of the intimidation and bullying that goes on behind the scenes it is equally sad to see.

    Sad because they know the hurt this man has caused and at the end of it all, they are free and he is like a candle about to go out, a sad pathetic bully who’s dominance is over, who is about to topple from his self professed pedestal and all that money he took from us fools will do him no good at all where he is going.

    Say a prayer for this sad soul for he knows not what he does, but more than that say a prayer for all those poor souls that have been trampled on his climb to success, and most of all say a prayer for all those that still believe he is the messiah for they are the ones that will need the most support when the facade falls and the truth is known.


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