“The Yoga.” Understanding Quinn’s spiritual assumptions

In 1993 Tony Quinn’s Yoga group celebrated 21 years. Below you can get a real sense what form of spirituality this involved. Because most of the people came from a Catholic background they did not realise he was using terminology familiar to them but gave it a totally different twist.

Celebrating Yoga 21 years

Spiritual manipulation and damage:

Quinn’s philosophy, in essence, proposes an “energy” that man should direct according to his own perceived needs with only a lip service or minimal consideration at best paid to Divine Authority which man must constantly submit to rather than the directions of his ego. Quinn’s philosophy conflicts markedly with all major religions on this and many key points regarding man’s relationship with a Universal and Personal Deity and has only superficial resemblance to key spiritual traditions. It is actually closer to the opposite pole of spiritual activity – the dark side – in its aggrandizement of the self or ego and the pursuit of temporal power. The infamous black magician, occultist and “sex magic” practitioner, Aleister Crowley, summed up the dark pole honestly at least “Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of The Law.”

Quinn’s “meditation” has, according to himself, told him how he can avoid the “mistakes” of Jesus and convert the world to the true philosophy of life. This shows signs of serious mental dysfunction and sociopathic delusions of grandeur that permit him to dominate the minds of others as a superior being, according to his philosophy. Many leaked documents show the inner side of the cult where Quinn exhorts his devotees as “soldiers” in his army which he claims has reincarnated with him from Atlantean times to “convert” the world. Many written and audio records of Quinn’s classes show the bizarre ideas at the centre of the cult while those on the outer circles of Quinn’s group may have little idea about this at the early stages of their involvement. It is only later often when it is very difficult for a member to extricate themselves that people find out what is at the centre of the destructive cult. Luckily the cult often leaks like a sieve and many have finally told their stories even though they may still be frightened of psychic attacks by Quinn or Divine Retribution as Quinn claims will strike them if they go against him. The vitriolic personal attacks and harassment that Quinn orchestrates often fail to stop the victims speaking out once they have overcome their shame and guilt about all that has happened and when they confront their fears of Quinn.

Quinn’s philosophy as un-Christian – elevates status of the self and pursuit of money and material possessions to levels that are incompatible with and conflict with the teachings of Jesus – humility, personal sacrifice, altruistic love, spiritual cultivation, de-emphasising of pursuit of money and material goods (includes multiple cars, yacht, properties, etc. etc) for personal possession other than needed for genuine spiritual growth, and many other amjor differences. In Christian teachings Jesus strongly warns his disciples against the many false messiahs and warns that “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

Quinn’s philosophy as anti-Christian – Quinn’s claims to the inner circle that he was Jesus Christ in a former incarnation. Reported by film-maker Jim Sheridan and available in Dialogue Ireland archives on website as well as reported by numerous ex-devotees. Laughable to an atheist and unacceptable to a Christian who holds to the truths of the standard gospels and other key Christian texts. Quinn’s claims to be the Messiah also directly contradict many unofficial spiritual gospels – Aquarian gospel, etc.

Completely contradicts gospel records of Jesus’ own prophecy of the Second Coming – that he will reappear on Earth using spiritual power and will not be born through mortal mankind –

“They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.“ Matthew 24:1-34, Mark 13:1-30, Luke 21:5-32 .

You will find further clarification from Louis Hughes’s book Yoga a Path to God and his reflection on Quinn’s philosophy below:


2 Responses

  1. Take it from one that has moved out of his circle some time ago – there is a big big world out there with people with big big hearts. They will pray for you without asking to be paid. My world has opened up for me financially and personally since I got free of both him and his supporters. God help them (and I won’t charge for that).


  2. “Quinn’s philosophy, in essence, proposes an “energy” that man should direct according to his own perceived needs with only a lip service or minimal consideration at best paid to Divine Authority which man must constantly submit to rather than the directions of his ego.”

    My understanding from doing a seminar and going to Sunday meetings (a lot of which Quinn attended.) was rather different. He explicitly talked a lot about “Life” which was he way of referring to God. Whilst he would talk about “programming” which is getting Life to carry out the will of the ego; he was very clear that the ultimate way of living was to be open to Life and to get its guidance. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be given you,” was a quotation he’d use to illustrate this point. Furthermore his work involved clearing the programming of the ego in order to allow Life to be free to express itself and the individual “clear” enough to be aware of its guidance. This meant that the person concerned was then able to follow their spiritual path rather than that of their ego.

    However, I still believe that QUINN NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE and that he’s fundamentally flawed in what he does. The most important reason for stopping him is due to

    1. The Death Threat he allegedly made:

    Also there are some major inconsistencies in his philosophy, his behaviour and the results his seminar attendees produce, some of which I’ve focussed on below:

    a. How can a person who professes love and signs “love” at the end of his letters train a boxer? A boxer’s job is win the bout; ideally by knocking their opponent out and in any case by scoring more points (landed punches = pain,) and/or physical damage than they do.

    b. I’ve never seen him open to any other method of self-development/healing outside of his own area of expertise. If a person is genuinely committed to the well-being of others they’ll help them achieve that, even if it means a loss to their own pocket. Several of the world’s leading personal development trainers/experts openly endorse other peoples’ products.

    c. Many of the Quinn “success stories” already had material wealth (some were already enjoying business success prior) to their meeting with him. I only know of a few people who transformed/dramatically improved their lives as a result of doing his seminar.

    d. Fairy Dust. This is his term in the context of “sprinkling it around” to help partnerships prosper. It means “trust” and yet there is no money back guarantee on the seminar. So he doesn’t trust seminar attendees enough not to abuse one? He lacks the confidence in attendees’ post-seminar results to offer such a guarantee?

    e. Guilt. I believe fear of this is what keeps many of his followers on their strict diets. So many people including long-term, key people in the organisation are nervous about what they eat in front of him or other high-profile Educoists. The dietary regimes seem to be followed with religious fervour and non-adherence/deviation from them seems like a sin.

    Whilst Quinn’s path is a likely road to unhappiness and darkness. It is one to avoid. There are many paths to living a loving, compassionate, caring, productive and happy lives.


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