Sam’s song SELF-PROTECTION REGARDING TONY QUINN Comment becomes post

DI regards this comment as the best statement ever made about Quinn. Those reading it will have Quinn’s position in a nutshell and the tools for breaking the patterns of control.


1. Mental exploitation and coercion.

Many ex-followers report exactly the same information – that as they became part of the inner circle around Quinn they were expected, as he stated, to “surrender” to him and to give up basically their independent and analytical thinking. This often resulted in very damaged personalities, mental health problems, break up of families and previously healthy relationships, career destruction, financial problems, etc, etc. They were also expected to involve themselves only in activities and relationships that were approved by Quinn and his philosophy. Many who defended Quinn to the hilt when he was criticised later had psychological and psychiatric help so they could readjust to independent thinking and come to terms about the extent to which they had been misled and even misled others.

2. Financial exploitation on a huge scale.

Hugely inflated prices for low-grade “positive” thinking courses that overall failed to deliver what customers had been led to believe. Strongly appears that customers overall get less benefits than would be expected from reading simple books on positive thinking, visualisation and mind programming. In many cases Quinn’s simplistic teachings results in either damage to mind, body and finances or no evidence of any benefits beyond placebo levels. Check out Dialogue Ireland archives for reports on this and for rejection of Quinn’s philosophy by serious experts on psychology and mind development. Check the Marcus story on Dialogue Ireland website for a very public case of destructive consequences from application of the Educo philosophy. Huge numbers of unpublicised failures exist and have now been acknowledged. The devotees are led to believe that is they that are fault not Quinn or his philosophy. Devotees report failures being dismissed and denied in the cult. Many cults rely on their victims being too ashamed or embarrassed to report the exploitation. Victims of exploitation will often publicly “defend their purchasing decisions”, as marketing researchers describe it whether those decisions have turned out good or bad. Cults rely on their victims being too broken down and lacking in confidence afterwards as it takes a lot of strength, self-confidence and integrity to tackle such intimidating abusers especially as it is usually just one individual against a well-organised group of threatening individuals and their lawyers. Cults have many ways to make it difficult to sue them as they play on clever loose wording in their advertising to conceal their lies, avoid meaningful written contracts, exploit emotions, vulnerabilities, good intentions and any gullibility in their target audience.

The pyramid selling-type system as the Gardai called it makes it particularly difficult to people to get out which is one of its major advantages to Quinn.

Quinn later “muscled in” on an oil company a venture he originally prophesised to become a failure. Another of many failed prophecies. This now means he doesn’t have to depend on using recruits to the cult for low paid or free labour as before. The present decline of the Educo seminars won’t be so painful financially for him as long as the oil money flows to him.

One of the core principles Quinn claims to teach, called OPM, would surely have sickened its original teacher and author, Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill’s concept of OPM (other peoples’ money ) derived from his work with Andrew Carnegie was intended as part of developing business master-mind groups and couldn’t be further from Quinn’s cynical misapplication of the concept.

3. Manipulation by misinformation and distortion – health products.

Exaggerated and misleading claims for vitamins and health products. Strongly criticised on several occasions by the Irish Medical Organisation and many scientific experts for his misleading claims. Information on this available on Dialogue Ireland website archives.

4. Manipulation by misinformation – healing claims

Exaggerated and misleading claims for healing. Criticised by medical and psychological personnel for misleading information. Criticisms also for failure to present evidence for claims. Check Dialogue Ireland website for criticisms of unsubstantiated claims including his claims for cancer cures.
5. Manipulation by misrepresentation and misleading implications

Use of bogus ‘doctorate’ degree over 15 years and attempts to validate his claims and activities with dubious qualifications. Despite repeated attempts, failed educationally whenever there was an invigilated examination.

Real business career “achievements” prior to the cult business which built the system of yoga classes, fitness classes, health products, gyms and Educo seminars are

Butcher’s apprentice,
ice cream salesman
pools salesman
printer’s rep
manual labourer – loading lorries, etc (Guinness brewery)
gym and body building instructor
night club security

These everyday jobs, several of which ended unhappily for Quinn, contrast dramatically with his claims to have been a successful entrepreneur.

6. Massive sexual exploitation of female cult members by Quinn.

Many cases reported over the years. Quinn’s Yoga system privately taught that spiritual progress and opening of chakras in females could be achieved by sexual intercourse with an advanced guru such as himself. Sexual exploitation of many female recruits by Quinn took place in the communes he established in the 1970s. These were later reported to the outside world and details given. Recent Sunday World report lifted the lid on this core activity by Quinn, who they now call the Mucky Messiah. Quinn has a long-established pattern of relationships with a “favourite” female youngster while they knowingly or unknowingly share the “alpha” male with other females. He may now have difficulties keeping this up due to age, as he’s around pensioner age now, but Viagra may be helpful at least for a while. The latest in the long list of youngsters he has renamed as another “Eve”, to his “Adam”, another of his claimed previous lives, as he says,

7. Spiritual manipulation and damage

Quinn’s philosophy, in essence, proposes an “energy” that man should direct according to his own perceived needs with only a lip service or minimal consideration at best paid to Divine Authority which man must constantly submit to rather than the directions of his ego. Quinn’s philosophy conflicts markedly with all major religions on this and many key points regarding man’s relationship with a Universal and Personal Deity and has only superficial resemblance to key spiritual traditions. It is actually closer to the opposite pole of spiritual activity – the dark side – in its aggrandizement of the self or ego and the pursuit of temporal power. The infamous black magician, occultist and “sex magic” practitioner, Aleister Crowley, summed up the dark pole honestly at least “Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of The Law”.

Quinn’s “meditation” has, according to himself, told him how he can avoid the “mistakes” of Jesus and convert the world to the true philosophy of life. This shows signs of serious mental dysfunction and sociopathic delusions of grandeur that permit him to dominate the minds of others as a superior being, according to his philosophy. Many leaked documents show the inner side of the cult where Quinn exhorts his devotees as “soldiers” in his army which he claims has reincarnated with him from Atlantean times to “convert” the world. Many written and audio records of Quinn’s classes show the bizarre ideas at the centre of the cult while those on the outer circles of Quinn’s group may have little idea about this at the early stages of their involvement. It is only later often when it is very difficult for a member to extricate themselves that people find out what is at the centre of the destructive cult. Luckily the cult often leaks like a sieve and many have finally told their stories even though they may still be frightened of psychic attacks by Quinn or Divine Retribution as Quinn claims will strike them if they go against him. The vitriolic personal attacks and harassment that Quinn orchestrates often fail to stop the victims speaking out once they have overcome their shame and guilt about all that has happened and when they confront their fears of Quinn.

Quinn’s philosophy as un-Christian – elevates status of the self and pursuit of money and material possessions to levels that are incompatible with and conflict with the teachings of Jesus – humility, personal sacrifice, altruistic love, spiritual cultivation, de-emphasising of pursuit of money and material goods (includes multiple cars, yacht, properties, etc. etc) for personal possession other than needed for genuine spiritual growth, and many other amjor differences. In Christian teachings Jesus strongly warns his disciples against the many false messiahs and warns that “by their fruits ye shall know them”.

Quinn’s philosophy as anti-Christian – Quinn’s claims to the inner circle that he was Jesus Christ in a former incarnation. Reported by film-maker Jim Sheridan and available in Dialogue Ireland archives on website as well as reported by numerous ex-devotees. Laughable to an aetheist and unacceptable to a Christian who holds to the truths of the standard gospels and other key Christian texts. Quinn’s claims to be the Messiah also directly contradict many unofficial spiritual gospels – Aquarian gospel, etc.

Completely contradicts gospel records of Jesus’ own prophecy of the Second Coming – that he will reappear on Earth using spiritual power and will not be born through mortal mankind –

“They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.“ Matthew 24:1-34, Mark 13:1-30, Luke 21:5-32

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  1. this is an amazing comment I will read it again and again. thank you


  2. This is a good one sure enough. No doubt very helpful to anyone caught up in TQ-wonderland, or in similar groups.


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