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Dialogue Ireland is happy to publish any statement concerning Tony Quinn

Statement by Maire Lalor

In January of 2008 I walked away from the Quinn “organisation”.

In September of 2008 I had a twelve hour meeting with Quinn. I insisted on the meeting being held in neutral ground refusing to have to get through his cronies and go to Hicks Tower. The best Quinn could do was to come to his “best friend” Derek Lawler’s house for a meeting. He wanted my son, my husband and my son’s dad to be present to which I agreed. Mary Power dropped over his special armchair to Derek’s house earlier that day so he had somewhere to sit(??)

I cannot give the details of what happened here suffice to say that there has been twelve months of intimidation and bullying of both my son and myself (and others) since then which culuminated in what was nothing short of a public flogging i.e. a picture of me and my son (at 12 year old I might add) displayed on a giant screen at a meeting to do with an oil company. The chairperson flogged us with accusations and Quinn cried on her shoulder about my breaking my promise to him. Some one said to me later “only a twisted mind would do such a thing and only twisted minds would think that it is ok to do such a thing”.

I said it at the meeting and I say it again “my grievances are with Quinn, not the oil company or it’s shareholders”. Shame on those who have known me for years and believe that I would want to harm that company or it’s shareholders 9 of whom are my family.

Maire Lalor September 22, 2009

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  1. I had to smile at the last post. I truly applaud Marie for standing up and being counted. Just because these experiences that she endured did not happen to others does not mean they didn’t happen. It is unbelievably difficult to stand up publically and tell your story because there will be many people trying to discredit you.

    There are other people that Freeatlast may want add to there list Collette, Babu, Dave, Nuala, Frank, Eileen, Lorraine, just to name a few. As for Lucky Jim I am killing myself with laughter he would have to be one of the most immorral persons I have ever had the misfortune to come across in my life. It seems that no matter how badly you behave if you have been around a long time they keep you around because after all you just may know too much damaging information.


  2. I was at the oil meeting for 7 years I was one of those poor ‘eejits’ entranced by Educo. Imagine getting up at 7am so I’d get a seat right up the front so the “magic”would land on me 1st! Well the only magic in Educo i now can see is black magic. We are being totally ripped off that much is so easy to see……Now! I haven’t a penny to my name and I only pray my family and I at least get our share money back, (yes I know bob hope and no hope!!) More than getting my share money back I’d give it all for the poor oul eejits up the front. So Martin, Tom,
    Aideen, Imelda, Glen, Margaret, Vincent, John O’ Doherty, Caroline, Mary, Hughie my prayers are that 1 day you will be free too. And I’m offering a special intention for poor “LUCKY Jim.”


  3. When people talk about bitterness and twisting it reminds me of many talks given my the guru, ones where he puts the spin on what he wants to get across. On seminars he has said time and time again focus on the points you want to get across. Quinn’s charade with Marie Lalor at the oil meeting was his attempt at a court room kangaroo trial. Marie Lalor won. I dont know the details on either side but I do know fear when I see it in people. There was fear in the guru voice, not to mention shock and horror that anyone questioned him. I think the best comment came loud and clear when Quinn was trying to use his charms and hypnosis across the room the rebuttal was BULLSHIT. Well done Maire for standing up for yourself and your family.


  4. Really,was there only about a hundred people at the meeting.?


  5. Has the seminars in Spain been really cancelled? I bet no interest


  6. Derek Lalor is as pathetic as Tony Quinn – a lap dog sent to do the dirty work for him. When will he speak out and tell the real story.


  7. There is no one laughing at the sadness and destruction of the educo empire and the havoc is unleashes on peoples lives.

    If you want to laugh then look at the charade of turning up to an educo meeting in the RDS surrounded by body guards, hired vehicles and ducking and diving in the white suit.

    Look at the lackies surrounding him at the RDS at arrival. Co-ordinating his arrival by mobile phones.

    Then the parade the red cocktail dress of Eve -trying to look glamorous beside a man who looked the wrong side of 70.

    Mary Power trying to keep up with Eve with a white mini skirt but as usual “carrying the bags’ was this his special water, pink ted and suppliments???

    Six Burly guys in black suits – more suited to his night club days that he talks about.

    They all look as if they are re-living the 1970’s.

    If exposing the charade is letting the sunday world reporter give th information to the wider population. For many of us we would never see the charade as we would be inside waiting on the arrival of the guru.

    The only good thing to know is that the educo meeting in the RDS was the smallest ever. I am told around 100 people. The publicity is working.

    Has the seminar in Spain been cancelled??


  8. everyone is sitting back and LAUGHING AT YOU going crying to the tabloids!

    Virtually everyone I’ve discussed this with seems to be of a different opinion, with the comment “about time someone exposed that shyster” cropping up in various forms.

    Personally I don’t see what is so funny about someone getting scammed out of years of their life telling their story to warn others. But, then again, I’ve never really found the misfortune or exploitation of others to be particularly humorous.


  9. marie lalor you seem VERY remind me of the former AIG and lehman brothers employees who are all upset now that their GRAVY TRAIN has derailed.They have no money now and have nothing better to do than write on blogs about how terrible it was to work for the big multinational corporations.Funny how you’re doing the same.The only real difference is that people feel sorry for the AIG/Lehman people and everyone is sitting back and LAUGHING AT YOU going crying to the tabloids!


  10. It’s not his ‘special chair’ that he needed – it was a throne. He’s like a child. Pathetic mind games.


  11. Can Derek not afford chairs?


  12. Maire, I don’t know you personally but I want to put it on record – I ADMIRE YOU. Your strength to stand your ground against Quinn is admirable. I have often seen you talking about educo in the past and realized that you were no longer involved when I heard the propaganda machine talking about at educo meetings. You know there are so many good people behind you and have took strength in what you did on Tuesday.

    To me an average person who went on the seminar, done things including investing a small amount of money in the oil company. The last week and the Quinn entourage showed their true colours. They are evil people only interested in bending the truth. I was a believer but last Sunday at the RDS and the sell, sell and sell of the team and the propaganda of those on stage. How many of those interviewed have closed businesses in 2008, laid people off, left unpaid bills and mentally abused people?

    On Tuesdays INE AGM what a sham that event was? Who would lower themselves to show undercover pictures of people meeting – what was that trying to prove, that people talk to each other. The charade of the meeting was further evidence of bullying and mind games. The twisting and distortions that were told were to the average person sheer disbelief. Why does any company show up for an AGM with six lawyers?
    There are many in that room who are not fooled by what was said. Susan Morrice demonstrated that she is not a good business person and misrepresents the truth in twisted and convenient manner. Of course she took her side line prompts from Quinn throughout.
    Tony Quinn could not string a sentence together – he was correct in one statement he made.
    “I knew nothing about oil. The nearest I knew to oil was my Mother would send me down to buy a gallon of paraffin oil and that’s what I knew about oil. ”

    Those are the only factual words spoken the whole day.

    People are no longer fooled by the mind bending.


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