Quinn has left trail of broken families

The Sunday Times         April 16, 2006

Quinn has left trail of broken families

IN MY experience, successful entrepreneurs and millionaires tend to turn to Tony Quinn to resolve issues (Quinn’s mind games given credit for oil strike in Belize, News, last week). Instead of getting a handle on the issues, they often lose direction and focus in their own area of competence. Quinn is the only person to benefit.

I have become aware of this through the families of some, who come seeking help, or from employees who see the effects of mental manipulation.

Some people, who have spent up to €100,000 on Quinn’s courses, go on to invest in this oil exploration company because they believe he is the source of its success. I would suggest that the business and entrepreneurial skills these people had were undermined rather than enhanced by what Quinn’s courses have to offer.

Shares can rise and fall, but seminars that leave a trail of broken families, marriages and debt need to be addressed.

It is time Ireland followed the example of Belgium and France and enacted laws to bring these practices to an end.

Mike Garde

Director, Dialogue Ireland Trust, Dublin

One Response

  1. Has Quinn had long enough to give the money back?Why has anybody not made a complaint to Inter Pol? If is Mum thinks people should have enough rope to hang themselves—-Quinn has plenty of rope now. It is time for Justice to be served…by the Police.


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