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CONTROVERSIAL health guru and “mind technology” consultant Tony Quinn has been credited with helping over 80 Irish investors discover a major oil find in the central American country of Belize. Belize Natural Energy (BNE), a company jointly headed by Denver-based Susan Morrice, a sister of former Northern Ireland assembly member Jane Morrice, claims to have so far detected three large potential oil deposits in Belize. Irish investors have so far stumped up $6m for the project, while the company sent a shipment of oil to a Houston refinery late last year, netting BNE $2m in revenue. In an interview with the LA Times last week, BNE director Sheila McCaffrey said that all the company’s directors and almost all of its directors had attended a course held by Quinn.

According to the report, McCaffrey related how she could “feel the energy” from one the company’s oil fields. Morrice has previous failed to respond to a number of requests from the Sunday Tribune for interview. She did not reply to an email sent last week. Morrice and her husband, Alex Cranberg, both attended a Tony Quinn seminar in the Bahamas in 2002. She described Quinn’s ‘Ecudor’ seminar as being about “learning from within – by being, by truly living. It’s about big thinking globally but also in terms of using 100% of your mind, “she told a local newspaper.

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