Dialogue Ireland editorial in light of posting old material concerning Quinn

It’s important to see the old exposes highlighted again as it shows the continuation and the pattern of the philosophy which hasn’t worked for so many over the years but has brought great suffering for many and their families.  Quinn’s devotees refuse to recognise that the “Tony Quinn Yoga System” and its rebranded Educo version is an amalgamation of ideas from other sources and has not in any way been invented by Quinn but as an overall system is a simplistic approach based on misunderstandings of older philospohies.  It is therefore a dangerously flawed and ineffective sytem to apply to real world problems, as many knowledgeable individuals have commented over the years, and has resulted in many personal, financial and other disasters.  It is also incompatible with Christian values and practices in its misunderstood approach to spiritual development.

The egotistical claims by Quinn of having been the first person to bring Yoga to Ireland and health foods and gyms to Ireland are completely false as all of these existed in Irelnd well before Quinn started trading in them. It is true that he did build up a relatively big business in them as he ruthlessly exploited his cult devotees to build his business empire using their mostly unpaid labour.  Most of these people have long been cast aside and have nothing to show but damaged lives and even personal disaster from their association with Quinn.  There are just a handful of the old crowd left, mostly some real flunkies and exploiters like Quinn, and a few sincere but misled individuals.  Quinn has been happy that so many from the old days have disapperared as they were no longer of much use to him being so burned out, wrecked and an embarrassment as they have not achieved any major benefits to show from Quinn’s philosophy but are much worse off then if they had never encountered the Mucky Messiah.

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