Educo Seminar and Oil business linked by Quinn? Part Two

Educo Seminar and Oil business linked by Quinn?
You may remember in January we received threatening letters not to dabble in the affairs of an oil company which had nothing to do with the Educo programme. As you know we put on a protest in the pouring rain.

We were astounded to hear that Susan Morrice was actually selling the oil business as part of the seminar. What a cheek to write to us about this and yet do the opposite inside. Now this, “Those involved in the Oil will be able to attend the two events – the seminar on the Sunday and the Oil A.G.M. on the following Tuesday.”

So kill two birds with the same stone. Could the oil experts tell us how the flow is going?  When someone suggested the oil shares a few years ago TQ was having none of it, now he is having it and you for dinner.

COMMENT:  All of the very bad publicity about Quinn’s cult activities and his private life have been VERY bad news for the reputation of the oil company and for the oil company shareholders’ finances.  Now he has to fend off a rebellion as he’s gone a bit too far for a few of the victims who still may have a shred of self-respect and clear thinking left.  Accordingly, once more when there’s some rumblings of discontent from a few of such “troublemakers” as Quinn calls them, he is forced to offer a bribe, a few crumbs from wherever it can be obtained.  Of course, he doesn’t like to dip into his own pocket, his favourite principle is OPM (Other Peoples’ Money).  If he can, and it appears to be going well for him, get the oil company to finance more and more of his plans he should have no problems in buying off a few of the problems.  Muscling in on the oil company, as the Sunday World described his activities in relation to the oil has given him access to company lawyer’s to hide behind and plenty more ill-gotten funds (gifting him as it appears around 20 million is a good start).  Having to attend Quinn’s seminars to get into the oil is another example the Sunday World picked up on.  Talk about lack of business ethics.  Exploitation and theft is the order of the day.

Oil money is now flowing to Quinn as the victims see themselves getting exploited.  Nothing new here.  There’s a near 40 year pattern of exploitation but it appears he can go a long way on human weakness, greed, fear, lack of self-belief and lack of self-respect among his victims.  What a spiritually based movement this isn’t.  We look forward to a stage managed rally of the faithful followers this weekend in which the Mucky Messiah sets out to further dominate and manipulate their minds.  One of the biggest cons the successful cult leader pulls off is to convince the cult followers they’re not in a cult.  “The tree is known by its fruits” was the advice reportedly given by Jesus Christ to evaluate claims by false prophets but then Quinn should have taught this to his followers especially as he claims to have said it originally, him being Jesus as he pronounces to his inner circle.

What a disgusting travesty on honesty, truth and any kind of spirituality.

2 Responses

  1. Quinn finds the vulnerable ,whom he can maniplate and use for his own ends.
    How can sit there being waited on in luxury and eat enough in one day that would feed the whole of somalia for a month!
    Quote W.H. AUDEN “evil is unspectacular and always human and eats at our table and shares our own bed”

    He has taken all his life,and destroyed families and lives it should now be pay back time.


  2. hear hear – to your article and believe me take it from one who knows! I left the organisation well over a year ago. I met Quinn and told him I wanted my money back as he was a total sham. He disagreed of course and I told him that I would of course not be one of the people who hides when I leave. He is a liar and a conman – without doubt. I remember when I went to see him I was curious to know if he would have any bit of heart at all – if he would just give me my money back and leave me with some semblance of dignity after 25 years. NO SUCH THING. Instead I have been implicated in court cases in the US and as you most rightly point out, all paid for by the oil company! He has told them a load of lies and he has discredited me to all the people who were friends of mine. But he won’t scare me. I am in the process of writing my book which will expose this man for what he is with many many quotes from himself over the years – just in case his memory needs jogging when it comes to his shit talk about “being from an advanced level” and “forming an army like they did in Atlantis” – also his great claims of healing.

    He bandies about the research that he did under university standards. I wish people would realise that these so called studies were done by “averages” which means that if you have 10 people in a room, one makes 100 euro and 9 make zero – then on average the people made 10 euro each!! Bullshit!! There are a small handful of people that were either successful before he met them OR they sold a shit load of these seminars making big commission and this is what that research is based on. Everything was thrown into the pot.

    There is an explanation of every crooked deed he did including the ones I got myself unwittingly involved in. As I said to him: everyone I have known over the years have done all they can for him for the love of his goal which they thought was a common one. He graciously allowed these people to revolve their lives around him saying “it’s there destiny” – yet every single thing he does has a price on it and some of us have paid dearly”.

    I hope we all get to see “destiny” here and “karma” fulfilled for such a cruel, egotistic, sociopathic man.


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