Challenging Tony Quinn to a Public Debate

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Public Debate
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 13:30:50 +0100
From: Dialogue Ireland <>
Organisation: Dialogue Ireland
To: Tony Quinn <“goodlife”>

Dear Dr Quinn,

You do remember in 2001 we had a public seminar on your Educo system.

We assembled a group of well known experts
on the theme, but unfortunately you decided to not participate.
Dialogue Ireland would like to facilitate a public debate here in Dublin again and this time we would ask you to participate.

We would be suggesting Dr John Butler who is connected to King’s College, London as your debate partner.
You will find attached his CV.
We would suggest that in order that you feel comfortable with the format that you suggest an independent facilitator
to conduct the debate. We would be proposing looking at your Educo system, Hypnosis, Unconscious  Attention and evaluating the research you have done with Andrew Moore (Doctor of Psychology), London,

Could you also provide us with an up to date copy of your CV.
We are also a little confused as on the one hand you claim to have a doctorate,

then there is an MSc from the University of East London, UK.

Could you let us have have the title of your thesis

and then any peer review work that has been done by academics
since you completed this study?

Finally could clear up a mystery?

On the one hand you claim to have a doctorate, so why then do you
now claim to have an MSc – a lesser degree?

Also in your literature for some time now you claim you are working on Phd?
Where is this doctoral study being conducted and who is supervising it?
Recently you claim your views are not being heard by the public

and you gave what appeared to be an interview to the Sunday Independent.

Also you have reissued your Blueprint Newspaper in order to correct the record.
I know of at least 6 newspapers and 3 radio and tv programmes which would

be delighted to interview you and give you an opportunity
to put forward your views.

Certainly we would be delighted if you would take up the challenge of the public debate on Educo,

here you should be able
to hold your own on a programme you believe is uniquely yours.





Phone: 353 -1- 8309384 or mobile 353 - 87 2396229
7/8 Lr Abbey St; Dublin 1 

Web site 

Blog site


Charity number: CHY 14004 

IRELAND and IRISH representative
on the General Assembly of the European
Federation of Centres for Research and Information on Sects

3 Responses

  1. The fact that Quinn has used the title “doctor” in his advertising for over 15 years based on a phony doctorate from the United States tells how much a con man he is and also what a hypocrite given that he proclaims himself to his group as an advanced spiritual being, a Messiah in fact.

    When will the faithful followers in his cult face up to just how mucky the “Mucky Messiah” really is?


  2. ahem spine!? You must be joking. Did you now know the great man is a being of light! He doesn’t need a spine!!


  3. TQ why don’t you speak, if you know all the answers whar are you afarid of. Or is it that you don’t have a spine.


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