Green Zone at Hick’s Tower

There are rumours circulating that a group of ex Educoists led a raid on the Green Zone at Hick’s Tower, Malahide. They pretended the  were coming to clean, and redecorate the place. It was in fact an attempt to get Tony to hand back the Oil Shares he has used voodoo to get off their legitimate owners.


You can see fire being returned and the blue is tracer. Soon after this he was bundled into a car and is currently hiding out in Co Wicklow. He is planning to come to the RDS but has employed a very expensive security outfit as you can imagine he is only used to the sunshine and Eve.

Imagecar outside Hicks Tower

This is the Tony we all know is the real Tony- Just out of sight is the true  life size statue of Jesus.

CIMG1128-1Eve as a good Afrikaner please go back to playing professional golf. Do a Gary Player and exit. Seriously, you should be watching the Tri Nations and not watching Cowboy films with a person who could be your father.

Toetsiens en te onthou wie jy werklik is!

One Response

  1. Please elaborate more what green zone at Hick’s Tower? Fire was exchanged, do you mean gun fire?
    I can’t believe the goings on need more info please.


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