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Here is the biography you have all been waiting for:

Tony Quinn was born on the South Quays, Dublin, moving to Arbour Hill with his parents when he was seven years old. His father, Paddy was a well known character around the area in which they lived. He was a ‘cabby’, as it was then called, and could be seen picking up his passengers all around the locality. He could be found continuously polishing and brightening up his vehicle, and was said to have the shiniest cab around. It reflected his attitude wonderfully as he was a man who made the best of all that he had. He would lift his cap when he met you and ask all about you and your family. Always on the move right up to his passing at the age of 84, he would share his secret with anyone who asked – “no thinking, no house-hatching”. He was a man who didn’t dwell on things and was an inspiration to his son.

Kathleen Quinn had an abiding influence on her son’s life. When Tony took up his interest in weight-training she would be out in the yard attaching concrete blocks to the sweeping brush for him to lift. When he wanted to experiment with various diets she would head off to the market looking for boxes of seeds or grapes, or whatever he needed. “My Tony was very inquisitive”, she once said, “…if he wasn’t pestering me and his father with questions he would start at the local priests or Jesuits – anyone he could find!” She even had to sign him into the adult library when he was ten years old because no book on yoga was to be found in the children’s library. When Tony eventually started teaching yoga in Ireland in 1971, Kathleen took the enrollments. She knew everyone all that attended and had a friendly smile for everyone. She had an abiding influence on Tony and to say that he thought the world of her would fall short in describing their relationship right up to her passing in 1985.

Tony started in his first job at the age of 14. He tried his hand in many areas but had most success in sales, selling everything from ladies’ hair-curlers to ice-cream. In all his drive to become successful and to provide for his parents, he never lost his passion for information. His childhood ‘hobbies’ of weight-training and yoga were the springboards for an amazing future in the area of researching and enhancing human potential. His passion for people was set and his life’s work became just that – human potential. The title of one of the articles he used for the Blueprint for Successful Living says it all…

Man / Woman, The Unknown – The Greatest Challenge Of All

Inspired by his hero, Steve Reeves, Tony became a weight-training enthusiast at an early age. He won twelve major bodybuilding titles in Ireland including Mr. Ireland, Ireland’s Best Physique, Mr. Health & Strength and Mr. Health Culture. Later he opened the Tony Quinn Health Studio in Dublin. He also originated the Ki Exercise System, a form of exercise similar to Tai Chi or moving yoga.

As a child, Tony started a life-long interest in yoga. By the age of 19, he was awarded the Maxalding Gold medal for the performance of yoga exercises. He is often credited as introducing yoga to Ireland in early 1971, when it immediately became popular. For many, Tony Quinn is regarded as a pioneer in the field of human potential. In Ireland, he has been a leading figure in holistic medicine for many years, having originated some of the most successful holistic therapies available in Ireland today. These include Successful Living Therapy, Ki Massage Therapy and the Postal Request System. In 1969 he founded the Irish Health Culture Association (IHCA) and the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine (IAHM).

In 1976, Tony set up his first health store in Eccles Street, selling only simple grains, nuts and seeds. Since then, Tony Quinn Health Stores have expanded across the country and developed a mail order and online store. In 1983, the Blueprint for Living newspaper was first published with an enormous distribution of 500,000 all around Ireland. To this day, people throughout Ireland remember the newspapers for their great results and insights and most of all – for only delivering good news. This same year, the Health Stores introduced a weight-loss supplement called Amino-Or which quickly became one of the most popular successful health supplements ever in Ireland.

In 1989, Tony began to research and pursue specific qualifications in the areas of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and behavioural modeling. He studied in California and qualified as a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy as approved by the California State Board of Education. He also obtained a Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Healing and Pain Control as approved by the American Department of Education. In addition, he is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the American Council of Hypnotism Examiners. Dr Quinn also studied and researched in the UK where he obtained a Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming. He also obtained a Practitioner Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming at Regent’s College, London.

In 1994, Dr Quinn succeeded in assisting four patients to undergo major surgical operations using only the power of their minds to control pain. The work earned Dr Quinn a Master of Science degree in Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. The work generated considerable media interest in Ireland and abroad and was featured on RTE’s Late Late Show with Gay Byrne.

Having seen the segment on television, boxer WBO Middleweight Champion Steve Collins contacted Dr Quinn about using his mind training in boxing. They embarked on a strict training regime for mind and body that involved only a few hours of physical training per week, working towards Steve’s challenge for the WBO Super Middleweight Title against the then undefeated Chris Eubank. Finally in 1995, Dr Quinn gained international recognition for masterminding the Irish boxer’s victory and subsequent defense of the WBO Super Middleweight title. Steve said fo the experience:

“I was delighted to discover that I wasn’t alone. Tony explained that most people, despite having the potential to realise their ambitions in life, never do. This is because they underestimate themselves. Their conscious mind acts as a barrier, a negative force that tells them that what they want to achieve is just an aspiration and not something that can be attained. Once a person is taught how to take full control of his mind, then his inner potential can be drawn out.”

Tony’s work is based around the EDUCO system of new mind technology. The system is designed to educate people on the mechanics of their mind thus enabling them to draw out more of their potential as human beings. EDUCO, the latin word meaning ‘to draw out from within’, maintains that inside each of us there is a basic person whose potential needs to be drawn out and expressed. Tony is interested in training people to apply the EDUCO mind technology to get the most of their own potential in the areas of success, health, self / life improvement and education – in short, every aspect of their lives. For many years, Dr Quinn has held seminars in the EDUCO system – originally holding his seminars in Malahide and Howth in Dublin. In 1992, he held a large weekend seminar in the RDS, Dublin and in 1993 his seminar in the National Concert Hall was attended by 1200 people. He currently holds two-week seminars in some of the most beautiful places in the world. They are attended by people of all ages and from all walks of life. They come from many different countries: Europe, Australia, America, India, South Africa and more!

Rhonda Byrne’s DVD and book, The Secret, was published in 2006. In a chapter entitiled, The Secret to the World, she alludes to a very dramatic success story. Here is the story as featured in The Secret:

“The true story of a Belize oil team is an inspiring example of the power of the human mind to bring forth resources. The directors of Belize Natural Energy Limited were trained by the eminent Dr Tony Quinn, who specializes in Humanistic Physiology training. With Dr. Quinn’s mind power training, the directors were confident that their mental picture of Belize being a successful oil-producing country would be achieved. They took a brave step forward to drill for oil in Spanish Lookout, and in one short year their dream and vision became a reality. Belize Natural Energy Limited discovered oil of the highest quality, in abundant flows where fifty other companies had failed to find any. Belize has become an oil-producing country because an extraordinary team of people believed in the unlimited power of their mind.”

She went on to say: “Nothing is limited – not resources or anything else. It is only limited in the human mind. When we open our minds to the unlimited creative power, we will call forth abundance and see and experience a whole new world.”

People all over the world continue to accredit their success in areas of health, business, happiness and more to what they discovered and learned when attending Dr Quinn’s seminars. Below is a direct quote from an interview Tony gave some years ago. He was asked: “What do you think is the biggest problem the world faces today?” His answer is as follows:

“Without doubt, the loss of human mental potential. I’m totally convinced that if we were prepared to learn how to use the dormant potential of our brain and mind, we could solve both personal and global problems and all have the life of our dreams! Indeed we would evolve as human beings. Having devoted most of my life to the study of this area gives me some insight into the possibilities. I sincerely believe that if anyone could get a brief glimpse of these their priority would become to avail of this potential. If a person were to ask me what is the single most important step they should take in their life, wholeheartedly I would reply – learn how to use your full mental potential.”

We believe in balance so we are putting up info about Tony and his web site.

We hope to be able to bring you the recession proof recipes, the oil diviner section.

How Tony sticks a pin in the map of Belize and his oil friends just walk on oil.

“The Shocking Truth About Oil”

Here is the archive about Blueprint:

Just can’t wait to read the new one….

Today people are going door to door to have it in every neighbourhood before September 13


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  1. You know the old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, I knew TQ’s parents and the fact is they were the most down to earth people you could ever meet yes it is true. TQ’s dad was the happy cabby. Thank God they didn’t live to see their pride and joy exploiting the men and women of Ireland, destroying families, leaving families broken financially and emotionally. As a result of the educo seminars.


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