DI requests clarification from Cardinal Brady concerning Fr McGinnity

DI requests clarification from Cardinal Brady concerning Fr McGinnity

Following all the requests for help DI has been receiving we contacted

the office of the Cardinal Brady in Armagh to ask what people should

do if they have concerns about the way Fr McGinnity was

involved in receiving cheques personally and in his own name.

These were donations intended for the House of Prayer.

Also anyone one who has any concern about any aspect of the House

of Prayer in respect of the Archdiocese of Armagh is invited to contact the Cardinal.

( remember the only concerns they have are concerning Fr McGinnity

as he is a priest of that diocese.)

They have no say in the issues connected to Achill as that falls

within the pastoral concern of the Archdiocese of Tuam.

Both however, have no jurisdiction over the House of Prayer

as it does not accept the authority of the Catholic Church.

In fact Archbishop Neary has clearly stated he finds nothing

supernatural in what is going on there.

These comments and full commentary can be seen on the web site of the Archdiocese:

House of Prayer in Achill

Many calls and letters have come to the Diocesan Office

regarding the work termed the “House of Prayer” in Achill,

Co. Mayo. The Archbishop originally issued two public statements in this regard,

in December 1997 and July 1998 respectively.

These are posted on the news page of the diocesan website

at www.tuamarchdiocese.org

While wishing to entirely respect the reputations of all involved,

the Archdiocese cannot but recall that sincere and well-ordered

attempts on the part of the diocesan authorities to integrate this work

into the life of the local church here met with a disappointing lack of success.

Accordingly, while welcoming any and all sincere attempts to

promote orthodox Catholic faith and piety, the Archdiocese

cannot lend its approval to this work as matters stand and is obliged

to note that the same work is entirely of a private nature and carries

no ecclesiastical approval whatever.

The Archbishop would call on all persons of good will involved

in the situation to reflect on what is best for the Church at large

and to exercise the greatest responsibility and charity in the matter.

Message Posted on the Diocesan Website – September 2007

Those who feel the need for pastoral support

or need clarification in Tuam Archdiocese should contact

Fintan Monahan:


Fr John Connolly Diocesan Secretary has kindly given us the following statement.
“Anyone however who has concerns 
about donations they have made to the
House of Prayer is welcome to bring their 
concerns to the Cardinal who will address
them to Fr McGinnity.”
With best wishes,

Fr John Connolly
Diocesan Secretary

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