Further commentary on Blueprint for Successful Living

The two reasons for the paper are:

1. To offer the answer to defeat the recession.

Is this the same answer that sent hundreds of your followers and customers into their own personal recession even during the Celtic tiger boom?   For the negative testimonials check the message boards and websites for the horror stories over many years, Tony.  These are the people who at least had the guts to publicly admit they bought an empty promise.  The “testimonials” from the few businessmen, including the gambler / gambling promoter, who attribute any success to Tony’s system of positive thinking and deliberately ignore all the failures need a reality and morality check.  They could instead advise the punters to check out their local bookstore and buy the original paperbacks on positive thinking, auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis and spiritual affirmations from which the garbled Educo system has been concocted.  The punters would then have a much better chance of success.

2. It seems I sell newspapers. They are not putting me on the front of newspapers every few weeks (and indeed Eve for that matter) because it depresses sales.

The Moors Murderers and their crimes made the front pages of newspapers all over the world for years.  Crime and scandal quite rightly are on the front pages regularly.  Tony, it’s called journalism, reporting and expose.  It’s not actually a positive achievement to be the subject of regular condemnatory articles that you have never managed to successfully refute.  Positive thinking about your appearances on the paper doesn’t extend to self-delusion and denial of the truth but then denial (lies) and self-delusion and deluding of others have been your stock in trade for nearly 40 years.

Business must really be down if you have to resort to the old Blueprint for advertising your businesses.  During the 80’s and 90’s you claimed the Blueprint  would enlighten the population and raise the consciousness of Ireland.  It did propagandise your “philosophy” of positive thinking (don’t dare think critically about me or my “work”) and made many dubious and misleading claims about your vitamins but sadly the enlightenment didn’t happen but of course the population you claimed is not yet intelligent enough to recognise your self-proclaimed genius.

Do you hope that your propaganda in the Blueprint will really combat the many journalistic exposes with real cases and independent criticisms of you and your activities ?  You’re mostly going to annoy the population further by insulting their intelligences for the few unfortunates you convert who are gullible enough or going through a vulnerable time in their lives.

My plan is that people read the truth about me and OUR work in the Blueprint and – get this – for the reader to make a BIG gain in the reading. In turn you will be able to show this to whomever you please and it will speak for itself. It even covers the 100’s of successful businesses I have had a hand in. Good fun, huh?

You’re actually telling them they will read the truth about you in your writings about yourself?  Needs no further comment based on the history of lies and unfulfilled promises and prophecies.  “100’s of successful businesses I have had a hand in” – the vagueness of the claim speaks volumes.  You’ve certainly got some devotees to give a third of their money for the “energy” you’ve put into their business activities.  You certainly have had a hand in their business efforts / pockets in terms of extraction of income.  You’ve not shown any real research over all the years to back up your claims of numbers of dramatic success in financial achievements, overcoming cancer, etc just the claims of the impressive “university-based research” that no university so far has stood by.

Good fun, huh?  Is this your writing style or that of one of the devotees trying to sound “cool.”  It certainly doesn’t convey a good marketing message and it certainly doesn’t come close to Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale or other prominent figures in the self-help field.

Now I want you to make a gain also, so this is to invite you to our September get-together. Those involved in the Oil will be able to attend the two events – the seminar on the Sunday and the Oil A.G.M. on the following Tuesday. Without giving too much away I believe you oil people are going to be pretty happy at the end of the A.G.M.

You’re back to promoting the oil that others discovered and that you’ve claimed as your discovery.  You even publicly advised the Educoists to have nothing to do with the oil project and now have conned your way into trying to dominate and exploit the project. Check out the Steve Collins story as another unhappy example of exploitation of other peoples achievements.

My next job is to make certain that you are all happy after our seminar. By the way you can pick up your Blueprint there. The paper offers an approach, a clear blueprint for successful living. Armed with your Blueprint and the additional information I give you on the seminar my intention is that each one of you will become more successful in every area of your life, regardless of any recession.

What a low opinion you have of your followers.  I suppose collecting the Blueprint (your advertising) is supposed to be a major benefit for those who make the effort to come to your sales talk.  I suppose it also saves delivery costs if a devotee picks up their copy and doesn’t have to deliver one to their own home.

Is it a money back guarantee for one minute or one year after the seminar that you’re offering / implying or again is it just your “intention” ?.  You’ve never been strong on the concept of guarantee or customer satisfaction judging by how you and your closest allies treat the casualties or anyone who complains.  Very cultish activity how complaints are denied, rejected, condemned, etc.  Can the casualties come and complain to you in the Bahamas and collect any money or discuss compensation?  It certainly doesn’t appear so based on your history.  There are legions of dissatisfied customers over the years that you could pay back for a start.  If the system works so brilliantly why did you have to create an exploitative money-obsessed cult to make your money?

I am determined that this will be our best seminar ever and the mini-program I am giving myself is that this Blueprint is imprinted on your mind and as a result your life gets better than ever. In the paper I say in one part – ‘The half hour read that could change your life for the better’. OK, in your case I am asking for a few hours and on my end I will deliver. As you can gather I am really up for it. A big thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

Meaningless hot air promises as ever.  The vagueness of all the promised results is blindingly obvious. However, it is certain that you will “DELIVER” more of the same old spiel and empty promises and that you are “REALLY UP FOR IT” i.e. to glorify your ego using adulation from the manipulated devotees, to extract more money from them and generally to exploit all you can for yourself and your business fronts (Educo, etc).

2 Responses

  1. Still talking your medieval talk TQ, why are you sending that blue print through our doors again, Thanks for the heads up mike I will putting a sign on my letter box “no unaddressed mail”


  2. Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!


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