Educo Seminar and Oil business linked by Quinn? Commentary to follow:


©2009 Human Potential Research Ltd.

August 31st 2009

Hi Everybody,

As I am writing this to you we are just putting the finishing touches to the first Blueprint for Successful Living newspaper in 9 years. Some of you have never even seen one. Originally we used to produce three a year. The present one will have the widest circulation ever of over a million and will appear not only in Ireland, North and South but also in different parts of the world in which we

have a presence. The two reasons for the paper are:

1. To offer the answer to defeat the recession.

2. It seems I sell newspapers. They are not putting me on the front of newspapers every few weeks (and indeed Eve for that matter) because it depresses sales.

My plan is that people read the truth about me and OUR work in the Blueprint and – get this – for the reader to make a BIG gain in the reading. In turn you will be able to show this to whomever you please and it will speak for itself. It even covers the 100’s of successful businesses I have had a hand in. Good fun, huh?

Now I want you to make a gain also, so this is to invite you to our September get-together. Those involved in the Oil will be able to attend the two events – the seminar on the Sunday and the Oil A.G.M. on the following Tuesday. Without giving too much away I believe you oil people are going to be pretty happy at the end of the A.G.M.

My next job is to make certain that you are all happy after our seminar. By the way you can pick up your Blueprint there. The paper offers an approach, a clear blueprint for successful living. Armed with your Blueprint and the additional information I give you on the seminar my intention is that each one of you will become more successful in every area of your life, regardless of any recession.

I am determined that this will be our best seminar ever and the mini-program I am giving myself is that this Blueprint is imprinted on your mind and as a result your life gets better than ever. In the paper I say in one part – ‘The half hour read that could change your life for the better’. OK, in your case I am asking for a few hours and on my end I will deliver. As you can gather I am really up for it. A big thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

All my love,


Date: Sunday September 13th 2009.

Venue: The R.D.S. Concert Hall, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Time: Noon until 6pm approximately.

Please be sure to bring a notebook and pen.

For any further information please contact +353-1-8304211.

2 Responses

  1. You are too kind – he is much more than a big boaster and a family wrecker. He is a very dangerous sociopath who lies, manipulates and deceives his way into people’s minds and bodies. I know many girls who have suffered at the hands of Quinn over the years. Some are still involved and those that are not are too scared to speak out. What a shame people like Maire Lalor who published her story in the newspaper does not get support from the other girls who have left the clutches of quinn and open their mouths so that he can finally be locked up. Why don’t the guys who saw the whips and ball gags in Quinns bedroom not speak out? Why is this man still allowed to print newspapers in a country from which he is a tax exile. He has taken millions from us – paid no tax and then has the cheek to say the we have a bad mindset.


  2. Oh great it is that time of year again, TQ is going to grace his followers with his presence, all the good educoist are getting all ready for the big event. The excitement is like that of a debs.The male educoist are working out, sticking fast to their diets trying to bulk themselves out for the big day hoping TQ will notice that they are taking his teaching seriously perfect body and mind.
    The female educoist are all of a flap dressing to impress the wrinkly guru, hoping he will look their way and recognise there life force energy. One sure way of that is to wear a short skirt, TQ and the oldie educoist likes that,
    When the day finally arrives, the educoists are like children on Christmas morning, all full of hope of the great things the one day seminar will bring to their life. When they finally get to the hall which has been prepared by the hardcore educoists. All the chairs are set out, with special seats reserved for important guests, tables set up for registration name badges with seminar number on it. If you’re lucky you might get some refreshments, all the hard work involved to ensure that the correct number of seats for the correct number of guests. Also it is then easier to spot a journalist that way. All the hardcore educoists are on high alert in case an intruder tries to get in to the seminar. They need to protect TQ comes what may. Any educoist that does spot an intruder is singled out for praise by TQ. All the educoists have been instructed not to speak to the journalists or mike.
    So finally everybody has signed in got their name tags with seminar number, met up with their cliques, for a cult TQ is very cliquish. When TQ graces the stage with his presence, he talks the same old talk, shows the same old videos, boast to educoists many of who are struggling to pay seminars debts back, about his privileged life style how much money he makes and his boat. The educoist lap up every boring old word. How it is possible the room filled with hundreds of intelligent adults can’t see him for what he is, just a big boaster, and a family wrecker. THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES


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