A MAN who claims he was left in agony for
three days in a room with no medical help
after smashing his knee has filed a lawsuit
against the controversial House of Prayer.
Lawyers for Anthony Tierney lodged a personal injuries claim in the High Court on August 19
and are currently serving papers on the Achill Island prayer centre run by fake
visionary Christina Gallagher.

The Sunday World revealed in June last year how Tierney fell off
a ladder while cleaning windows at the House of Prayer, where he was a
volunteer at the time. The 63-year-old granddad said he was treated “like a
dog” after the incident. “They put my life in danger. There is no love or compassion
there,” he stormed. “They locked me away in a room and ignored my calls
for a doctor. I was in agony.” Tierney, whose leg has never fully recovered, said
Christina Gallagher just wanted him to go back to his native England after
the horrific accident. He said she was terrified of further bad publicity following
a series of exposés in the Sunday World about her cult-like organisation.

Tierney’s accident happened on April 4, 2008, when he was working alone
up a ladder after being refused help. As he reached one of the top rungs he felt it sliding
across the tarmac, hurling him to the ground. “I felt an excruciating pain in my right knee and
my right arm. I was laying there for 20 minutes before anyone appeared.”
Staff eventually found him and wheeled him in to the kitchen where he saw
Gallagher, who refused to speak to him. “She stared at the floor as
if in a trance and suddenly left the room. She didn’t even ask how I was,” he said.
Tierney said he asked for a doctor from the nearby health centre but they
ignored his requests. “They didn’t know what to do.They put me on a bed
and left me there until Monday, when I was finally taken to hospital.”
He said an X-ray showed his knee had been crushed and an operation was carried
out in Castlebar Hospital. The devout Catholic, who has since returned to England, had
been visiting the House of Prayer since 1994. He moved there full-time in
2007 as a voluntary worker.

“My accident shows how hateful Gallagher really is,”Tierney said last year.
“Everyone is frightened to death of her. It has gone away from being anything
religious. It is a sect.” He said doctors had told him he might eventually
lose his right leg as it was so badly damaged. A spokesman for Tierney
said yesterday he was currently staying with a daughter in England and was
and was not well enough to talk.

SW August 30, 2009

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