Where on Harley Street Caroline? I have GPS, but am not psychic = tq


United Kingdom  Clinic

Harley Street, London

Mobile +44 (0)795 665-5641

Email address info@carolinemcdonagh.com <mailto:info@carolinemcdonagh.com>

We note McDonagh’s Harley Street “office” is not even given an address by her or website address or landline.  Perhaps she turns up every so often to promote herself and Quinn at one of the hundreds of tiny rooms (“offices”) for hire to anybody, often regardless of reputation or “qualifications”, for a relatively modest fee, especially since the recession.  Some who use a Harley St address may not even be there at all or use it simply as a postal address for advertising purposes or hire out a room for 1-2 hours once a week or fortnight.  These are some of the “scams” associated with certain Harley St users in the last 20 years since the concept of having a medical/ dental/ psychological qualification of substance was largely dropped as a preference / requirement for renting offices there. Let us help you get some clients!


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  1. Cannot find any of them on FACTNET


  2. Interesting reading ‘Sunday World Aug. 29th 2009’. Clearly shows deception when NOT revealing that these people worked for Quinn for decades.


  3. Referring to the above post, incidents like this are one of the reasons why I am concerned about their practices. I was also told, when I discussed a medical issue, that it was just stress. I, luckily, kept an appointment months later and had to go into hospital for a procedure. Their advice can be down right dangerous.

    One of Quinn’s devotees who was very prominent in the group when I was there, I can’t recall her name, was on a TV3 programme and she was accused by another woman, who was concerned about their influence on people, that they recommended Tony Quinn products for everything and their reluctance to advice them to attend their doctor. She denied it but I knew she was lying. Previously to this she was a health advisor on a TV3 programme but I have not seen her at all for a long time, thank God. Sorry I cannot recall her name. She has a book out which I saw in the library about positive thinking. She lives in LALA land.

    From what I have heard in the classes and my own experiences, it would seem that they want people to self heal. This is what Tony recommends.


  4. Well there is a blast from the past, the last time I spoke to Caroline McDonagh she was boasting about her office in London and how she was hopping off aeroplanes like they were buses, to and fro from her Dublin to London base. Silly girl it was the start of cheap flights, wasn’t everybody just hopping off planes like they were buses. I never could understand how such a nice girl like her was so brain washed by the Big cheese as you once referred to TQ. Caroline you were always bragging about how well you were doing and how much money you were making, are you still driving that banger of a sports car from the 90s. You gave my friend some shady advice on nutrition. It turned out what was wrong with them was genetic and they needed an operation. However my friend believed what you told them and put off going to the hospital for years, as you and others in TQs told my friend that her thoughts were making her sick as well as her diet. Turns out she was born with the condition.


  5. Carloine McDonagh piggy backs off the educogym in Harley Street, it is in the basement of no 48 harley street. She has been conveniently using the assistance of her close friend Zana Morris for years to try and get ‘into’ London formally. She has failed.

    Maybe she is too busy spring cleaning in Malahide well according to Nicola Talent she spends quite a lot of time there have a tidy, polish and scrub. Maybe that is what she is more qualified to do.


  6. im a psychic i don’t even know where it is. :P


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