Supplement to Sunday World: Sunday August 23, 09

Supplement to Sunday World:

Sunday August 23, 09

Supplement to Sunday World

Jim Fitzgerald:

Mary Power

Mary Power:

Mentioned in recent article

Martin Forde:

One of Quinn’s senior aides, Martin Forde, denied that Educo was a cult.

And he insisted that Quinn has never claimed to have cured cancer, saying: “That would be ridiculous.”

Forde, who is responsible for the Educo Gyms operation, said Quinn was the highest-paid and most effective mind trainer in the world.

Asked if anyone had suffered from becoming involved with Educo, he repeatedly insisted: “The level of satisfaction is incredibly high – about 97 per cent.”

Forde said any dissatisfied customers could “come and talk to us”.

Using paid guinea pigs has long been a standard Quinn trick. Personal testimony was crucial in launching his own branded range of supplements in the late Eighties and early Nineties. The pamphlets would boast that “none of those sharing their experiences were paid” but, in fact, many were not just paid, but long-time employees on the payroll. On one of the more recent brochures displayed prominently outside the Tony Quinn outlet in the Stephen’s Green Centre, we are introduced to Martin who, through the use of Tony Quinn products and supplements, went from flabby and out of shape to tanned and muscular. What we are not told is that Martin is actually Martin Forde, long time senior associate of Tony Quinn. As one former follower of Quinn remarked, “It would be like the senior stylist at Peter Mark saying, ‘I only ever get my hair done at Peter Mark.’”

In response, however, representatives of the Tony Quinn organisation, Martin Forde and Colette Millea, say that the instances in question were unfortunate, but denied that Quinn`s system was to blame. They say marriage break-ups are a part of life and that their courses have been attended by numerous couples who have stayed together. “We expect from the training people receive that changes can happen to their levels of awareness. I am very sorry to hear that families can be unhappy with it. However, there are at least 50 examples where one member of a marriage has sent the other out on seminars. They are all very happy with what has happened for them,” Forde said.

How come TQs girlfriend Tara O’Donnell is one of the testimonials saying how the seminars are so good.?
How come Aideen Cowman who is working for TQ for about 30 years says much the same thing on her testimonial? Why does it have a black and white photo of her taken YEARS ago when she was younger and slimmer?
How come there is no mention there of her being so good at selling the seminars to people who are brought to her for more relaxation?
The same is asked about Margaret Forde, Martin Forde’s wife, who has been teaching TQs courses for years?

Margaret Forde:
“A very interesting application of EDUCOT for me is in the whole field of education. Because, if we could get parents and teachers away from focusing on problems and what is wrong with the child, to focusing on the life within the child….I think we would see a very different human being and a different future created for ourselves.”

Margaret Forde, B.A., H. Dip. Ed., Dip. App. Psyc.,
Dublin, Ireland

Tom McKenna:…/From%20Butcher%20to%20Oil%20Slick.doc

Mr Quinn is not listed as a director of the company he founded. Its three directors are: Jersey-based accountant Bernard Le Claire, Malaga-based consultant Joseph Savage, and long-standing follower Wicklow’s Tom McKenna.

Aideen Cowman:

Every day for a month Tony Quinn and his aide Aideen Cowman will help to achieve reader’s goals by focusing one-directionally on the desired outcome. This distance-assistance doesn’t just work between Tony and the subscriber. The method does the biz for third parties who haven’t a clue they’re being helped. It is equally effective in obtaining results fort others who need not be aware of your request, it is claimed. According to a former Quinn associate, the basis of the Educo Postal Requests seems to be absent healing. In the early days Tony did all the healing himself, he recalled. He’d tell people he was giving them a healing blast, and say he didn’t have to lay hands, but sometimes he would. Then he sort of delegated the healing. He made others healers. The postal requests seem to extend this into absent healing.

“Before I went on the seminar I was operating as a relaxation therapist, doing very well, enjoying it and enjoying my life, but I always felt there was more and enthusiastically when I found that Tony was doing the seminar I went out, and in fact I went on the very first one.  And from the very moment that Tony started to work with me I began to get a depth of connection with myself that made me realise why I actually wanted to be there.  It was like a whole piece of my self had been obscured and I began to experience an energy inside myself that made me feel very whole and very alive and I felt every day was more inspiring than the day before.  Very often people, particularly as they are getting on in life a little bit more can be going in a smaller direction in their life but suddenly I began to see possibilities, I began to feel that the world was my oyster. When I came home from the seminar going through my normal day to day routines I started to realise what the seminar had done for me.  For example, I found I could communicate with people at a much deeper level, this meant so much to the work I was doing.  I could sit in front of the people and actually see directly into them, where they were stuck and the privilege to know it was coming from the realist place in myself, effortlessly.  Up to that there was certain effort, now there was no effort.  Also the seminar has given a huge dimension to my own life.  Now I’m able to do things I was never able to do before, basically I must of been able to do them, but I didn’t realise that I could, so my life has been continuously getting better, even financially.  Wonderful house, better relationship with my husband, certainly with my children, every single area.   My life has just been, the idea of Educo T which is the logo that Tony has, it start out small and it grows out and gets bigger and bigger, I’m an absolute result of that.”

Aideen Cowman, Psychotherapist, Success Coach, Dublin, Ireland

Caroline McDonagh:

Caroline has a strong understanding of natural healing and holistic success approaches – both from her studies in these and related areas and also from her own experience. As a teenager, she developed an unusual virus, and by the time it was accurately diagnosed 4 years later she had gone from being very active and academic to being very debilitated and dependant on her family-hardly able to walk, very little power in her arms and no voice for weeks at a time were just some of the symptoms. Almost constantly in pain, her prognosis was the probability of being in a wheelchair with little hope for any reasonable quality of life. A car accident in which she sustained further spinal injuries only reinforced the doctors prognosis.

Road to Recovery

Refusing to accept her prognosis, Caroline set about investigating the whole area of Holistic Medicine and Mind-training. This journey eventually led her to Dr. Tony Quinn and the Educo System. Quite quickly, with a combination of Mind-training and a tailored healthy eating and supplement plan, Caroline noticed a huge improvement. As a result of this she felt that she had to use what she had experienced and learnt to help others and so began extensive studies in these areas, leading to her numerous qualifications.

Ireland Clinics

Tony Quinn Centre, Dublin 7 and Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Mobile +353 (0)87 620-9066

Email address

United Kingdom  Clinic

Harley Street, London

Mobile +44 (0)795 665-5641

Email address

Imelda Farrell:

She is the face of Educo and the Quinn organisation in Cork. Very competent recruiter. She spent a lot of time working from John Boyle’s house in Rostrevor, Co. Down. We received reports that he was advocating the Educo Seminars. But when people asked to see Quinn it was suggested they go on the seminar. You need to see the consultant, do not go to the Mater Private, but meet me in Monte Carlo!

She no longer spends much time in the north as John Boyle is more focvussed on Drogheda these days.

Colette Millea:…/From%20Butcher%20to%20Oil%20Slick.doc

Glen O’Callaghan:

“Three months after coming home from the seminar, my turnover shot through the roof going from £8000 to £80,000 per week, effortlessly. I now find that I have a rapport with life itself. My business grew from my deeper connection with life.”

Glen O’Callaghan, Entrepreneur,
Dublin, Ireland

John Boyle:

“I went on the seminar in January 2002.  It was an amazing experience.  In the year following my business went from 90 million Euro to 173 million Euro effortlessly.  In fact, the more relaxed and in tune with my spirit I became – the more my business grew.  Last year the turnover further increased to 253 million.  I am enjoying my life, I have truly let go of any depression I had.  I am happy and I have found my true purpose for being in this world.  If you want lasting happiness, success in business, fulfilling relationships and you want to move along your destined path, then this seminar is a must.  There is no other course on the market like it.”

Go to John’s story, John Boyle
MD, Boyle Sports, Ireland

visit John’s website at:

A genuine bloke, who really believes that his business has increased by doing the Educo stuff. Tony was able to tap into his vulnerability touched on by Daire O’Brien in the following article:

The director of DI had an interesting experience with Boyles Sports in January, which must remain under wraps for the present.

Andrew Moore

“I went on the EducoT seminar in July ’04.  I had been studying psychology for 10 years previous to my seminar and had recently finished my PHD.  I found the information that Tony Quinn gave on the seminar to be vastly superior to anything else I had studied.  The instructions on the programming was excellent and I started to apply it as soon as I came back.  My income increased by about 50% shortly afterwards and I have been very busy at work since.  I keep using the material and I feel going on the seminar is the best investment anyone can make.”

Andrew Moore (Doctor of Psychology),
London, UK

Testimony compromises his academic research? Is this peer reviewed and is it independent?

BUSINESS SUCCESS – 360% Average Increase Over 3 Years

If you own a business, what difference would it make to you and your employees’ lives if you were to more than double the turnover? In real-life research that is what happened on average to the businesses monitored.  There were 102 businesses involved in Dr. Tony Quinn’s study. The average result was that they doubled their revenue over 3 years. The first year’s turnover was up 62%, the second year up 108% and the third 190%, for a total of 360% increase!

Please note that after the Educo™ seminars, participants were able to go back to their own businesses and where necessary train their employees.
This demonstrates clearly that they not only understood and could use the material, but could do so to a level which allowed them to train others to achieve outstanding results.

Dr. Andrew Moore, Ph.D. Psychology, conducted T-tests independently which showed that the possibility of a business normally achieving these results was less than 1 in 1000.

Derek Lawlor:

Mentioned in recent articles

3 Responses

  1. Aideen Cowman, Psychotherapist, Success Coach, Dublin, Ireland

    She forgot to add that she does hypnosis, trained by thieving Tony Quinn and equally lethal when she targets you for your cash. She knows the game!



    Fascinating to see long-term key Educoists who are very long term devotees of Quinn’s cult, Aideen Cowman, Martin Forde, Imelda Farrell, Andrew Moore and others volunteering phony “testimonials”. They are phony because the statements and photographs in question were given as if they had no prior connection with Quinn but had joined as new members and then were delighted with the proclaimed “wonderful” results which they attributed to the marvellous teachings of Educo. Talk about deceptive advertising. Typical of the deceptive culture and manipulation by this cult which comes constantly flowing down from the corrupt head, Quinn. It’s one thing to be mentally manipulated by the “mucky messiah” for so long but very wrong for key Educoists to attempt to manipulate others to buy into the poor-quality “positive thinking” teachings, weird dietary advise, etc of the exploitative Quinn by such means. Quinn could never have survived for so long without the protection, assistance and deception provided by key followers. The constant exposures by the media of the dark secrets of Quinn, his exaggerated and false advertising claims, pyramid selling scams, etc are alerting the public as never before to give this Quinn cult a wide berth.


  3. Am originally from Cork and am intrigued to read this piece by Nicola Talent in Sunday paper. Imelda Farrell should have been in there as a right hand army comander for Quinn. She appeared on the video promoting his seminars, she has been talking his talk for the last 30 years going back to the days when seminars were held in Howth. She was cheif cook and bottle washer and nobody could do anything without her meditating on it.

    Nowadays she uses the banner of the gym in Kildare I believe to cover up her work. She is not a nice person, very devious and self serving. Surely she deserves a proper write up and expose.


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