Sky pilot visits Ireland

A researcher is going door to door all around Ireland doing research on Christina. He has been to Newport, near Ballina and around the Marina in

Malahide. He has visited a few night clubs, but we can assume that he has not been assumed into …? like Christina.

I would be happy to supervise the thesis, do send your title and  research material.

On Wed, 4/15/09, Mr. Ferriter <> wrote:
From: Mr. Ferriter <>
Subject: Inquiry
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 5:20 AM

Mr. McCrory,
I have been following for sometime with great interest the matters being reported upon about Christina Gallagher, Rev. Gerard McGinnity and Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer on Achill Island.  In fact I became so curious about the reported happenings I decided to take a three week fact-finding trip to Ireland.
During the trip I personally spoke with approximately four hundred people, individually and in groups in Mayo, Sligo and Galway.  The House of Prayer seems to be flourishing.  Father Gerard McGinnity appears to be held in the very highest regard by everybody.  Christina Gallagher and her family are widely admired in how they have lived so graciously, and detached despite the type of media slurs and slander invoked upon them.
In fact I found that there are several avenues now opened, including a professional website which is available world wide and is rebutting with evidence, what seems to have been a campaign which was neither factual or researched.  Clearly public opinion in Ireland HAS swung strongly in support of those attacked in the campaign which seemed to have now died, after having been exposed as based on incitement to hatred, invasion of privacy and defamation of character of all who were attacked.
There is evidence that the media involved are now under a process of examination.  It appears that many people innocent of any wrongdoing were maligned and marginalized because of going to the House of Prayer to pray a novena.
In fact there was no feeling of support or goodwill towards you in the Mayo vicinity, and in reality quite the opposite was brought forth in many cases of those I interviewed.  There was a recurring thread uncovered by the fact-finding that indicated that people initially in support of you are hastening to distance themselves from any connection with you.  Several told me that they were misled by and felt betrayed by your actions and statements.  Many said they felt it was un-Christian in how the campaign was orchestrated against those under attack by you.  I could find no priest in Mayo willing to comment…other than “that the truth will generally prevail”.
Others I spoke with felt uncomfortable about the fact that they had seen your campaign fall apart, just as the whole economy of Ireland fell apart.  They made the connection of what happens when a gift from God is shunned.  They also spoke to me about how the affairs of many who took delight in your actions and what you put into the public domain have suffered strange afflictions and misfortunes over the past months.
About one matter I can express my astonishment…there seems to be a general and wide spread belief that only goodness and graces, often manifested as healings and conversions has resulted from visits to the House of Prayer and sometimes in connection with prayer by Christina Gallagher and Fr. McGinnity.  I met nobody who denied the evidence of healings and spiritual good works.
I was given to understand that you left Ireland about one year ago.  Some people put it stronger than that, and invited me to ask you when you intend to return?
As I intended to use some of this material in a thesis I am writing, I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to respond to this initial note.  I got your e-mail address from the poem sheet which was available in the Achill Sound Hotel.


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