30th Anniversary: The Churches Apologetics response to Cultist NRMs in Berlin

The Thirteeth Anniversary of the The Churches apologetics response to Cultist NRMs in Berlin:


von Dienstag, 7. Juli bis

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

“An opportunity to share insights between Church related groups, academics, those charged to address these issues in state based organisations, family and victims of cultist NRMs.”

The one day seminar on July 8 was preceded by a very insightful presentation on L.R. Hubbard.

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009, 18.00 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Kent, University of Alberta, Kanada

Vorlesung: Malignant Narcissism, L. Ron

Hubbard and Scientology’s Policies of

Narcisstic Rage – About the impact that

dysfunctional leaders have on cultic groups

Ort: Freie Universität Berlin,

Institut für  Religions


One thing struck me in the presentation, namely that LRH told one of his wives that He wanted to force his way into the history books, even if his overall project was a disaster. Regardless of what one thinks of him, he certainly achieved that aim.

Wednesday’s Seminar:

My observation coming from Ireland was the total infrastructural desert we face in regard to responding to cultist NRMs. Germany has Church and State appointed persons to react to this issue. The secret police concerned about totalitarian groups keep a watchful eye on movements like Scientology. The Home Affairs Ministers of most of the German states have a brief to address this area. Some States have specific offices which observe and have an inter ministerial function. The Cities of Berlin and Hamburg have persons dedicated to this task, and Bad Württemberg is the only state to have a specific person dealing with this issue. These points were made well by Ursula.

Ursula Caberta y Diaz, Leiterin der

Arbeitsgruppe Scientology der Freien und

Hansestadt Hamburg: Die Arbeit der

Kirchlichen Sektenbeauftragten – aus der

Sicht einer staatlichen Stelle

A further lacuna which was revealed about Ireland is the fact that we have no real Religious studies faculties or World Religions Studies. This creates an academic vacuum where cultist NRMs can ply their trade.

In Germany Religious experts have produced have produced a Hand Book on Religion for the use of Professionals, Teachers and the general public including parishes. Much of the research is based on Field visits to the countries of origin of the movements concerned. It deals with the practical questions which might arise when a church or school is asked for the use of its rooms by NRMs.

Kirchenrat Dr. Wolfgang Behnk, München:

Umstrittene kirchliche Apologetik -Rechtliche Fragen in der Arbeit eines Sektenbeauftragten

Wolfgang gave practical examples of the issues a Church based expert has to deal with in the parish, and the wider community when working with cults.

While this was a major conference about the role of Dialog Center Berlin, it also represented an opportunity to commemorate the 30 years of service of Thomas Gandow to his Church and the wider community in this important sphere. There were letters of congratulations from all over the world and naturally Germany. We reproduce one which is noteworthy from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She sent her apologies and tribute as she was at the G8 summit.  Merkel

We in DI were very happy to add our congratulations and the Director of DI gave a personal message of congratulations.

Tribute to Thomas Gandow by Mike Garde

Following this we had a presentation on the use and misuse of Spirituality in multi-level marketing.

Dr. Claudia Groß, Nijmegen School of

Management, Niederlande: Gebrauch und

Mißbrauch von Spiritualität in Multi-Level-

Marketing Unternehmen



It was mainly about Amway.

This was followed by Mike Garde, Dialogue Ireland, Dublin, Irland:

Zwischen Zweifel und Ausstieg

– John Duignan als Beispiel für ein Leben in

Scientology und den gelungenen Ausstieg

Here is the paper about John Duignan’s exit from Scientology.

John Duignan story of leaving Scientology

John Duignan exit corres

Following this Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Griess, Former President of FECRIS outlined its mission.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Döpmann, Berlin:

Zur Lage der Kirchen in Osteuropa

– zwanzig Jahre nach der ‚Wende’

described the developments since the collapse of the wall of Churches in the Eastern Europe.

One sentence stayed with me, namely after the failure of communism to produce a market economy. The opening of the West brought not so much Privatisation, but rather Piratisation.

Prof. Dr. Stephen Kent, University of Alberta,

Kanada: Die europäisch-amerikanische

Debatte über Scientology (english)

Dr. Stephen Kent spoke not on that topic, but rather on the issue as to whether Scientology would be able to survive beyond the first generation. Whether it was able to create a plausibility structure? He used the example of the Mormons who were able to define a territory and pass on the faith to the next generation. LRH tried to also to find a country to locate. He tried the Apartheid regime in South Africa and Rhodesia. He hoped he could make them Scientology states. They both rejected him. Also most states saw Scientology as a threat to their democracies, and in the end he had to put to sea to bypass the law. This he did on the Apollo and the formation of the Sea Org with its deprivations was ok for the loner, but not for the formation of a faith community.

Recent high level defections and the example I mentioned in regard to John Duignan all point to a loss of traction. Stephen explored this in great detail and also mentioned the advent of the internet and the emergence of Anonymous as representing a highly motivated opposition to Scientology. Not the fearful families afraid to rock the boat afraid lest they may even loose the crumbs from the table of seeing their Stepford wives style family members, but rather together, articulate with no axe to grind, other than confronting a totalitarian bully organisation. Also their disconnection policy is not conducive to winning friends and influencing enemies. Rather they are a PR disaster and Tom Cruise’s jumping on the couch and his anti-psychiatric message makes people cringe. So the dissidents like in the USSR are the light bearers, they point to the future of freedom People like Gerry Armstrong who stood up and faced the music, who are regarded as nobody’s will get their time in the sun. Also young people emerging are talking about the terrible abuse of children, the absence of psychiatric help and enforced abortions. These crimes against humanity are not noticed by the State Department in the USA, as they are neutral about religion. So they act as agents of cultist NRMs, rather than protecting the rights of the people in these groups. By not being able to distinguish between a genuine expression of belief and a cultist movement the USA has vacated the place where it should be.

Also the 1993 deal with the IRS stinks to high heaven.  Also people in Scientology have no pension or capital, they are used like slaves and are pauperised by their involvement. They often work 16 hours a day and get terrible food. They have no contact with family, but for some it is too scary to consider freedom.The attack on Psychiatry is back firing and the celebrity culture around figures like Tom Cruise maybe on the decline as the economic recession bites. Reality therapy rather than the stories of Xenu, the Galatic Confederation, Atom bombs, implants and the Science fiction cosmology will become the norm here on Teegeeack = earth.




Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009, 10.00 Uhr


Pfr. Thomas Gandow, Berlin:

Einführung: Was bedeutet

„Total Obliteration of Psychiatry“?

Ursula Caberta, Hamburg:

Anmerkungen zu Scientology und

Psychiatrie in Deutschland

Prof. Dr. Kent, University of Alberta, Kanada:

“Scientology’s War Against Psychiatry“

(in englischer Sprache)

Tagungsort: Königin-Elisabeth-Krankenhaus

Herzberge (KEH), Festsaal, Haus 22,

Herzbergstraße 79, 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg;

Anfahrt u.a. mit Tram 18 und Metrotram M8

bis Haltestelle Evang. Krankenhaus KEH

Stephen Kent gave his third and final lecture in the beautiful and restful setting of the Queen Elisabeth Psychiatric Hospital. It is run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. According to Kent even before Dianetics was published LRH wanted to replace Psychiatry with Scientology. In fact he viewed the perilous state of the world as consequence of the cosmic conspiracy between “priests and psychiatrists,” to implant this psychiatric conditioning into humankind. I reflected that LRH replaced the Christian cosmology of the fall and original sin with the idea that psychiatry lies at the core of the problems of humanity. So psychiatry is literally the devil and Kent showed examples of pictures with psychiatrists with horns on their heads and tails. This conditioning can only be removed by auditing and the exorcism of psychiatry!

Not only has this campaign against Psychiatry led to a lot of suffering, but to many deaths and many examples were cited. Also as the Scientologists hold to a Gnostic view of the person, e.g. the body is like an overcoat. So there is a tendency to play down the physical body and not just the mind.

Furthermore, he showed how the “Citizens Campaign for Human Rights” (CCHR) is very much a part of Scientology even though it claims to be independent. Its main function is to show the criminal intent of Psychiatry.

When he brought out Dianetics the psychiatric community were somewhat critical of him, and due to his narcissistic personality he viewed every criticism as an attack on him personally and hence his idea of getting his revenge in first. Always attack, never defend! Kent though did make the point that every point by LRH about psychiatry was not in fact wrong.  They have pointed to the real abuses that occurred and the compromises of Psychiatry during the Nazi era. However, there is a deeper ideological point, Scientology Organisation (SO) is not just against the abuses of Psychiatry, but are against it in principle. In Ireland CCHR still tries to pretend that they are a separate organisation from SO. This was shown to be bogus in that we were joined by the Vice President of SO in Germany who was giving out CCHR material.

She made a few minor points of no substance, but I made it my business to greet her warmly. It is important for her to realise she is not our enemy. I had met her in Hamburg in 2007 when we had a debate about LRH’s role in writing the constitution of South Africa. I had a dialogue with her by email which I will post.

She was just new in Berlin then, had her dyed blond, now she it was quite dark.

Hopefully exposure to the reasoned views of Stephen Kent might result in her like people like Mike Rinder leaving the Org. He went on to make the point that it was good to be in a psychiatric clinic as too often this debate was left to cult experts. Rather it needs to be opened to a wider audience. Governmental groups need to awake to this threat, and the Psychiatric professional bodies need to understand and address this area before they embed themselves without us realising it.

I am sure that Sabine will have to be sec checked, a form of counselling to be able

to deal with her visit to the hospital which must be the equivalent of going to hell for a Scientologist?

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