KEH_Einladung (2)


Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009, 10.00 Uhr


Pfr. Thomas Gandow, Berlin:

Einführung: Was bedeutet

„Total Obliteration of Psychiatry“?

Ursula Caberta, Hamburg:

Anmerkungen zu Scientology und

Psychiatrie in Deutschland

Prof. Dr. Kent, University of Alberta, Kanada:

“Scientology’s War Against Psychiatry“

(in englischer Sprache)

Tagungsort: Königin-Elisabeth-Krankenhaus

Herzberge (KEH), Festsaal, Haus 22,

Herzbergstraße 79, 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg;

Anfahrt u.a. mit Tram 18 und Metrotram M8

bis Haltestelle Evang. Krankenhaus KEH

Stephen Kent gave his third and final lecture in the beautiful and restful setting of the Queen Elisabeth Psychiatric Hospital. It is run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. According to Kent even before Dianetics was published LRH wanted to replace Psychiatry with Scientology. In fact he viewed the perilous state of the world as consequence of the cosmic conspiracy between “priests and psychiatrists,” to implant this psychiatric conditioning into humankind. I reflected that LRH replaced the Christian cosmology of the fall and original sin with the idea that psychiatry lies at the core of the problems of humanity. So psychiatry is literally the devil and Kent showed examples of pictures with psychiatrists with horns on their heads and tails. This conditioning can only be removed by auditing and the exorcism of psychiatry!

Not only has this campaign against Psychiatry led to a lot of suffering, but to many deaths and many examples were cited. Also as the Scientologists hold to a Gnostic view of the person, e.g. the body is like an overcoat. So there is a tendency to play down the physical body and not just the mind.

Furthermore, he showed how the “Citizens Campaign for Human Rights” (CCHR) is very much a part of Scientology even though it claims to be independent. Its main function is to show the criminal intent of Psychiatry.

When he brought out Dianetics the psychiatric community were somewhat critical of him, and due to his narcissistic personality he viewed every criticism as an attack on him personally and hence his idea of getting his revenge in first. Always attack, never defend! Kent though did make the point that every point by LRH about psychiatry was not in fact wrong.  They have pointed to the real abuses that occurred and the compromises of Psychiatry during the Nazi era. However, there is a deeper ideological point, Scientology Organisation (SO) is not just against the abuses of Psychiatry, but are against it in principle. In Ireland CCHR still tries to pretend that they are a separate organisation from SO. This was shown to be bogus in that we were joined by the Vice President of SO in Germany who was giving out CCHR material.

She made a few minor points of no substance, but I made it my business to greet her warmly. It is important for her to realise she is not our enemy. I had met her in Hamburg in 2007 when we had a debate about LRH’s role in writing the constitution of South Africa.


I had a dialogue with her by email which I will post.  Sabine Weber correspondence1

She was just new in Berlin then, had her dyed blond, now she it was quite dark.

Hopefully exposure to the reasoned views of Stephen Kent might result in her like people like Mike Rinder leaving the Org. He went on to make the point that it was good to be in a psychiatric clinic as too often this debate was left to cult experts. Rather it needs to be opened to a wider audience. Governmental groups need to awake to this threat, and the Psychiatric professional bodies need to understand and address this area before they embed themselves without us realising it.

I am sure that Sabine will have to be sec checked, a form of counselling to be able

to deal with her visit to the hospital which must be the equivalent of going to hell for a Scientologist?

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