Statements to the Gardai

With the recent attacks on Eircom’s Broadband by unknowns it reminded DI of the time when we were receiving 500GB

attacks last January when we were protesting outside Tony Quinn’s Seminar at the RDS and spearheading an active campaign against his activities.

Our site was compromised as were companies like Boyle’s Sports and others were taken out for weeks. In fact so bad were the attacks one provider had to cancel our contract, so much damage was going on.

This had an upside side in that we started this wordpress site and the cyber terrorists did not dare take on google!

At the time we reported it to the Gardai’s specialist Internet unit who are looking into it. It is notoriously difficult to find who is behind these attacks

as they can use proxies. It would have taken major money to have this done though.

We had a good idea who was behind the attacks, because we received the testimony of two people who had witnessed threats to the life of the

Director and who were present when the possibility of having the web site sabotaged was raised by person who felt threatened by the information

Dialogue Ireland was making public.

The Director gave a statement to a Garda in Mountjoy in late January. He heard back this week that the Garda had received witness statements

which will be used to corroborate his statement and they will now be sent to the DPP for his adjudication.

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