Video evidence confirming McGinnity’s activities.

McGinnity caught out

July 12, 2009
DATE: RIGHT-HAND MAN: Fr Gerard McGinnity with fake visionary Christina Gallagher


THE Sunday World has acquired remarkable
video footage of fake visionary
Christina Gallagher’s right hand man
asking followers to donate a staggering
Gallagher’s House of Prayer lackeys have
been claiming this year that her spiritual
director Fr Gerard McGinnity is not, and has
never been, involved in fund-raising activities.
The priest even told his superior, Cardinal Sean
Brady, that he never collected money for the controversial
prayer centre on Achill Island.
However, we have discovered video film of Fr
McGinnity preaching from the pulpit and begging supporters
to come up with the whopping quarter of a million
pounds to build an extension to the House of Prayer
back in 1995.
Amazingly, the priest falsely claimed the extension was
to allow more priests to come on retreat to the centre as
there was a severe shortage of beds.
“Facilities for the priests are so inadequate that sadly
priests are coming to do their retreat but often have to
be directed to B&Bs locally,” Fr McGinnity told a packed
church in Whitechurch, Co. Cork.
“We have to appeal to you very directly that if we were
to extend it the way we would like for the priests it
would take £250,000. But everything is possible for God.
I place that before you tonight because I know Our
Blessed Mother would desire it and I know you would
wish to be generous.”

What the money was actually used for could not have

been more different. Rather than small humble cells for

prayer, the money raised went into the most luxurious furnishings that money could buy.

Stunning rooms with deep-pile carpets and chandeliers were built,

each with satellite TV and with Jacuzzis in the bathrooms.

The rooms were then rented out at
£120 a night to visiting
Americans to raise yet
more money.
Gallagher also got her
own luxurious suite in the
extension which included
top-of-the-range furniture
and her own Jacuzzi.
Very few priests have even
gone near the place in
recent years after seeing
through fake visionary
Christina Gallagher. Some
were shocked by her obvious
wealth while others were
appalled at her increasingly
violent and terrifying messages
about the end of the
world, allegedly passed on to
her by the Virgin Mary.

Two former loyal followers
of Gallagher were so
shocked when they were
given a tour of the extension
that they quit.
One man told the
Sunday World this week: “I nearly died when I saw it
because I knew the people
of Ireland had paid for it.
“Fr McGinnity was
always going on about television
being the ‘tabernacle
of Satan’ and here
were these satellite TVs in
every room which could
get porn channels.”
The man asked what priest
could possibly afford to stay
in such luxury and was told
it was aimed at American
visitors, who were coming in
large numbers in tour buses.
“Christina does not want
them to go to Knock,” the man was told.
Among those who stayed
in the fabulous extension
was Gallagher’s American
money-man John Rooney,
the official owner of her
astonishing €4million
home in Malahide.
The Sunday World tried
to interview John Rooney
last year but when we
called at his house outside
Steubenville, Ohio, he
ordered us off his property
warning that he would call
the sheriff if we returned.
Meanwhile, Christina
Gallagher has been telling
the supporters in Achill
that she has silenced the
media “once and for all”.
She was presumably
referring to three separate
complaints lodged with
the Press Ombudsman
about the Sunday World by
her supporters.
But we say today, loud
and clear, that the Sunday
World has not been
silenced by the 56-year-old
woman who leads the life
of a multi-millionaire at
the expense of pensioners
up and down the country
who have handed over
their life savings.
Gallagher’s officials at
the House of Prayer have
been claiming that nobody
was ever put under pressure
to hand over money
or to sell their homes.
But the former follower
who gave us the video of
Fr McGinnity asking for
£250,000 told how he had
to stop friends of his selling
their homes and businesses
to give the money
to Christina Gallagher.
“I told them not to be
stupid. They are thankful
they listened,” he said.
Footage proves McGinnity DID
raise funds for fake visionary

One Response

  1. This is a joke! video footage how many years ago!!!!!!!!! talking about putting an extension in place, which is now there.
    It appears to me, that the author is merely trying to keep prove his writings were correct, but is failing in a big way! certainly is amusing to see the lengths he will go too.


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