Has the time come to tell your story.. If so?

Mike Garde Director of Dialogue Ireland attended a seminar of INFORM attached to the LSE in London at which Mary Finnegan spoke in May 1997. We have been aware since then about the reports of abuse and heard a French woman detail her experience of systematic abuse of all kinds. We got the help of a renowned Buddhist scholar to draw up the report featured on our web site. I can tell you that I have been contacted by a journalist who works for a major Sunday Newspaper who I have worked with for over 10 years in regard to issues associated with Tony Quinn and the Pilgrim House and know he will not be producing a tabloid version of this issue. I would suggest that in this regard it is better to have someone who is not emotionally involved writing this type of article. I can guarantee absolute confidentiality if any of you would contact me and I will pass on your details and the terms and conditions you are willing to work with. I know that this is not an easy decision to make . I would highly recommend if you have not gone through extensive counselling not to proceed towards going public. Many of you though seem to have become survivors rather than victims and seem ready but have not found a listening ear. We have no wish to restimulate you, but unless witnesses come through all these blogs
are just a minor irritant and the abuse will go on. No one should pressure another to give witness but I can tell you we have received a number of clear testimonies from people who wish to put the abuse behind them and move on. Some might feel this selfish, but it only the person who has gone through this dark tunnel who knows where they are going who can decide. However, if you would like to make a difference then contact me and I will pass on your details.


Phone: 353 -1- 8309384 or mobile 353 – 87 2396229 7/8 Lr Abbey St; Dublin 1
Web site http://www.dialogueireland.org
Web site http://www.dialogueireland.wordpress.com

Charity number: CHY 14004
IRELAND and IRISH representative on the General Assembly of the European Federation
of Centres for Research and Information on Sects (FECRIS). http://www.fecris.org

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