The Way To Scientology…errr….Happiness

The following email was sent to the Advertising Standards Authority UK. It concerns The Way To Happiness Foundation, a Scientology front group.

To whom it may concern,

I recently came across the following complaint decision on your website:

In this complaint it was alleged that the advertisement in question was both misleading and failed to properly identify the advertiser. The decision made by the ASA was not to uphold the complaint with the following reasons used as a basis for that decision:

1) The ASA understood that the The Way To Happiness Foundation was considered a charity in its own right by the Internal Revenue Service of the US.

2) The ASA considered that it was clear from the logo that The Way To Happiness Foundation was advertising independently, and the logo use reflected that.

3) The ASA acknowledged that, because the Scientology founder wrote the book in question, it would receive much support from Scientologists, but the ASA considered that The Way To Happiness Foundation was likely to be seen maintaining its own identity and advertising on its own behalf.

It appears that the ASA merely took the word of The Way To Happiness Foundation, as did Clearcast, to substantiate the above three claims. I take these claims in order:

1) The Internal Revenue Service do NOT consider The Way To Happiness foundation as a charity in its own right. The Way To Happiness Foundation did not receive tax-exemption status until 1993 – when it did so by being classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a ‘Scientology related entity’. This is shown in section III of the 1993 IRS closing agreement with the Church of Scientology.

Source –

2) The copyrights of the logos used by The Way To Happiness Foundation are held by the Church of Spiritual Technology (aka the L.Ron Hubbard library). This is the same entity that holds the copyrights for the Church of Scientology logos and trademarks.

Quoting from the The Way To Happiness UK website:

“THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and the “Road & Sun” design are trademarks and service marks owned by L. Ron Hubbard Library in the USA and in other countries (trademark registrations issued and other registrations pending) and are used with permission.”

Quote taken from –

3) The Way To Happiness Foundation is not operated independently of other Scientology related enterprises. Evidence for this includes the Clear Expansion Committees booklet produce by the Church of Scientology’s International Management. The following quote from the booklet illustrates the purpose of the Clear Expansion Committees:

“Clear Expansion Committees have the purpose of coordinating all Scientologists and Scientology groups and uniting their effort to clear their area through broad scale dissemination and delivery of the tech. The Clear Expansion Committee is made up of executives from the organizations and missions in the area, as well as the chairmen of I/Cs of the various field groups and committees, such as the OT Committee Chairman, Auditors Association Secretary, Volunteer Minister In-Charge and others.”

Further, the booklet lists the Scientology related groups and includes The Way To Happiness Foundation among them. The booklet also declares that “All Scientologists must become part of one or more of these groups, and this booklet shows you how.”

The following quote is taken from The Way To Happiness section of the booklet and shows clearly the Scientology goals behind The Way To Happiness Foundation:

“The Way To Happiness is the common sense guide which is behind a tremendously popular campaign place stable data and workable truths into the confusions of society. This nonreligious moral code creates trust, honesty and competence through schools, youth groups, hotels, businesses and communities to bring about a basic understanding of right and wrong in the world. It also cuts into the suppressive false data being spread around by psychs in society.”

It is clear from this material that The Way To Happiness Foundation cannot be divorced from the Church of Scientology.

Source – Booklet referenced is “CEC booklet, magazine.pdf”, part of the Clear Expansion Committee documents available from here –

For ease of reference I have uploaded image scans of the pages I source the above quotes from:

<Links removed – scans are provided below>

Given the above material I believe the ASA are in error by not upholding the original compliant. I hope the ASA will take this under advisement and review their original decision.

I would also be happy to produce more documentary evidence showing the connection of The Way To Happiness Foundation to the Church of Scientology if needed.

Sincerest regards,



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