World Mission Society Church of God

World Mission Society Church of God

Dialogue Ireland received this report from a student who observed this group trying to recruit.

There were two young South Koreans going around the Belfield campus recently with a laptop and showing a short film. I’ve also seen them at Trinity College. Before they showed the film they said they were conducting a survey and that they would ask a couple of questions after the film. The film consisted of the usual bull and afterwards they started asking me if I had heard of ‘God the mother’.

They went on, like the JW’s to use obscure passages out of context to prop up their ideas. I questioned them a lot and whenever I found holes in their doctrines they tried to change the subject. They also seemed to be with holding information or at least hesitant to tell me everything.

They eventually tried to find excuses to get away but not before inviting me to a ‘bible seminar’ in an apartment in Smithfield. They wouldn’t tell me where it was, they just gave me a number to call. In fact they were extremely eager for me to attend.

They also told me that they were from ‘Church of God’ and I asked them who their founder was (quite a few times) they eventually showed me a passage from one of their publications saying that he was some guy who used to be in the seventh day Adventists. Apparently he doesn’t like thanksgiving.

Information I found online:

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