“Mission Scientology,” Free film showing – June 13th @ 5:30pm

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John Sweeney of the BBC Panorama Programme had real

problems with the Scientology leadership in LA in 1997, see how a

German film company got on!

Mission Scientology

Inside Report from the Empire of the Thetans

Format:                                 Documentary Coverage

Time of filming:                   May-June 2008

Film locations: USA, Austria, Germany

Running time:                     60 minutes

Total material:                     34 hours

Utilization:                            TV, various DVD formats can be delivered

Educational: 25 minutes German with documentation

Author:                                  Dr. Rainer Fromm, Wiesbaden

Producer:                             Gerd Knuth, Matthias Film, Stuttgart

In the center of this coverage are the personal narratives of people who are either ex-Scientologists or are still actively involved. In America, Austria and Germany we explored the question of what Scientology really is.

Some of our dialogue partners belong to the highest-ranking former members of our times, such as those who went through all “Operating Thetan” levels, reaching the highest eighth level of training. Other ex-Scientologists worked for the Scientology secret service OSA, or for the uniformed elite unit Sea Org.

In Los Angeles we did interviews with active Sea Org members and with members of various Scientology front groups, while filming footage of Scientology’s power spots in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

We discovered the street with the name “L Ron Hubbard Boulevard” and the huge recruiting centers that cannot be overlooked in the Hollywood streetscape. In Florida and California we documented the close cooperation of Scientologists with local politicians, official authorities, and even with the head of a Christian mission in whose church children are trained according to L Ron Hubbard methods. On the other hand, former cult-members describe in detail how Scientology misuses such bridgeheads to purposefully infiltrate politics and society. Their aim: Nothing more and nothing less than dominion over all planets, achieved by totalitarian methods.

The coverage presupposes no basic knowledge of or inner attitude toward Scientology.  Therefore the audience has the chance to get to know both sides of the cult and to form its own opinion. The colorful public image of the psycho-organization allows us to take in the splendor of its skyscrapers, hotels, noble villas and recruiting centers.  On the other hand ex-Scientologists grant us watertight legal proofs that document the fact that Scientology declares objectors as “suppressive persons” and thus destroys families. Other documents of American ex-cult-members record the fact that Scientology strives to infiltrate state and local politics and control positions of political power. The accounts of these ex-Scientologists will be very fascinating in lieu of current talk in Germany to ban the organization. Particularly nightmarish are the accounts of former Sea Org members who portray effectively how they were deprived of their basic human rights, as they paint a vivid picture of the psycho-dictatorship they experienced.

Especially significant for the film are the accounts of the artist Michael Pattison, who reached OT level VIII before abandoning Scientology. He describes the cult as a “fake religion” and depicts religiousness in Scientology as a mere “disguise”.

Of course Scientology has the opportunity to comment on all accusations and present its views. By portraying individual fates the film offers the chance to understand Scientology not only cognitively, but also through empathizing with those individuals.

The Cleared Planet – A Trip into the Inner Sanctum of Scientology

25-minute version with comprehensive educational materials

Target audience: Schools, adult education, organizations

Dr. Rainer Fromm

All rights reserved by:

Matthias Film gGmbH

Gänsheidestraße 67

70184 Stuttgart



Gerd Knuth

Mobil +49 (0) 172 – 1515316


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