The Family Survival Trust brief by John Duignan author of “The Complex.”

The Family Survival Trust brief

I want to cover two topics here if I may?

  • Firstly, the point of the conference message: What is the political vehicle that both the cult of Scientology and the ‘Unification Church’ apply to entrench themselves in Europe and the US political establishment? Relativism – A soft, soggy, indefensible philosophy that even Engels had to dispense with – unfortunately modern Marxism in its European form did not, and relativism remains the source of much woolly headed thinking prevalent in our society today. By this I mean mixing up the ideal of individual freedoms (good) and allowing coercive, fanatical and socially erosive cults the like of Scientology, (bad) to be called ‘New Religious Movements’. (It brings to mind another kind of movement that I will refrain from mentioning in this polite gathering).
  • The Moony connection: My observations Scotland 1970’s, 1986 through to Ireland in 2006:
  • Summary of my Birmingham work: (Why was I allowed to get so far?) Had I continued, I would be an elected councillor now, absolutely fanatical Scientologist, but well versed in the works of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, (the James Clavell edition) another sleeper agent would have been in place and ready to act to subvert Britain’s once wonderful Liberal Democracy.
  • Themes and Metropolitan Police coup d’etat, the battle of attrition with the LAPD that clearly has been won, and not to mention Lord McNair and Grey’s of Westminster and the annual photographic exhibit and training session at Saint Hill organised by Bob Keenan. Why was a piece of real estate the whole building of 35 Fitzroy Square purchased and renovated with no expense spared when very few pubic Scientologists are aware of it? Like Rue D’ Lois in Brussels, this is a political propaganda centre in the heart of London. Elaborate on renovation and architectural work.

Part 2: Freeing a family member from a cult:

I feel that I owe it to you to describe this issue to the best of my ability and I hope that I shall be able to do so with at least some degree of perspicuity. Now while it is mostly a common sense issue, unfortunately, due in the main to the rage such groups engender, that can often be one of the first victims in the war against these cults. There are two parallel streams or methods, paths that one can take, 2 conflicting methods in relation to helping a family member enmeshed in a cult

  1. Do you go in with guns blazing, going to the press, talking to radio stations and essentially making the cult administration and PR people very uncomfortable;


  1. Maintain a low profile, let the person carry on in the cult keep in touch and hope that they will eventually see reason and come to their senses?

Let us start with option 1: this is anecdotal in the main, I have of course thought an awful lot about my experience and will continue to do so as long as I live, I am indelibly marked by my experience. All cults prefer, like criminals and sexual deviants, to carry out their work in the dark. They operate by obfuscating their paucity of any real theology, political ideology or philosophical thought with lots of hot air and guff. Despite what the cultural relativist might say, these are not ‘New Religious Movements’ these are not expressions of spirituality these groups are closer in substance to some of the violent criminal families and gangs that the Irish state is having so much trouble dealing with under existing legislation. Like the criminal gang they are terrified of scrutiny, and if forced into the lime light over the affairs of an individual, will either eject that person or come to a compromise and ease up on her to the point of facilitating her with extra freedom to see and communicate with her family. (The cult effort is always to deflect scrutiny from its activities in particular its violations of the fundamental human right of freedom of person, this is a lever of some importance to the concerned family). If this latter is achieved, then I would counsel that during these periods when the person is at home and at liberty, that she be put into social contact with as many family and pre scientology close friends and mentors as possible, these would be casual, taking her to the pub, a day out with old school mates, birthday parties or such. What you are aiming to achieve is a dilution of the programming, and a dilution of the psychic dissonance that she inevitably carries with her from the cult.

If you take this option, you need to be aware of contact points and you need to be aware of the executive structure of the operation. In Scientology this would be the local area i.e. Birmingham, Hubbard Communication Office, the local Director of Special Affairs and the Executive Director. These posts are mirrored at Continental level with Continental Senior HCO, Office of Special Affairs and the Commanding Officer Cont’ Liaison. Also I recommend putting such complaints straight onto the plate of the Religious Technology Centre Cont’ and International RTC Offices, these answer directly to Miscavaige, and he does not want bad news, indeed it is forbidden for junior staff to put bad news on his plate, so they will seek to ‘handle’ the problem locally by forcing Snr HCO to deal with it, you just keep complaining and keep threatening negative media, Miscavaige is a dictator who strikes terror into the most senior Scientology terminals, and if you want a situation dealt with rapidly, then put it on these lines as well. (Example, when I walked in on the RTC reps in the Stables).

The downside of this option is that it could result in a complete disconnection and further entrenchment of the family member, – Odran Fortune – so think carefully and strategise before embarking on this.

Option 2 has its merits, and if there is a lack of cohesiveness in the family in question, then this is a safer bet. I must however, say this: There were so many times in the course of my life in the Scientology cult, that I silently prayed for my family to aggressively pursue option 1. I could not tell them this, I could not communicate this to them as my mind was an open book to the cult, my thoughts and actions could be read and I was in such a disempowered position that I simply could not act. Had they taken that option I am certain I would have been out a lot sooner. I would have put on the sad and upset face to the cult, but skipped joyfully home the second I was out of sight. But that is me, and every case needs to be looked in the context of the duration of stay that the individual has endured, the degree of involvement and the level the person is operating at, for instance, if the person is a public Scientologist, then a course of action along the lines of dilution only would need to be followed.

The actions of option 2 are really just an ongoing affirmation of care and love for the person, reminders to him/her of pleasant family memories and other emotional points of contact for instance tickets to a gig with their favourite band, sending pictures of much loved pets. The aim would be to gently contrast the harsh life that they are living in the cult against a normal existence at home.

Please remember that a big chunk of what the cult member is telling you is either blatant lies or highly filtered accounts of their lives. I used to be encouraged to make a point of sending home post cards from exotic locations that I was working in, I would also whitewash accounts of life to any family member who visited me, and I was very convincing indeed. You see, cult remained a brooding dark presence throughout the duration of the familial contact and I knew that the family member had to go away that same day, and the cult and its power over me remained and would once more swallow me up, and I would face the post family contact interrogation. I feared that, as every Scientologist does.

Let me briefly touch on another topic before I let you go: PTS or Post Traumatic Stress: PTS has a Scientology specific definition that I will describe if your family member is a Scientologist, but the psychological definition will be sufficient for this briefing.

If you have succeeded in getting the family member out of the cult, your job has just begun. It may be the case that PTSness is not the sole problem, trauma of various kinds are in play.

Stat Push: Aside from the fact that the cult member is kept under a constant, unrelenting, incessant degree of pressure, driven as he is to produce up-statistics and products – even when he gets his rare day off, he still worries about how he will get his statistics up and his products out the following week – To be down stat is to be out-ethics and with each passing day of declining statistics the thumbscrews are tightened until with – almost – relief he is ‘busted’ off post (demeaned in front of his peers)  degraded and dragged through the most unbelievably intrusive interrogations. Self esteem is in short supply in this cult, and it hurts when the little bit you have is squeezed in this fashion. Thereafter, in order to regain peer esteem, he must ‘make amends’ for his ‘letting the team, and even worse, LRH, down. I won’t go into the gory details of conditions and rehabilitation, suffice to say that these are a permanent dark threat that hanging over the cult rank and file draining him of any possibility of real pleasure and peace. It wreaks havoc with the soul.

Hubbard’s infamous mantra, leant off by heart by every Scientologist at every level ‘A being is (utterly and totally) responsible for his own condition” absolves the cult and Hubbard of the terrible damage that is wrought upon the psyche of the follower, and every time the person slips up, gets ill from overwork and lack or rest, suffers because of lack of medical attention or, if a child, sinks into depression due to long cult enforced separation from parents, it is the person himself that is to blame, not the cult, and the troubled follower believes this, and thus intensives his self destructive efforts, refusing to listen to advice from friends and family, ‘he is wrong thus Hubbard is right’ is the kind of mental tune that is playing in the head of the cult member at all times, ‘Hubbard rose above the bank because he had ruthlessly put his own ethic in on himself’, Tom Cruise did same thing and told us all to do so too’.

The Scientologist has lost all and any ability for critical thought when it comes to anything Scientology.

Regression: In a cult – particularly in the Scientology cult where this is a carefully codified regime – the subject is regressed back to childhood, in the Sea Org this is ratcheted up even further in that the subject is treated like a child, he is gotten up, served breakfast, transported to the place of worked, told what to do and what to think, uniform is provided and reading matter is carefully filtered. One is told when to shower and how to wash one’s self. He is rewarded when he is good and psychologically beaten when he is bad. This aspect provides an almost insurmountable difficulty for the newly liberated, especially if the subject grew up in the cult, knowing nothing else, these people are even more institutionalised, completely unequipped to think and live for themselves. The case of Vivian in Germany is just one such example, this is heart breaking tragedy to those who love liberty but a successful product for the cult, who no doubt gleefully rubbed their hands and sniggered in a celebratory display of maliciousness.

The trauma of facing re-socialisation: This is terrifying, shopping: I found this to be daunting; how do I dress, what is the normal look. I had no friends left, the commonality of my youth had been swamped by the twenty years of estrangement and strangeness.

The sense that I was washed up, useless, a pointless piece of wreckage washed up on a beach haunted my waking and sleeping, these sense of failure, stupidity, now that I had seen through the lies and realised just what had been holding me. I was forty three and I felt very stupid indeed.

It is a known fact that males have a harder time making human contact than females, but this is exacerbated in the middle-aged male.  In the book you will see that I was not far off from taking my own life a mere two months after leaving, and it was a fortuitous event that I was put in contact with mediator Donald Coffey.  I was able to get professional psychotherapy – cognitive – and that put me on the road to not rebuilding, but building a life for myself. I don’t think I am doing too badly.

I would doubt that my immediate post cult psychic trauma is any way unique. But I hope these anecdotes enlighten you as to the kinds of difficulties faced by the newly liberated.

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