We have been aware of its programme for many years. We also had the pleasure of them sending us “A message from the heart,” a massive tome on Avatar- as if to say do not mess with us. That was over ten years ago when we had a number of cases in Co. Clare where it was bad news for families and marriages. Very much into selfism without reference to marriage, family or paying off your visa every month!

A therapist wrote to us a few weeks ago about Avatar.  “Well, I had a friend ask me about ‘Avatar’ courses that he was thinking of doing and I had a search on the internet for them. I assume you know about them, but they seem to be an offshoot of Scientology and there is a woman in Dublin called Jenny Brady….promoting their courses here. She is an ‘Avatar Master’

Jenny Brady

Dublin Ireland 8

Phone: +35314752015
Join me at one of the International Avatar Courses in Europe or the USA. Reach me at the number above for information and registration. I also deliver Section I, the Resurfacing workshop, monthly in Ireland and would be delighted to meet you there!


This is what I sent to my friend:

I did a search for ‘avatar’ on the net and the first thing I noticed was how many sites they have all over the world, there are pages of sites that are all pointing back to them. No independent sites were returned to me for at least 7 pages. This means they are doing a lot of advertising and have a lot of money behind them. Also the avatar course is ‘registered copyright’ which automatically makes me a bit suspicious.

I then did a search on Star Edge and the following sites were returned:








Also it seems that there is a background of Scientology which is very suspect and dangerous. The fact that everything about the course materials is secret is also suspect. It looks like Harry Palmer has re-dressed the Scientology method and re-marketed it.”

see also:







This site is by Rick Ross a man dedicated to publishing info on cultist organisations on the net and you can read more here.


Here is their site:


”After reading this I would certainly not recommend that you do their courses, the ‘free’ courses are possibly designed to lure you into further courses as in Scientology’s personality test.

My advise would be to stay away! Your friend has probably been unduly influenced and is part if a multi level sales scam.”

4 Responses

  1. Yes I am aware of that. Thank you.


  2. This piece is not referring to the movie….


  3. Avatar, the film is based on the Philosophy of “Gaia” – Worship of Mother Earth.

    As such according to this it should not be taken too seriously:

    “Many Christian movie critics believe that Avatar teaches a gospel of pantheism, a faith that equates God with Nature, and calls humanity into religious communion with the natural world.
    In Cameron’s sci-fi universe, this communion is embodied by the blue-skinned, enviably slender
    Na’Vi, an alien race whose idyllic existence on the planet Pandora is threatened by rapacious human invaders. The Na’Vi are saved by the movie’s hero, a turncoat Marine, but they’re also
    saved by their **faith in Eywa, the “All Mother,”** described variously as a network of energy and the sum total of every living thing.”

    Just my tuppence worth…


  4. Are you talking about the famous Film? It’s great though… ;)


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