“Quinn Oil Story”

The Tony Quinn Oil Story:

The Educo seminars and the power and influence of the so called Messiah Tony Quinn are now in tatters. The “Mucky Messiah” as described by Nicola Tallant in the recent Sunday Word exposés gives a rare in-depth insight for the outside world into this cult leader and his activities for the last 30 years. These exposés are amongst the many reasons that there are no longer droves of people being drawn to the seminars. In addition, with the economic downturn, people are working for less money or have no job and are not likely to get a favourable response when telling the bank manager they want to buy a car, whereas in fact they want to go on a seminar.

Tony is having to face increasingly desperate followers wondering where their promised fortunes are in a time of recession. So instead of relying on people borrowing money to come on seminars, Tony has turned to new things in the last year and now professes to be an oil tycoon! The following is a summary of this long running saga that is multi faceted, deep and very disturbing. Within this lies a catalogue of manipulation and Quinn tactics, only now the stakes are much higher.

According to his latest false story, he used his psychic powers to find oil in Belize and the methods he teaches in Educo seminars to build up a successful oil business. However, unhappy former customers of Quinn’s Educo seminars have a different story to tell and at Dialogue Ireland we feel it important to put forward what they have to say.

Our previous document from Butcher to Oil slick which came out November 2008 ended with the report below.

“The oil strike is said to have made fortunes for Belfast-born businesswoman Susan Morrice and Enniskillen native Sheila McCaffrey, who run BNE. But the honeymoon is now over for Morrice and McCaffrey with newly elected Dean Barrow announcing plans to introduce a windfall tax which will ensure that the people of Belize finally get a slice of the cake. “We are going to impose a windfall tax on Belize Natural Energy to make up for the loss of revenue (incurred by) switching from imported fuel to local fuel. Barrow said.”







The first that the Educo “foot-soldiers” i.e. ordinary followers heard of the Belize oil adventure was that the two women running the oil company were involved in Educo, particularly Sheila McCaffrey, a previously successful businesswoman who had later become an energetic and enthusiastic Educoist. Her attempts to interest fellow Educoists in getting involved in the oil venture were met with disapproval from Quinn, who publicly and privately distanced himself quoting back in 2002 and 2003 that it was “too risky an investment”. He stated at Educo seminars that he “knew nothing about oil” and went so far as to write letters to the Tony Quinn health food shops in Ireland to state that there was to be absolutely no involvement in investment in this oil project as this was a distraction from Educo seminars promotion. Basically the fear was that people would choose to invest in oil instead of seminars.

All this naturally changed when in 2005 the oil was discovered in Belize by the Company. This discovery of the oil in Belize was greeted internationally with much press coverage. The press wanted to know how the successful oil venture had been achieved and in many interviews Sheila McCaffrey stated that it was hard work and dedication, and that the group of investors and backers had mostly undertaken Educo seminars.

Quinn latched onto the international press frenzy seeking to promote himself with an even greater frenzy as the great oil finder, when in fact he had stated at many Educo meetings and seminars that “he knew nothing about oil.” Although Quinn had absolutely no involvement in the discovery of the oil and publicly, including in writing, had dismissed the possibility of a viable oil operation in Belize he invented a story that it was his psychic abilities that led to the discovery of the oil. Quinn has through his disciples and others spread this story as much as he could over the years although it is a complete fabrication.

It is another typical example of the false claims of his achievements put out to sell himself and his courses to unsuspecting members of the public. The false claims made by Quinn about “his” discovery of the oil rather than the professional work of the geologists involved were highlighted by Dialogue Ireland in 2006.

This was typical of Quinn’s attempts to piggy-back and steal from the success of others by promoting himself as the real cause of the success. A similar well-known example from the mid 1990s was Quinn’s attempts to highjack Steve Collin’s boxing success which the ego-crazed guru portrayed as being really due to his special mental abilities that had transformed Collins into a champion.

The Government in Belize at the time, the PUP party under its leader Said Musa, became the focus of Quinn’s attention as he gave them a special seminar in his Educo methods on an island off the coast of Belize and boasted of his connection with them in his publicity. He was supposed to be coaching them to victory in the upcoming election but has yet to comment publicly on their resounding defeat in that election and the subsequent arrest of former Government members on charges of corruption. Their Educo education does not appear to have been of any more advantage to them than to the many disillusioned Irish Educoists wishing they now had the money they spent on the seminars rather than still paying off loans in a recession economy.

The message to the Educoists changed from one of avoiding oil to getting on the oil bandwagon. Many Educoists purchased shares offered by the oil company, with Sheila McCaffrey being the most visible representative of this, giving credit to the material learned on the Educo course as assisting with the oil find. She claimed to have single-handedly raised all the money from investors for the exploration in Belize. These investors were known to her in some cases as people who already had done a seminar, others she encouraged to attend. She was very successful in getting people to attend both the standard Educo and the Master seminar. Educoists buying shares were told that the company intended, as well as to make the fortunes of investors, to carry out good works in Belize for the benefit of the native population. However, the Government that succeeded to the Educo-trained PUP Government decided to impose a windfall tax to ensure that some money from their natural resources came the way of the people of Belize.

Quinn was realising more and more that his regular Educo seminars were seriously failing. His new project “Educogyms” was not the success he had planned and there were declining sales in his Health food shops. The Educo dream was now coming close to its sell-by date. There were already exposés in the media on the “scam” nature of his latest attempts to reinvent himself as a “success guru”. It was obvious that the successes claimed for his methods dramatically failed to materialise in the cases of the many not just the few – he was getting desperate and sought again to rebrand his seminars with a new type of seminar in 2009. The decline of Educo accelerated further when the World and the Irish economy slid into massive recession. People who could think of millions were now realising they were only worth pennies. Quinn depended on the weak regulation of banks and financial institutions where people could ask for their obscure loans (for example asking for a loan to buy a car) in order to fund themselves going on the Educo courses. These courses cost a blistering €18,500 for a beginner’s seminar and an outrageous €64,000 for a mind master – connection seminar as he calls them.

Quinn soon realised that oil was a far greater financial prize ultimately than running “success” seminars, a scheme that was beginning to run out of steam and victims. The power and protection that oil wealth could give him, rather than the dubious and shaky business of running success seminars when he himself had no concrete achievements to boast of that would stand up to serious investigation, would free him from having to constantly manipulate and intimidate the current devotees to provide more money and new converts for him. It would also enable him to distance himself from the large and increasing number of unhappy Educoists who were failing to achieve the great success they were led to believe would happen and it would also be easier for him to dump any Educoists who might give him trouble in the future. This lead to a hard stance by Quinn where he became an instant and overnight “authority on the subject of oil and investments” according to his self-promotional attempts to update his threadbare “business” image.

Two major events happened, from the viewpoint of the ordinary Educoist shareholder in the oil company. First, Quinn was taken into the company and is now a key figure in it, a Director and apparently a major shareholder. Dialogue Ireland has received anonymous communication from offshore sites indicating that there has been negative reaction to this within the company. This is hardly surprising, as his lack of knowledge of oil businesses and lack of credibility at boardroom-level business generally (outside of the cult “businesses”) were obvious disadvantages to the discerning business mind.

Quinn now has a foot in both the camp of a business with real assets and a real product (oil) and his other “business” of selling promises that don’t materialise to anyone who is vulnerable or trusting enough to believe them. He still needs to carefully stage-manage his business guru image – a new image he was trying to promote (although we all know he NEVER ran a successful cult-free business in his life) – to maintain his position of power and influence in the cultist Educo group, some members of which are on the board of directors of the oil company while others are influential or valuable to promoting the oil company publicly and Quinn’s position in the oil company. He has to maintain his public front as this “success guru”. Also, he has for many years relied on the worship of devotees who would listen to him as the master and Messiah to feed his psychopathic ego. For the first time ever Quinn was reduced to offering dramatically discounted seminars. He promised free seminars for people to “repeat and update” in the new rebranding, these deals are where if you did the Master’s seminar you got one free.

He attempted to exploit the oil company to promote his Educo business by trying to force shareholders to attend his seminars. This was seen by some oil insiders for what it was, an outright attempt by Quinn to essentially merge the interests of the oil company with his own Educo cult.

The second big event from the point of view of the ordinary Educoist shareholder is that Sheila McCaffrey has vanished from the Educo scene. She is no longer seen at seminars, or in communication with active Educo members about oil or Educo business, or anything else. Instead, her former colleague and friend, Susan Morrice, is promoting oil share sales at Educo seminars (notably at the RDS in January this year) and has taken to threatening Dialogue Ireland. Her behaviour is that of a fundamentalist cult devotee, as shown by her written statements and threats (see later in this document for example) saying that if you opposed Quinn she took it personally and used the resources of the oil company to legally challenge those that voiced reasonable concerns about his cultist mentality.

Next occurred a series of dirty tricks including hacking into personal computers, taking emails and pretending that the emails sent out in hacked fake emails started to appear across the screens. This involved communication with Dialogue Ireland. Also information about the early days of the TQ group was sent out in an email, which points the finger firmly at the Quinn camp for this criminal activity as the information contained was only known by Quinn and the circle of people involved from the ’70’s. This information has been passed to a team of International police for ongoing investigation.

Susan Morrice started writing to Dialogue Ireland claiming just before the TQ update seminar for his members in Dublin at the RDS in January 2009 that we were interfering with the oil company by writing to the members of the company, although we were writing to them in their capacity as Educoists, not as oil company shareholders. These letters were sometimes from solicitors and threatened just like TQ does all the time but it is a puff of smoke and no substance. When did you last see TQ in a court?

In 2009 we then see the level of criminal activity being stepped up by the Quinn camp. They are believed to have had training from the Scientology group on how to keep “the enemy at bay”. Dialogue Ireland witnessed a catalogue of criminal activity including ongoing death threats to its Director and vandalism to its information channel with its website being constantly under professional attack from hackers. One of the most powerful providers was taken down by half a gig per second attacks. This leads to the birth of our new web site:


The attack on the web site is being linked to the other email hackings that have happened and is the subject of an international criminal investigation.

Finally one of our Dialogue Ireland committee members received a copy of a letter which was supposed to have been sent to the Charity Section of the Revenue Commissioners This was accompanied by a series of the hacked emails as well. The Charity Section was phoned by Dialogue Ireland to explain the attempt at disparagement of the work of our Charitable Trust, but had not received the communication. It appears that the letter was sent only as a copy to the Dialogue Ireland committee member as a form of intimidation. Below is the content of the letter:



Telephone: 1303 618 2931

The Charities Section

Office of the Revenue Commissioners


Co. Tipperary

Ireland. 11th February 2009.

Re: Dialogue Ireland, Mr. Mike Garde, Director –

Charity No. CHY 14004

Dear Sirs,

We are currently investigating a number of very serious allegations, which have been made against this Company and its Directors.

We believe that this Charity is involved in activities which are inappropriate to charitable status.

Mr. Mike Garde, a Director of the above named Charity, has been circulating unsolicited and unwelcome e‑mails. We wish to put you on notice that this matter has been placed in the hands of our legal team who will be in touch with you in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Susan Morrice ‑ Chairman.

What is interesting is that INTERNATIONAL NATURAL ENERGY LLC http://ine-energy.com/

is the parent company for BNE, this parent company is based in St Kitts and normally operates out of Denver, Colorado where Morrice and her husband live. However, for this particular communication she chooses to use the Belize address. The telephone number for the company is the personal USA mobile number of Susan Morrice.

Repeated warnings were made via solicitors’ letters to Dialogue Ireland telling us to not attempt to contact people on the oil company, something that we have never set out to do in any case. It is easy to see why they would be so afraid of the truth being told. A very important part of all of this is that Quinn and Morrice have consistently refused to face the shareholders and hold an AGM as laid down by the rules of the Company. This is a source of constant annoyance to the shareholders. The ironic part is that Morrice used the January 2009 Educo meeting at the RDS to do a pitch and update on “the oil” and then goes on to promote shares in the company – only good people really interested in the future of the world that have done seminars should buy!

Susan Morrice, as demonstrated by her shareholder communications in the last 18 months, appears to have lost her ability to exercise critical thought and acts like a puppet of the master – Quinn. On behalf of Dialogue Ireland and the terror campaign she was trying to create for us by corresponding with the Revenue Commissioners I felt the need to respond. I used the opportunity to leave her a voice message on her USA cell phone – “saying her behaviour was bordering on harassment and that we would ask her to desist from involving us in the affairs of the oil company.”

Dialogue Ireland is really focused on exposing Quinn and his dirty tricks, this type of Corporate Governance seems to be failing and we are only interested in the cult activities of TQ and nothing else. I do hope she and her husband return to getting on with oil business and other work, kick Quinn off the board and finally separate from him and his sinister cult activities.

In essence like so many other times over the years Quinn has manipulated the situation and reduced his puppets to a childlike state, constantly provides information that is factually untrue and has created a barrier of lies and deceit in the name of good. Using his messiah status he falsely claims he is doing it in the name of good for the world.

Dialogue Ireland has a large catalogue with a long history regarding Quinn where it has recorded the activities of this Cult leader. Over the years, as director, I have seen so many marriages, and relationships destroyed through TQ’s greed and manipulation. Some good people have misattributed successes of their own to Quinn and have been reduced to the childish state of worship of him.

We do not claim to have all the inside information on Quinn and his activities, but here is space for you to tell the fuller story, or you may have been taken in by Quinn’s oil story and the Educo jaunt. Write about it in glorious colour.

Curiously, a movie called “There will be Blood” was based on themes of “greed, religion and oil” as per the trailers linked here, perhaps Tony Quinn is hoping that Hollywood will finally take an interest in him with this latest venture



April 7, 2009

3 Responses

  1. You are doing great work Dialogue ireland in exposing Quinn , who has destroyed so many people over all those years.
    Those who became involved with him had to devote ALL their time and energy to that moron.
    After a days work,they were expected to distribute yoga leaflets all over the cities for him,and then expected to sleep, squashed like sardines into rooms with bunk beds with no privacy and pay the rent of a single room, no wonder he amassed a fortune in no time.


  2. One Response to “Mission Statement”

    Added here originally in Mission Statement John Janzen, on April 2nd, 2009 at 3:30 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Mennonites in Belize
    Thank you! Read the information about TQ and will make some contacts with the Mennonite Colonies in Belize to get background information and issue warnings…very scary!

    John Janzen
    Low German Coordinator
    MCC Canada
    The Mennonites in Belize to date have no direct contact with the world wide Mennonite
    bodies, hence DI is asking Mennonite Central
    Committee (MCC) to help us contact the Mennonites in Belize.


  3. When shares for Belize Oil were being sold to educoists Educo seminars were also being sold all over the country. Repeated phone calls went out from Mary Power, PA / friend/housekeeper/ex girlfriend to Tony Quinn who said that Tony wanted nothing to do with Belize Oil and was very annoyed that his name was being used in the promotion of it. She stressed that this was coming from “the horse’s mouth” and that people were to have nothing to do with it and NOT TO BUY SHARES. She said that selling seminars was the only thing to be done according to Tony. She assured all concerned seminar agents that Tony would take action to stop these oil share promotions among educoists. Shortly afterwards a letter was sent around signed by Collette Millea, Business Manager to Tony Quinn advising all of us that Tony was not involved with the oil and that he was not supporting the venture. At one of the Sunday meetings she got up on stage and reiterated the fact that Tony was not to be associated with the oil company. Luckily some didn’t listen and got shares. They were being sold at a very low price so the people that bought at this time should make a lot of money. Some obedient followers didn’t buy of course.

    Some time later at a birthday party one of the directors, in a fairly drunken state, approached Tony who shook hands with him and told him he would find the oil.

    Later when Quinn was celebrating his financial deal with the oil company he personally told those gathered in Hick’s tower that the only reason they found the oil is because he shook hands with that director – “that’s how the oil was found”. I guess all the seismic and geological studies and all the people’s hard work over 25 years all culminated in that handshake – yeh that must be it!!!! Go Tony! I wonder how much money those original shareholders have now – the ones who invested when Quinn wouldn’t? Are they also celebrating?


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