On the 7th January 2009, an 8,500 sq.ft. state-of-the
art gym by the name of 'Educogym®'
will be launched in Downtown Los Angeles.
This will be 'The Highest Gym in America'.
It is situated on the 57th Floor of a landmark building,
the U.S. Bank Tower which is
over 1,000 ft. high. email:  
ph: 213-617-8229
Highest Gym  
Educogym® after only 2? years is already a huge success
with 35 gyms worldwide,over 100 trainers and 6,000 clients.
CEO Thurston Pym explains:
'We are changing the industry's focus from warehouse
facilities to real results, for the first time offering
a scientific solution to the overweight epidemic.
With less than twenty minutes of exercise necessary
three times a week and the necessary motivation
and supervision, Educogym®  is set to lead the way to
a new era in health and fitness.'
As a nation we're getting fatter and fatter
and it's not for lack of effort.

More Americans are taking up new diets and
exercise programs than ever before.

Incredibly, statistics show that 95 per
cent of all people who get back into good
shape, will be in even worse shape than
when they started a year later.
Science shows us that as we age
we lose muscle tissue.

This muscle loss leads to a lowered
metabolism - the rate at which you
burn food and fat for energy.

Aerobics and low calorie diets may
help you lose weight initially,
but much of the weight loss can be muscle.

This makes it harder and harder to burnfat
as our metabolism lowers until eventually
the weight piles back on.
The Educogym® system is based on
university research showing that the
average person can actually gains
muscle while burning fat

(gaining 3lbs of muscle and
losing 7?lbs of fat in only 12 days).

It's a careful combination of exercise,
 balanced nutrition and pure concentration.

Without one of these elements,
the system would fail.
The three elements combined
leads to increased muscle,
less fat, increased energy
and a faster metabolism.
A New Era in the Fitness Industry
Focusing on the results,
it was necessary to develop
a new type of gym.

The common 'warehouse' type gym
fails in achieving the necessary results
for many reasons: attendance can
be as low as 10% after a few months,
there is a lack of motivation and
the training program typically does
not address the need to maintainor
increase muscle. At Educogym®,
you receive the advantages of
personal training plus  the benefits
of the group dynamic for a fraction
of the price.

This allows the average person to
benefit from the correct scientific approach.
Appointment based schedule,
personalized programs and closely supervised
training are some of the necessary
unique features to ensure the university

researched results could be replicated.
Thurston adds: 'Firstly, it was necessary
to produce a totally new exercise machine
to allow you to go from one exercise to
another without compromising the intensity
of your workout. This machine allows
any part of the body to be worked at maximum intensity,
in a virtually continuous manner for the duration
of the workout (less than 20 minutes).
Combined with closely supervised training,
a more natural diet and a mental blueprint for success,
the Educogym® system is showing dramatic results'.
 For Businesses
This year, the World Economic Forum issued
a report in conjunction with Pricewaterhouse-Coopers entitled:

'Working Towards Wellness'.
This report revealed shocking
findings relating to the increased
health  and labour costs and decreasing
rate of productivity affecting businesses
in the face of a worldwide
epidemic of chronic disease.
Educogym® is working with many companies
to help improve the general wellness
of their workforce.  Yields are already
showing likely returns of 3:1 or more.
This is based on decreases in healthcare costs,
reductions in indirect costs such as absenteeism
and, most importantly, improved performance
and productivity.  Moreover, the incorporation
of a wellness program enhances the company image,
increasing morale and staff  retention and
 promoting corporate social responsibility.
Educogym® offers customized corporate wellness
packages involving result-driven programs with
detailed reporting and feedback. The corporate
environment can also be evaluated and education
is offered via workshops and email newsletters.
Robert McKeon, MD McKeon Bros., comments:
'I was given three months to get my weight and
cholesterol down and my blood pressure under
control or my insurance company would cancel my policy.
Within four weeks with Educogym®, I lost over 14lbs, 3
inches from my waist and my body fat dropped from 22% to 18%.
I passed my medical and held onto my insurance policy.’
 . Personalized nutrition program
 . Personalized exercise program
 . One-to-one consultations
 . Closely supervised training
 . Continuous assessments and updates
 . Appointment-based
 . Group dynamic environment
 . Allocated certified instructor
 . Specialized exercise machine
 . Goal setting and concentration training
 . Initial membership can start from only three months commitment
Thurston concludes: 'Coming from Ireland, I am so excited to be opening in Los Angeles,
the nerve center of the fitness industry. This has always been a dream for me and is a
milestone on our mission to transform the gym business. The Downtown L.A. location will
be our flagship location'


The new Educogym franchise that is being touted by TQ is the latest in the rip off of the membership. Some approximately 30 gyms are now open – none of which are making money. They are in fact being subsidised by the members. The franchise fee structure, the capital cost and the training costs for the person setting up and all the staff are of course, based around attendance of the Educo seminars.

First you must attend an Educo seminar to be “eligible’ to apply for a franchise

Each person who wants a franchise must pay €25,000 for it

Buy a super machine designed by him at another €25,000

Attend another course in the Bahamas for the Educogym training at an additional €10,000 per person plus all travel and accommodation costs – another €3 to 4,000.

Then each person who works in the Educogym must attend the Educo seminar at another €18,500 plus attend the Educogym training an additional €10,000 per person.

So the EDUCO line TQ pockets amount per gym opening is €120,000 based on two trainers and up to €200,000 ++ depending on the amount of trainers!!! You will be encouraged to attend again and again as we have seen – because you didn’t get it the first time.

If you are an owner of the gym it will be “essential” for success that you attend a minimum of one “Mind Master Seminar” at a cool €64,000 – so that you have the right “mindset” to run this complicated franchise. Now the latest plan have “super” Educo gyms where in addition to franchise costs of setting up, buying his “super” machine and paying him a royalty for each person that comes through the door he is taking a one third of the business. The catch of course is that “he invests,” yes you got it NOTHING. The franchise owner takes the risk of getting the premises, having them refurbished to the “educogym standard” and pays all the overheads. There is not one serious experienced business person who has looked at this plan who says the numbers stack up. How could they?


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