Update: Seminar cancelled…DELAYED?

As you can see TQ has had to put off his seminar till later this month.
A number of Educoists have been contacting us since the seminar in January
about how to get their money back or how they are trying to start living again without the control of the group.

“Really happy with the move. It was just what the doctor ordered. I am surrounded by a good bunch of people. I saw the Sunday World article last Sunday. It was really good. I hope to see more of it.

Hope your good work will continue till he is exposed for what he is.


This not about a couple of thousand Euro of a refund but in some cases are talking about € 100 of thousands. Buyer beware. Also some people are going to pursue a legal remedy using consumer protection law saying that the seminar did not deliver what was claimed. So Quinn’s seminars might be further under threat, and he may soon not be relaxing as he writes now. “Right now I am writing this sitting on the dock beside my boat based in Miami.”

Notice in his attached letter that he is dropping his prices and is even getting concerned about the hotel prices for the people coming. Do not forget you are only using one side of your brain. Beware on the other side of the brain is the side where you have a monkey on your back.
> Dear Good Life Member,
> Please find attached offer to you from Tony for this up coming Beginner Seminar. We have also changed the date to March 14th.
> VENUE: Riu Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas.
> DATE: Fly out day March 14th and fly back day March 28th.
> New Date for Mind Masters: March 28th to April 11th.
> Song of Life: April 11th to April 25th. (No change in this date)
> Please reply as soon as possible by e-mail, or fax.
> FAX: + 353 1 8500494
> PHONE FOR ENQUIRES: + 353 1 8304211
> Yours sincerely,
> Mary Power.

Full letter from Tony Quinn (PDF)

Seminar application form (PDF)

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