Maire Lalor tells of 25 years within the Quinn organisation

Sunday World 3rd March 2009

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By Nicola Tallant

A WOMAN who spent over 25 years in mind guru Tony Quinn’s inner circle today lifts the lid on his bizarre world and tells how she had a “healing” sex fling with the man she thought was the ‘Messiah’. The former devotee also reveals how she followed the 62 year-old former butcher religiously until she realised he was more obsessed with his growing bank balance than spiritual matters.

Maire Lalor from Waterford says she believed that Quinn was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and had three ‘healing’ sex sessions with him. But she says his greed for money and power forced her to see the light and realise that his ‘Educo’ system is nothing more than a mind-bending cult.

Maire who quit the group last year and walked away from a lifetime of devotion to Quinn is telling her story today in a bid to help others see the ‘Millionaire Messiah’ for what he really is. She says she has been subjected to a campaign of bullying and harassment since she left and now wants to fight back for her reputation and good name.

“I devoted my life to Tony Quinn. Like others, I genuinely believed that he way the Messiah and was going to lead us to spiritual freedom. I bought into it hook line and sinker. I sold his €18,500 seminars and his €63,500 seminars to hundreds of people because I really believed they were life changing. I re-mortgaged my own home to attend them. But now I can see the truth. Quinn isn’t interested in any-thing but money and power” she says.

Maire who lives with husband Pat and their children in Waterford first met Quinn in 1982 when she attended his yoga classes in Dublin. She was instantly taken in by the smooth-talking charmer who convinced her and others that he knew the path to fulfilment.

“He was massively charismatic. After the classes he would give a talk and people would shake and swoon. It was quite amazing. He urged us to feel the energy within us and you could really get this sensation inside you. When you closed your eyes the feeling, he calls ‘the energy’ was very strong. I loved it. It was the way he spoke and the eye contact he made with us. He seemed to have so much empathy with us and with the world. He seemed to offer a purpose to life and knew how to help us become fulfilled people.”

At 23, Maire had started dating one of Quinn’s most devoted followers, Vincent Hartford, and began attending group seminars at his commune in Howth.

“I think it cost £50 for the weekend of yoga and relaxation which involved talks from Quinn about God and spiritual openness and life. It was wonderful and over the weekend Quinn would lay his hands on us. He spoke of Atlantis and past lives. He was mesmerising when he spoke. I know now that he was using deep relaxation techniques and hypnosis but at the time we all thought he was the Messiah. He could see I was taken in and told me I was a very competent and unique person and that felt really good. I got more and more involved and quit my job to work for him full-time. I would run the shop at his yoga classes and at the seminars I would help to make the food and look after those who attended. We started to travel around the
country running workshops and yoga.”
In 1984, Maire gave birth to her first child, Javey, but her devotion to Quinn never wavered.

“When he was 10 days old I left him with my parents and went to Dundalk to help with a workshop. He ended up in hospital and I was away. That was the story of Javey’s life. I always put Quinn first because I was obsessed with him and who I believed him to be. He was my God.”

Maire says that Quinn strongly promoted the belief that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and one of his closest followers was Moses.

“He spoke of Atlantis and how he had been there in his past life. He told us of his plan to train healers and send them out across the world, of the shops he planned to open that would change the world, of his blueprint that would only bring good news and of the millions that would turn up to his seminars. We all believed he would save the world. We were his disciples and we believed our devotion was for the greater good. I believed my devotion was going to create a better world for my son, for our future and that I would be saved. I never told my family that I believed this man was the re-incarnation of Jesus but they knew I was totally dedicated to him.”

As Quinn’s popularity increased so too did his business empire. He opened his gym in Eccles Street which became his international headquarters. Followers would send money in envelopes to the office for ‘absent healing’ and the seminars became more focused on the fixing of problems and ill-health. He bought Hicks Tower in
Malahide where he and his closest followers moved while others stayed at the original Howth commune.

Around this time a special seminar was held for over 70 people to train them to become ‘healers’. Maire and other ‘healers’ travelled the country to hold their own classes all the while promoting and selling the Quinn philosophy and his summer seminars in Dublin. They hand-delivered his ‘Blueprint’ free newspaper which promoted his philosophy of healthy living and spiritual contentment from Donegal to

“It took up so much time. We got no wages. We wanted to do it – it was part of that bigger plan to save the world. In my mind I was doing the right thing for the world and my Messiah while working on my own spirituality. At Hicks Tower, Quinn had his own quarters and we didn’t see him that much. When we did we would all wait
for him to speak and when he did we could stand mesmerised for any length
of time listening to him.”

In 1992, Maire’s devotion to Quinn was to move up a gear. The year was a watershed for her which started in May when a personal incident left her deeply upset. In her distraught state she asked a close friend to inform Quinn.

“One of Quinn’s followers was sent to tell me that Quinn wanted to see me. For some reason I felt fearful at the thought of seeing him. I was taken to Quinn’s private quarters where he told me I had been possessed by an evil spirit. “He stayed up all night talking to me and calmed me down. I asked him if there was a spirit in the room taking care of me and he said: ‘Yes’. I believed in what he was doing and felt myself calm down. I felt like I was in very safe hands and after that I wanted spiritual peace even more than ever.”

Quinn told Maire to eat pears to rid her of her ‘possession but told her she was close to reaching spiritual enlightenment – a state he said was attained when the personality was broken down. Months later Maire was in the kitchen at Hicks Tower when she started a conversation with Quinn. He asked her to go upstairs to his private quarters for a chat where she claims the first of three bizarre sexual encounters took place.

“I don’t remember everything about it but I was extremely upset afterwards. I spoke to some of his closest associates and one, in particular, told me it was about ‘breaking down my personality and connecting with my spirit’. Did I swallow that? At the time yes. This was a man who had told us that he knew where Jesus and Buddha went wrong and he wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as them – he was going to save the world.”

Still confused about the encounter, Maire requested to see Quinn himself. His secretary Mary Power arranged a meeting, again at Quinn’s private quarters, at Hicks Tower.

“When I got there I told him I was confused. He pointed to the floor and told me that it was OK for me to adore him. I remember him telling me: ‘I may upset you and hurt you but I can’t damage you’. It was the first I had heard of that.”

Months later Maire decided to put the experiences behind her and got engaged to her future husband Pat whom she had met on an earlier seminar.

“I told Pat about it in a round about way and said that Tony had done stuff but that it was for my own good. I decided to write to Tony and tell him we were getting married.” she says.

As the wedding approached, Maire says she was contacted and asked to go to Malahide for a meeting with Tony.

“Before it I was told by someone close to Tony that I was in trouble for opening my mouth. Quinn told me I must break all contact with him and his centres. I was shocked as I was working as a relaxation therapist in Mullingar and thought I would be carrying on in Waterford when I relocated there after I got married. He claimed that some reporters had got their hands on a story that would ruin my life, and my family and boyfriend would have nothing more to do with me.”

“He said not to worry that he had paid them off but it was better that I never talk to him again. If, in future, anyone should ring me asking any questions about him I needed to know that it was actually my life that would be ruined and it was me they would write about. I couldn’t understand what it was about. I had always been
a very open person and my family had always known what I had done, good and bad. I wondered what this terrible thing could possibly be.”

“I left the house that day and was to have no more involvement with him. Looking back it is obvious that he was worried that I had been talking to people about what had happened and he didn’t want that. He wanted to cut me off and scare me.”

The warning didn’t deter Maire from her Messiah and, fuelled by her equally devoted husband Pat, the couple continued to keep in touch with their ‘religion’ while they settled down to married life after their wedding in February 1993. Over the proceeding five years the couple began their family and attended regular meetings held by Quinn’s ‘Educo’ followers in Ireland.

“I believed that what had happened was to do with my failings and not Quinn’s. I stayed away a bit more because I was instructed to do so and not because I wanted to. Also my son Javey was very much involved as his father was one of Quinn’s biggest devotees and lived in his Malahide house.”

In the meantime, a massive metamorphosis was to happen in the world of Quinn and he was to transform himself from a little known Irish spiritual guru into an international sensation. In 1993 he moved to the Bahamas where he began running seminars in the sun at the cost of £15,000 a session claiming he was doing university research.

In hurricane season he moved the seminars to Monte Carlo, LA, Egypt and Agadir in Morocco. Back home his followers were offered commissions of £2,000 for everyone they signed up to the fortnightly sessions with the guru and a controversial pyramid scheme, which he claimed had come ‘from the light’, got underway.

For those who signed up, the promise was one of spiritual happiness and business success and to unblock the mind of negative thoughts. Hundreds signed over their money to spend time in his presence and learn his Educo techniques. In 1995, he began working with Steve Collins in the run-up to his WBO world title clash with Chris Eubank garnering huge publicity on the way.
Quinn described himself as Collins ‘mental coach’ and boasted after his victory that he had hypnotised him to feel no pain.

By 1998 when Maire’s husband Pat Lalor decided to dig deep and attend a Quinn seminar in the Bahamas for spiritual enlightenment the couple raised the money from their home. His fee, like all others, was paid to a company based in Jersey, Human Potential Researches Limited, which operates under the trading umbrella company Baringo.

Within months Maire attended a seminar in the Bahamas herself and on it saw Quinn for the first time in years. “Things had changed a lot,” she says. “Most of the old group were gone and some new people were now involved.”

On the seminars he devoted time to talks on ‘financial freedom’ and vigorously promoted it. It was to be attained through the sale of his seminars back home and Maire decided it was the key for her to re-gain her position as a working devotee and re-pay the cost of the two seminars.

“He sold it very well. He very much spoke about his concept of ‘OPM’ or Other People’s Money. He cited the fact that Henry Ford never spent a penny of his own money, nor did Onassis and that this was the way to encourage people to borrow money for seminars.” she said.

On returning to Ireland she got her agent’s pin number from HPR and set herself up as an agent.

“Over the years there were changes in the structure of commissions but as always it came from the ‘light’. At the start the commission was £2,000 then it changed to a two layered scheme where we got £2,000 from each person we sent and £2,000 from each person they sent. I believed with all of my heart the best thing I could do for people was to put them in front of Quinn so I was a passionate promoter. I stood and talked from the heart about Quinn and all he could do for people and the world. I spoke about an occasion where I was in a car crash outside Hicks Tower and Quinn came to me and to the hospital. He used his ‘techniques’ to ensure I didn’t feel pain. I used this story constantly and I am embarrassed now to say that I embellished it.”

After the euro came in as the new currency Quinn changed again from the two layered scheme and currently sales reps get one single payment of €5,000 for each client they send on an €18,500 seminar. In total, Maire herself attended six seminars – two of which were the more costly €63,500 upper level seminars while Pat did three and one upper level costing them a six figure sum. Members of her family also did seminars encouraged by Maire.

“Around this time about 20 of us were called to a meeting in Hick’s Tower by Quinn. It was a strange meeting. When one of those present went on his knees asking Quinn to heal him, people started falling off their chairs, throwing themselves on the floor, some laughed hysterically, others cried. It was spontaneous and dramatic, an incredible reaction and that feeling of ‘energy’ was very strong. One woman literally went flying across the floor and ended face down on the floor at his feet. Quinn told us that the world was destined to be saved by a group of people and that this responsibility rested on the shoulders of those present in the room. He was not happy about how things were progressing and told us that if we didn’t come up to the mark then he would do it on his own. Some of the people in the room who were really upset by this. I left that room convinced that he was who we thought he was, Jesus Christ, and I felt that I had to try harder but it wasn’t easy.”

While she says she continued to believe Quinn’s message, she became concerned when people returning from the seminars constantly told her it wasn’t what they were told it would be.

“The seminars no longer seemed to reflect the spiritual aspect that had drawn me in the first place and which was what I was trying to get others to experience. It became clear by about 2007 that people were deeply unhappy. In my opinion the emphasis was now being put on Quinn’s fame, power and financial status. I was at one point told by one of his closest assistants that the main goal now was to make him rich and famous so he could become a beacon to inspire others. I was becoming more disillusioned with it. When I really questioned myself I realised that I had had suspicions and doubts for a long time but over the years I had always pushed them away. I had believed in him. I believed he was the re-incarnation of Jesus Christ. I believed it when he said he could change the weather. I believed it when, every time something tried to come against him that ‘gremlins’ were trying to stop him succeeding in his purpose. I believed he could heal people and the world. I believed it when he said he could see our past and future in our ‘auras’. I believed it when he told us the things he ‘remembered’ about Atlantis. Now as I really started to look at it properly for the first time I realised that this was nothing more than a money making business and there was only one person getting rich while many others were getting in trouble financially, including ourselves.”

After 25 years within Quinn’s inner circle, Maire found her new realisations frightening and overwhelming.

“I had this palpable fear that if I was wrong I was going to hell. I considered that maybe I was the reincarnation of Judas! When I opened up to my son Javey, who had studied philosophy for four years in Trinity, I was shocked to find that he had never bought into the Quinn ideal. I was stunned to realise that he had waited most of his life to have this conversation and that was what opened my eyes to how strong my devotion had been to Tony Quinn – that I was so defensive when it came to him that nobody could have spoken to me. Without Javey I don’t know what would have happened to me. I also sought help from psychologists, counsellors and experts in the field of cults.”

Six months later Maire and her family met Tony Quinn at his request. They said how they felt and asked that the ‘guru’ return the money they had given as he had, they believed, ‘falsely’ represented himself to them.

“From that day an already heart-breaking situation has turned into an even more difficult one. All kinds of things are being said to me and about me and my family. I have received messages telling me that the Gardai were coming to my door, anonymous emails saying I made sexual advances to Tony Quinn a few months ago and claiming that I am in a conspiracy with others to blackmail him. I can see now how mesmerised I was with my belief in Quinn. I understand now that is how the cult mindset works.”

I have no other means of communicating my story to the people I have influenced. I am taking this opportunity to tell my story in the hope that people will connect with what I am saying.”

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  1. I have only just read this. It is a very powerful testimony. The power of Maire Lalor is remarkable.

    I was never a member but I have discovered someone who worked for Human Potential Research Ltd between 2003 and 2005 smeared me and committed perjury in 2006. They appeared at the Summit in 2010. They may have also been at Monte Carlo in 2002.

    I also knew Babu Shah who recruited them when we all 3 worked together in Enterprise Oil in the late 90s in London. I suspect there was another with the surname Creed.

    My accuser’s brother Mange was running an Educo guest-event in May this year, 2020.

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  2. I know Tony Quinn and his ‘top brass’ use hypnosis. I know this because I experienced it when the pressure was on to attend a seminar. I know they influence people particularly if it means making money out of them or getting them to work for Tony Quinn. I also have learnt, because of the debilitating effects of what they did to shut me up, that they cause a lot of trauma in a person’s life to protect themselves.
    I believe Maire Lalor is telling the truth. I was approached in a very seductive manner. I had no interest in him so it did not go any further. It did not stop him from trying again. Many of the women who attended Quinn’s seminars are aware that Tony Quinn approached women for sex. I was also informed by a friend, back in the late 80’s, that another quinnite was asked to leave because she refused to go on her knees and adore him. I have very good reason to believe this.
    I have great admiration for Maire for telling the truth about what happened to her and I also think that many more should be open about what happened to them. We need to inform the public and put a stop to Tony Quinn’s criminal behaviour.


  3. Hi there,
    Just a few comments to ad here. Firstly i met marie lalor in monte-carlo in july 2002. To be honest with all the tony quinn stuff and all marie i found you to be a very ignorant person as well as your husband. In relation to tony quinn the foundations of people falling all over the place are not untrue but the course is not all it is made up to be. As far as marie looking for money as is the case id say the fact that because of her attitude i believe that she deserved to lose all of her money and now i hope her attitude might alter but as she is looking for a pay day i guess not much has changed. Also if tony quinn is guilty of the above mentioned accusations then i believe his day will come. Apologies if this hurts one or both of the above mentioned parties but some truth had to be said here.


  4. EDUCO gym is a scam , i’ve been physical training 20 years + and hold a honours degree . the name EDUCO is a joke because it does anything BUT educate the participant . It is simply designed to extract money from the public , with promises of hugh fat losses and massive muscle gains in 2 weeks with 20 minutes a day . it’s a joke . No warm up . all machines .low carb diet . instructor’s have 2 week training course behind them . it’s a joke . It’s aimed at people who have 395 euros burning a hole in there pocket and want the magic bullets to weight loss . it’s a scam .

    Simply another money making scheme from the Mighty Quinn.

    and another thing . if he is so enlightened , why does he need to rip off the shareholders of his oil company to the tune of 5 millions to add to his 50 million . what a scum bag , But credit where credit is due , he is a Good marketing mind .


  5. One thing is clear from reading the comments above. Most of the people who wrote these are full of hate and anger. Whaoo people get a life! One thing for sure is that people who go on with such nasty slandering must be pretty sad.
    Imagine any truly peaceful, successful, happy person going on with such slurry. It doesn’t happen! Happy people live and let live.
    Haven attended Tony’s meetings hundreds of times I never once hear him or his helpers once say anything nasty about this sad people who seem to have nothing better to do but to write nonsense. Real men/ women don’t bitch and slander they just live and let live!
    My advice live and let live!


  6. The day tony Quinn XXX! I will be smiling with the biggest grin on my face! He is a con man! He and his followers feed on the vulnerable and bleed them dry of there money! I wait patiently to hear of XXXXXhisXXX! Good riddance to him.

    DI Moderation. Text modified. No personal attacks. Please address the issues around his behaviour!

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  7. Tony Quinn/Educo is a rip off merchant, his gym in eccles st was good but this seminar crap is unbelievable, how anybody falls for it i never know!!! I often laugh at how the fitnes instructor came in the shower having a conversation with a dude bollock naked, trying to get him to go on a seminar – i even felt uncomfortable in the shower next to them, mental lol
    Andt hen theres Thursten, dear oh dear – delusional aint the word!!


  8. I really feel for you Marie I have attended two seminars one 18500euros and the more expensive one I think it was around 63 thousand I did get a good education on the first one, the second one was a total rip of. Thank god I was able to tell others the real truth , I did enjoy the people I met and taking time to study the material, but I have done other courses where I have greatly benefited from as well.I do believe that some people have got so caught up with TQ and I do believe he has a hold over them.They would continually repeat seminars and fall deeper into debt just to be close to TQ as they believe he is special and indeed they would work 24hrs a day for him without pay, something HE would never do for others. One thing most people have in common that still hang around TQ is no money, their life doesn’t reflect what they are promoting.If anyone is still hanging around TQ after A couple of years I believe they have become dependent on him and that’s exactly where he wants them.People have got to realise the material he uses is not his regardless of what he tells you lift up any book The Science of Getting Rich for example.BE REALLY TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF that is all it takes every letter you receive from Educo is only another ploy to keep you hooked.

    awakened 22 November 2011 11PM


  9. Ive heard Tony the phoney’s Kim Jung il.!


  10. Hi,
    I find Maire Lalor’s version of event totally credible. I attended ‘healing classes’ at eccles st. and raheny in the late 80’s and went on one seminar in Malahide. Most people felt that he had something which I was happy to regard as plausible. I always felt it was a bit of a rip-off. At the seminar I was amazed at the deference directed towards him. He did a bit of ‘slaying in the spirit’ while there – touching people in the back of the neck who then dropped to the floor and went into some sort of a trance and later described some sort of out-of-body experience. I felt that it was being hinted at by some that he was a manifestation of Christ although nobody said so directly. I was also surprised at how some men seemed to parrot his not all too intellectual philosophy and also seemed to try and talk like him. Many women also, I felt, had a particular style which I believe he favoured – Beta-carotened tans, long hair, lightish blue eyeshadow, toned musculature. A colleague and his wife were very much devotees and we (other staff) frequently saw testimonials in ‘Educo’ or ‘Blueprint for Living’ which we judged to be exaggerated accounts of how ‘absent healing’ had worked for them and their family members.
    I remember hearing of a ‘clear-out’ of devotees who had lived at Howth and worked for the organisation. Also, I am very curious to find out what happened with a scheme where devotees were encouraged to buy ‘shares’ in the company. I remember vividly walking through a ‘share holders’ meeting in Eccles St. when I was going for a massage on one occasion. I think there is at least a major lack of integrity involved in the entire operation, unless the perpetrator is genuinely delusional, and not just with the man himself. Maire Lalor is brave to go so public on this but contributed to many others being ripped off as did many other higher ranking ‘devotees’. What has happened since with legal proceedings?

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  11. does anyone not get it?
    Quinn is using our own need to feel love and protected, The thing is HE thinks he is the chosen one! No human being is.
    I have lived through many traumas in my life and am still living and surviving. NOT through getting myself in debt for Quinn, but simply by my own faith & spirit guide.
    My belief in myslelf charges nothing.


  12. I know it was “willingly” because she said it. Maire Lalor states in the article above that she “genuinely believed” what Quinn was saying. The man isn’t super-human(despite what ms. Lalor believed) , he does not have magic powers. she believed what he was saying and payed for the privilege of hearing it, she may choose to describe herself as having been “mesmerised” but you can’t “hypnotise” someone into doing something they don’t want to. If you could the banks would be cleared out.

    Upset? Merely incredulous(not angry). All I see is a woman making accusations for a payout. It’s nothing new; from what I’ve seen about Quinn on Dialogue Ireland he’s an easy target.


  13. thank u for your message. One of the things I could not believe as someone reading all this stuff was the notion that the group of people involved with Tony Quinn would ridicule people who speak against them. You have single handedly cleared that one up. You confirmed that you are “all ready for a good laugh” – “at Maire’s expense of course”. I think dialogue ireland will be able to explain why you would behave in such a manner.

    thanks for the testimony. anyone else got some examples for us?


  14. “willingly” – and you know this how?

    Looks like we have another angry person here? Why are you so upset by it all?


  15. I’m reading this after seeing a report in the Independent on Sunday 10 January about it and I have to say the two stories don’t add up. According to the indo report Ms Lalor is accusing Quinn of “damages for sexual assault and for allegedly procuring sexual relations with her against her will”, “assault and battery, allegedly obtaining money by false pretences and alleged fraudulent misrepresentation” and “intentional or careless infliction of mental suffering”.

    From the Sunday World article above(March 2009) however she claims to have spent hundreds of thousands on these “seminars”, believed Quinn to be Christ incarnate and imagined herself to be Judas Iscariot , an exact quote being “He was my God”. She willingly maintained these beliefs for 25 years and now all of a sudden it’s “assault, battery and the infliction of mental suffering”?

    Pull the other one! Your realisation times itself nicely with the recession, not to mention the fact that these claims are far more telling of your character than his.


  16. From the list above the ones still hanging in there are: Tom Mc Kenna (divorced and unemployed). Mary Power, spinster, housekeeper, personal assistent, cook, bootle washer. Martin and Margaret Forde divorced. Vincent Harford bachelor, estranged from daughter all her life, fighting divorce case for over a decade, unemployed, ill and now estranged from son.


  17. Maire,
    I think your story above is written in a calm and balanced way. I admire your courage. I know something about the Tony Quinn scene from a long time ago. I can appreciate the huge conflict and feeling of betrayal that go along with walking out the gate and speaking the truth.

    Well done.

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  18. Hi from an original member of the tony quinn yoga 1969 group,his real name is patrick quinn, but he changed it not to be mixed up with the pat quinn of quinnsworth or superquinn

    His parents Kathleen and Pat quinn were loving kind people.

    He is self educated and a clever man,i was 20 when i came accross him in 1969. i introudced my friends and family into his teachings because they were simple and loving.

    However this all began to change when he introduced inner circle groups. which told us how to live and behave. i forgot to mention i lived in the commuine for nine years.


    Tom mc Kenna Winnie Scully
    marie tom lawlor
    rose rita
    kaye karl healy
    martin margaret forde
    mariom kelly
    sharon yonge
    mary power
    elaine maidment
    joe mc namara
    owen dawson
    michael dillon
    phillip stavely
    tom dolan r.i.p
    brendan clifford
    peader cox
    martin henihan
    ned daly
    vincent harford
    ann mulvany

    all of the above are lovely

    most of the above people left in discust at his sexual degrading behavour and his distaste and disrespect of woman.there are still a few diehards who today are making money on the backs of woman in particuler who are vulnerable.

    i have seven notebooks for nine years recording every workshop he gave.

    regards x devotee


  19. If any woman in right mind had a sexual encounter that
    she felt was wrong or out of her control the right thing
    would be go to the gardi straight away and report it. I bet you would not ever want to see the person who did this to you again.But to pay to be in his company again
    and i dont care if it was the Bahamas HELLO.Would ye all get a grip and live in the real world,where the rest of us poor uninspired pleebs can think of better things to do with 18K,like get a new car,pay for childcare,bills,FAMILY holiday.You guys must be so flush.Ihave no sympthay sorry.


  20. Boy where have you been over the last few months? I think you will read these words of yours with the smile off your face next Monday.
    Of course, she won’t be there, nor will you if the blizzard hits town as predicted. Tony might have to come in by Dart and can say it was a success when only a hand full
    of people appear. Tony sick rushed back to the Bahamas! Not sure I will be out protesting this year, but wish all the Educoists well even those who are coerced to go!


  21. Another Maire Lalor classic. Keep up the good work. The good life Club is meeting next Sunday and we are all ready for a good time and a good laugh – at Maire’s expense of course.
    See you there Maire.


  22. Hi Maire,

    Firstly, I do think it takes some courage to stand up and change your mind on what you’ve spend most of your life believing.

    However, I believe your reasoning is flawed and I believe you have a misrepresented idea about how he is. I attended some of the Educo talks you gave and always thought you had Tony on so high a pedestal that you could barely see him. To be honest, I thought your adoration of him was quite scary. When you spoke about him with such reverence, I couldn’t wait for you to finish speaking. Yes he’s a smart guy but I never thought he was the reincarnation of a religious figure (nor do the level headed people I know who’ve attended his course)

    I wouldn’t call myself a “follower” of his. Because the newspapers go on about it so much, I’ve genuinely asked myself many times whether or not he is a cult leader. I don’t believe he is.

    I’m not all that interested in him as a person but I do think he is insightful and makes a lot of sense. I’ve read many different books on psychology, self help, buddhism and was brought up a catholic. In my opinion there is a lot of common ground in many teachings. Tony seems to have a knack for explaining things in a way which make it easier to understand.

    I don’t find him “mesmerizing”. I listen to what he says and decide whether or not its useful to me. I don’t take things hook line and sinker and have not agreed with everything he says.

    I cringe when people talk about him being anything more than human. Like every other person I’ve ever met in my life he has his faults. However the media seems to like to focus on any sort of fault and use it as proof that he’s a selfish, bad person. I think this is unfair, and poor journalism.

    I read the Sunday World article about him being the Playboy prince of Monaco. I couldn’t find anything of substance in the article. The gist of it seemed to be: “look at him off there living it up in flashy Monte Carlo while the rest of us back here in Ireland are struggling.” It was the most baseless piece of begrudgery I’d read in a long time. (For anyone who has read Atlas Shrugged, it was like the article the State Science Institute wrote about Henry Rearden) I was quite disappointed that begrudgery appeared to still be alive and well in Ireland.

    Many people who have commented on him base their opinion about what they read in the newspapers. The newspapers generally only want to hear about disgruntled stories and have refused to publish many positive accounts. I don’t think that anyone who hasn’t personally met him can fully make their mind up about what sort of person he is.

    I can unequivocally say that my life is better for the seminar I attended many years ago. I don’t really get involved with his organisation but I have taken many of his teachings, applied them to my life and benefited greatly.
    I just felt it was important to add another point of view to this dialogue.



  23. Great read, you can always learn something new about forex!


  24. I wonder if the past lives of the Tony Quinn family are all that clean. For those who are making wild statements about all they good they done, they really need to do research on this and see if it is REALLY true. There is alot of questionable behaviour that has went on with family members in the Jesuits and close associations of Quinn have been questioned by the Gardai for crime related activities. So before everyone says all sorts be sure of the facts. This guy has a mucky background, he is mucky and those that surround themselves with him are very mucky doing his dirty work. That is the facts, check them out for yourselves.


  25. Thank God his parents are not around to see their pride and joy is the Irish Jim Jones, you better watch out what he is putting in the protein powder. When Jones town was about to fall Jim Jones ordered everyone to die so they could reach enlightenment. TQ educo castle is about to come crashing down around him very soon. Maybe the next new years eve party in hicks tower, as all the educoist travel from far and wide to attend might be the scene of Irish Jones town. If the champagne taste bitter DON’T drink run away…………………………………


  26. You say Mr. Q is motivated by money. He came from
    a very honest loving working class family. His parents
    were very unmaterialistic. They supported him in his choice of career which he is fanatical about. They ere wonderful people. PEACE


  27. a


  28. why does Quinn not want to pay taxes like the rest of us?
    Greed is no doubt his middle name.
    Why is it that relatives of those who joined him were not welcomed into his houses,and they were encouraged to cut ties with families.
    He had something to hide-alot to hide.


  29. To anonymous who wrote on May 5th re my “bitterness” my being “dillusional” and my being “completely stupid”. Wow thanks for that. I personally know a lot of people like yourself who went on one seminar and who would find what I wrote hard to believe. I am genuinely happy that you (and many of the people I myself persuaded to go) got what they needed for their 18,500 euro! I also agree that learning how to use your mind is fascinating and enlightening to those of us who need such an education. I believe wholeheartedly in the whole “draw out from within” concept. I try to raise my children to rely on it and to know and stand true to what moves them.

    But what you must understand is that my history and my experiences are as I described them. I have not lied nor have I attacked anyone who is or has been involved with Mr Quinn. I still have friends very involved with his organisation and we have the maturity not to get into it when we meet.

    In your experience you have never heard this talk of Jesus Christ etc etc but you must no assume, just because you didn’t witness it, that it didn’t happen. I have much evidence that says different. You are right, I became fanatical and unrealistic as many of us did in the early days. If you read my story you will see a clear description as to when he changed his whole approach.

    I congratulate you on having the sense not to put him on a pedestal and I would say that you are blessed to not give a care if he is proven to be a fraud. You are lucky. I, and many others, have a different experience. Other than that all I can say is that if your only advice is to tell me to get a grip of myself, and rather aggressively at that, then I am glad that it was not someone like you that I turned to for help or God knows what state I would be in now. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. I admire you maire lalor for having the courage to leave and better still to speak out about Quinn and his set up .He appears to be a sociopath. Such people are devious and everything is for THEIR needs and not a care for anyone else.
    What is that guy quinn contributing to human kind?
    Is he helping the starving ,the orphans ,the senile ,etc.etc?
    No.But he is taking from the WEAK, the VULERNABLE who are in search of a focus in life and uses and abuses them for his own ends.


  31. Yes, of course she would have a right to be bitter if that story was all true.

    Care to explain what portion you believe to be untrue?

    But that doesn’t mean you have to put the teacher on some kind of pedestal and have your happiness depend on that person.

    Unfortunately, a lot of ‘teachers’ are very good at getting just such a response from their victims.

    The benefits are simply practical ways of using your mind to its best potential in every day life. Getting the most out of yourself, which let’s face it most of us don’t do. There’s nothing airy-fairy about that.

    Nothing too specific about it either which was the criticism. Compare your comment to some reviews of Dianetics taken from Amazon:

    Since learning about the reactive mind, I can see it instantly in others, and myself. When people get angry, and spew from their mouth things they can’t even remember afterwards because it is a ‘tape from their mind’ from a similar situation that invoked it, this was brilliant. I now watch myself, and correct it much quicker than ever before, and as a result has given me a more peaceful existence. I ran the drills with my husband, and I totally got how it worked, and a major win. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to follow the steps, and actually help yourself and others to detect issues, and clear them.

    This book is not vague and it makes sense. Everything written makes sense. As you read through it, you start realizing the truth in what is written and you can see examples of it in your own life. It is actually applicable and I found that I could actually use what I read to help better my life.

    You accuse me of advertising because my opinion differs from yours, so it’s probably a waste of time for me to continue this conversation!

    It is hard for someone to play the victim in this way given the magnitude of testimony Marie has given. Our opinion does differ – I don’t think it is right that Quinn defrauds people. If that is a reason for you to discontinue this conversation then that is your choice. I won’t be able to bring myself to feel bad over it.


  32. Yes, of course she would have a right to be bitter if that story was all true.

    “Teachings” – freudian slip? Of course you can’t COMPLETELY seperate teachings from a teacher, you’re going to associate what you learn with the person you learn it from. But that doesn’t mean you have to put the teacher on some kind of pedestal and have your happiness depend on that person.

    The benefits are simply practical ways of using your mind to its best potential in every day life. Getting the most out of yourself, which let’s face it most of us don’t do. There’s nothing airy-fairy about that.

    You accuse me of advertising because my opinion differs from yours, so it’s probably a waste of time for me to continue this conversation!


  33. I have to say I think you are either completely delusional or completely bitter.

    She is bitter. Think about it – if you got suckered to the same level you would be bitter too. She has every right in the world to feel bitter and has every right in the world to freely express that bitterness, and the reasons to why.

    But it shouldn’t be about the teacher, it should be about the teachings themselves.

    It is kind of hard to separate the two given that it is Tony’s charisma that suckers people in, and also given that the ‘teachings’ (Freudian slip?) aren’t available unless you hand over a wad of cash.

    it wouldn’t change the fact that what I learned was useful and practical information.

    I can reference so many scams where people loudly proclaim benefits – but they are never specific about what those benefits are.

    There’s nothing crazy about teaching people how to use their minds


    So – now that you have attacked the critic, and sneaked in an advert or two, do you really think this person wasn’t royally ripped-off?


  34. This is MENTAL!! I have to say I think you are either completely delusional or completely bitter. And even if you were neither of those things, and everything you said was true, then you were in fact completely stupid and somehow I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve been to many Tony Quinn talks and one seminar and I hate to burst your bubble, but nobody I ever met was “mesmerised” when he was talking or thought he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ; nobody was as fanatical as this! There’s nothing crazy about teaching people how to use their minds, god knows we need it in this society. The only way you can get hurt is if you put whoever is teaching these things on a pedestal as you clearly did, because then you become fanatical and unrealistic. But it shouldn’t be about the teacher, it should be about the teachings themselves. If I found out today that Tony Quinn was a fraud I wouldn’t be hugely bothered because I don’t view him as a god or anything other than a human being like everyone else, and because it wouldn’t change the fact that what I learned was useful and practical information. So please, get a grip of yourself!!


  35. Dear Mrs. Lawlor:

    I apologise if I offended you. It was not my intention.
    I hope you find peace in your life. We all need peace in this troubled world. I dont know what else to say to
    you that could undo the hurt my comments have caused you.

    The TQ organizations is like the words from the eagles song “YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANY TIME BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE”


    Love Peace


  36. Unlike yourself I am not unwilling to print my name.

    With the exception of the above quoted comment, I fully agree with everything you said.

    It may not be much solace for your experiences, but when people who have been wronged in the way you have speak about their experiences they help prevent others from that same fate. Organisations like Tony Quinn can only survive within a culture of silence. I applaud and support anyone who is willing to break that silence for the good of us all.


  37. Yes indeed, I know all about the women falling at his feet. He told me in colourful detail about the antics of the women who came to him. Some of them have a slightly different story but it is not for me to tell it! He has put the word out that I propositioned him six months ago! Give me a break! Unlike yourself I am not unwilling to print my name. By the way I would not class physical vilolence as a means to help anyone and it certainly did not help me. You make many assumptions.

    At the moment there have been letters and e mails floating around full of information about me – anonymous of course. The word put out at the moment is that I was paid for my story. Indeed I was NOT and I have not taken a penny payment of any kind to speak openly of my experiences. There are lots of things that could not be published in the article by Nicola Tallant for legal reasons. But she has the statement I made to the authorities and I have left a written record of many many events with my lawyers.

    I don’t know where you are coming from writing your comment. You seem to know all about the women “falling at his feet”. Do you need help yourself? As to answer your question if it is a genuine question – why Tony would bother with me? Maybe you should ask him as I suspect you know quite a bit? Maybe it’s because he likes big women? I honestly don’t know why he “bothered” with me – I just sincerely regret that he did.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. u say he’s only interested in money but he is fanatically interested in health and fitness. He constantly researches diet and exercise. PEACE LOVE ITS A BEAUTIFUL WORLD

    That would be somewhat easier to believe without the €18,500 and €63,000 price tags. It would also be easier to believe if there wasn’t a trail of debt and broken families among his ex-followers.


  39. u say he’s only interested in money but he is fanatically interested in health and fitness. He constantly researches diet and exercise. PEACE LOVE ITS A BEAUTIFUL WORLD


  40. Power, control, need to exploit….


  41. Why would Tony bother with you if he did not wish to help you. He had women falling at his feet


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