10th Feb 2009 – NEWS FROM Tvind Alert

BBC TV set to expose Planet Aid in Birmingham this week

The BBC TV ‘Inside Out’ team in the West Midlands has been investigating Planet Aid and the experience of students at a Tvind ‘school’ in Birmingham. They have interviewed us at Tvind Alert as well as students from Italy and elsewhere. The results of their investigation will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday 11th February, on regional TV in the West Midlands at 7.30pm.

We will bring you more information, a transcript and a link to the programme on the BBC iPlayer as soon as it becomes available.

Flood of interest follows fraud conviction

Following the fraud conviction of Tvind lawyer Poul Joergensen in Denmark two weeks ago, there has been an upsurge of media interest in the ‘Humana’-Teachers Group story, not just in Denmark but also in other countries.   For the first time, many journalists and officials are understanding this story and taking it seriously, as a matter of real public interest involving massive amounts of public money, instead of dismissing it as fantasy or just make-believe.

We are particularly pleased to be contacted by an important US TV channel which is interviewing former Tvind students and those with inside knowledge of Tvind now.    IF YOU ARE IN THE US AND HAVE A STORY TO TELL AND ARE WILLING TO BE INTERVIEWED please contact us.  (We regret there will be no payments).

We carry on collecting information in our spare time!

The seven of us in five different countries who make up the tiny ‘Tvind Alert investigative team’ (connected by the Internet) continue to chip away at the Herculaean task of trying to investigate and expose the Tvind/Teachers Group, and what we all believe is its 30-years long exploitation of the ‘aid industry’ for financial gain and personal profit.   We continue this task even though it is a thankless activity and we have almost no resources, no time and no official status – just because we want to put our information in the public domain.

Work to restore the dossier we have collected on http://www.tvindalert.com is going very slowly because only two of us have web experience and access to the website, so putting information back online is an achingly slow process done in spare time between other work, family and pleasure commitments.   Eventually, it will get done and then surely some big media organisation or enforecement agency will give it the exposure it deserves – meanwhile, we continue to read with interest the mailbag that comes in from angry students and ex-volunteers.

We hope to reveal a major new development soon that should give us some offficial status and enable us to legally raise some funds to cover our costs and pay for better research – when that happens we look forward to your support.

Meanwhile, if you can think of any way to help out, get in touch.

Mike in London and the Tvind Alert team.


email: feedback@tvindalert.com

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