No comment from local Tony Quinn shop over claims

14 January 2009

By Tamara O’Connell

THE Dundalk-based Tony Quinn Healthcare shop has declined to comment on controversial claims made about Tony Quinn by an anti-cult campaigner.

Dialogue Ireland, an organisation that gathers information on new religious movements, staged a protest outside a seminar organised by former butcher turned motivational trainer Tony Quinn last weekend.

According to Dialogue Ireland Director, Mike Garde, the organisation held the protest because of concerns about problems experienced by participants on previous seminars.

“Participants typically pay up to r18,000 for a two-week Educo seminar which involves being trained in his system of mind technology,” said Mr Garde.

“I have concerns about mental manipulation. It doesn’t make sense to pay r18,000 for two weeks to learn things you can read in any bookshop.”

Almost 1,000 people attended the one-day seminar, which was by invitation only, in the RDS last Sunday. Participants were urged to learn how to “make a difference” and to make their achievements “bigger, better and more”.

A number of people who participated in previous seminars run by Mr Quinn criticised their content on RTÉ radio’s ‘Liveline’ programme.

However, other callers said the seminars had been beneficial. John Boyle, owner of the Boylesports bookmaking chain, said his business had greatly expanded since he attended one of Mr Quinn’s courses in 2002.

Mr Quinn who had a role as mind trainer to boxer Steve Collins in the mid-1990s, when Collins successfully challenged Chris Eubank for the world super middleweight title, is said to have amassed a huge fortune.

A spokesperson for the Tony Quinn Healthcare shop on Jocelyn Street (which has been operating in Dundalk for the past 23 years) said it would not be appropriate to comment at this time.

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