Lisa says Tony Quinn’s fees worth paying if guru builds self-esteem

One highly entranced “celebrity” (highly unqualified to speak on the leader and the group and their history) story is easily countered by looking at the real facts. The orchestrated nature of the Quinn supporters’ replies can also be highlighted as we know they are asked to support him publicly. There are similar “celebrities” who have come and gone through T. Quinn’s hands and later seriously regretted their involvement as we know. In the classic cult mindset “all *success* (even running a business and making some money seems to be a great success here) comes from the guru and his wonderful unique “philosophy” and all failures (the great numbers swept under the carpet) are the fault of the follower.

Lisa says Tony Quinn’s fees worth paying if guru

builds self-esteem

CONTROVERSY: Support as stylist launches own seminars

The Herald

CONTROVERSIAL: Tony Quinn and his partner Eve Hatting

By Lorna Nolan

Friday January 23 2009

TOP stylist and model mum Lisa Fitzpatrick has spoken out in support of controversial health guru Tony Quinn. She said the work he does to help people gain confidence is invaluable, no matter what the cost.

The businessman was this week forced to defend himself when his company and supporters came in for attack over the amount of money he charges people for seminars, with some even comparing his organisation to a cult.

However, the stunning blonde rubbished the claims, and said that the self-help classes are a necessary part of society and people should be allowed to make their own decisions without being judged.

She told the Herald: “I think it’s a case of whatever works for you. Some people go to fortune tellers and if that works for them, I’m all for it.

“If someone wants to read into angels then let them on and if someone else gets help from Tony Quinn’s seminars then it can only be doing good for them.

“I would never put down anything whether it’s Reiki, massages, acupuncture or Tony Quinn’s methods,” she added.

And given that Lisa is about to launch her own Style and Body academy, she’s all about building confidence from an early age.

In fact, Lisa’s so keen on her new venture, she might sacrifice her blossoming media career if it takes off in order to travel the country and give seminars full-time.

“I absolutely love giving the seminars. My first one is this weekend and I honestly cannot wait.

“You can take the TV and the radio and the styling and do whatever with it. This is my passion and nothing else gives you the sense of satisfaction it does.

“I get lovely letters and notes and calls from people thanking me for changing their lives and I just can’t describe the pleasure it brings me.

“I can immediately sense the people who are in need of help because their shoulders are hunched forward and they can’t make eye contact with anyone.

“My dream is to get them standing tall and proud. I’m not going to lie, it takes a lot of tears and emotional outbursts, but we always get there in the end,” she said.

Having suffered from low self-esteem herself in the past, Lisa swears by the motivational teaching approach.

“I used to go into a room and I’d get nervous,” she revealed.

“I was too shy and afraid to even look at people let alone talk to them.

“I felt so inadequate talking to people who had more qualifications and had studied more than me because I never went to college.

“It’s only as a result of all the self-help that I’ve gained confidence and I want to share it with others.”

– Lorna Nolan

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