Scientology correspondence – part 1

Letter from Mike Garde to Gerard Ryan

22 February 2000

Dear Ger

I just thought that I’d get in comm with you concerning the recent black PR
campaign you have been waging against me. I felt that I was starting to go
effect and so wanted to put my feelings in writing, as you know “if it isn’t
written, it isn’t true”.

By the way over the years I have amassed quite a collection of source
references which a variety of people have donated to me and from time to time I
dip into them to find out what Ron says to do in a given situation.

My initial feelings are that by the level of unwarranted criticism levelled against me suggests that perhaps you might consider doing an O/W write up on me. We all know what criticism implies.

You mentioned for example in one of your flyers that certain Mennonites were
convicted of being involved in drug related activities and attempted thus to
tar me with the same brush. I feel that is a bit of an “A=A” type of analysis
to be honest. I mean not only were you wrong targeting me, you were also
attacking a constructive and betterment group, namely Dialogue Ireland. I could
go on but I’m sure you understand what I am saying. I’m not trying to introvert
you but I just wanted to point out that I am not a Martian or an FBI agent you
know. “Intelligence and judgement cannot exist in the face of an
identification, but can exist in the face of a differentiation” as Ron said.

I will be left with no option but to apply standard source references on
handling black PR. For instance in HCO-PL 11 May 1971 Issue 3, Ron writes
“So PR enters intelligence in this way: One finds out who set up the black
propaganda and explodes that into public view”. In line with this I am
setting up a web page and will be including a copy of your criticisms of
Dialogue, which are complete with your name, address and phone number.

I was doing a bit of obnosis there the other day and having heard some years
ago that Dublin mission was supposed to become a Class V Org, I observed that
the stats appear to have crashed over that time frame. I was thinking that was
a bad indicator and indicated problems of an ethics nature. The thought struck
me that perhaps people were going around saying that Mike the SP is responsible
for the crashed stats and so on so I thought I ought to point out that per KSW
it is not the government or the high priests that will cause failure, it is
ones own failure to apply the tech.

Anyhow I’ll finish up at this point so hopefully we will start to see some case
change pretty soon, I do hope you knock off the third party and natter about

Your friend and much ARC,




black PR

black propaganda

go effect

Feel the adverse effect of someone (one can be cause or
effect), it implies PTSness which implies an SP in the vicinity
(this letter is implying that Ger is the SP)



O/W write up

Overts and Withholds = basically the person has to write
down all their transgressions against the individual, in this case you are
suggesting Ger writes down all his “sins” against you and when he looks at a
very full page or two he will begin to feel a sense of his responsibility
and cease to blame you as he cops onto the fact that he doesn’t have clean
hands. This is a very standard scn technique, and I believe quite powerful
when honestly done.


This is where everything is identified with everything else sort of
like “all catholics are scum coz a handful of priests abused
children”, it is the basis of the reactive mind – one must be able to
differentiate between things rather than identify everything with everything

wrong targeting

The dog barks so he kicks the cat. This is very important
as it is one of the 12 characteristics of an SP.

attacking a constructive and betterment group

This is clear but
importantly it is one of the 12 characteristics of an SP.

I’m sure you understand what I am saying

i.e. you have SP characteristics

HCO-PL 11 May 1971 Issue 3

This is the 3rd policy letter he wrote on that
date (PL = policy letter)


observing the obvious

Class V Org

The next level up from a mission, ie a promotion for the


statistics = measurement of how they are doing

bad indicator

indicates something is wrong


a famous Policy Letter (keeping Scn Working) which is the first
Policy letter on every Scn course – ie every time you do a new course you
have to read this policy letter again. So it is central to Scn.



case change

an improvement in behaviour

third party and natter

talking about me behind my back saying nasty things etc.


Affinity, Reality, Communication: they make up “understanding” and in
this context mean “I like you” – ie: I have affinity for you, I have a
reality with you (ie: I get where you are coming from etc) and I have good
communication with you.

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