Shocked Tony Quinn blasts RTE radio campaign as a ‘witch-hunt’


Irish Independent – Sunday January 18 2009

Bahamas-based Tony Quinn has broken years of silence to speak exclusively to the Sunday Independent about what he described as a witch- hunt involving RTE’s Liveline.

Mr Quinn has been living in the Bahamas for the past 14 years, sharing his ocean-side penthouse on Paradise Island with his South African girlfriend, Eve Hattingh, who he met in Morocco seven years ago.

A former Mr Ireland bodybuilder, he coached Steve Collins in the 1995 world title fight against Chris Eubank.

He visits Ireland to hold free seminars for members twice a year and spoke at his home in the Martello Tower in Malahide where he has spent Christmas and the New Year before flying back to his Bahamas base.

Mr Quinn said he was shocked by a series of four programmes on RTE’s Liveline programme where he and his companies and supporters came in for attack over the amount of money he charges people for his seminars and also alluding that his organisation was a “cult”.

“I visit Ireland twice a year in December and July to give seminars — and I should say these are free seminars for our members — and I must say I found this shocking.

“It’s a witch-hunt. It has upset an awful lot of good people and it could do damage to people’s reputations and livelihoods.

“What I charge is really in the same ballpark as other people at the top of this league, people like Anthony Robbins (the high-profile figure in motivational teaching in the United States). I do most of my seminar work in the Bahamas and Monte Carlo now. I help people achieve goals in their life and work continuously with people.”

An initial seminar course costs around €16,000 and a further one-to-one seminar followed up by further personal tuition is over €60,000.

“These are highly-specialised seminars for people determined to obtain the ultimate results. In total I conduct 10 seminars a year. My main work is in the business arena. I work with start-up businesses to achieve success. This involves designing a business structure and training the owners and staff.”

Tony Quinn and his business associates are now complaining to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and the Press Council over attacks spread over four days on Joe Duffy’s show.

They claim the broadcasts were imbalanced, with 30 people who called the programme in support of Tony Quinn being denied air time. Among them was the Irish president of a billion-dollar private jet company based in Colorado and Dubai, Josh Stewart.

Asked about whether or not the programme was imbalanced against Tony Quinn, Joe Duffy replied: “I don’t say who calls in. We did what we did and people can judge.” He declined to make any further comment.


3 Responses

  1. People who were deeply involved or who formed relationships in the cult bubble find it very difficult when faced with reality. If marriages survive it can be a long hard struggle to come to terms with normal everyday life. The ‘high’ is not there to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool and they will want to create something that mirrors it.


  2. I think it is time we “shocked” Mr. Quinn again. His involvement with sorcery explains why he would use the word “witch hunt” as a way to undermine those who speak out against him. He depends on people believing that such practices do not happen in today’s world while depending on those who know him will keep their mouths shut.

    Millions of people have used their intentions and gained success before Quinn came on the scene and I find it unbelievable that they continue believing his narcissistic ego tripping ‘philosophy’ particularly when the ‘magic’ has failed to increase profits so many times in businesses he set up or interfered with.

    They believe that keeping Quinn’s intentions secret will protect his ‘magical’ abilities. They also believe that if they keep their intentions secret that no-one will interfere with their ‘magical’ ability. On the advice of Quinn, rather than answering a question about something they are doing they will say “I am working on it” because they believe and fear that talking about it to anyone other than a cult member will stop success from happening, or when asked about decisions, it’s “I don’t know”, leaving you in the dark about their needs or wants and slowly but surely undermining close relationships and even to the point where they believe that no relationship ever existed. When someone from outside of the cult gives common sense advice they will say that it came from the person giving the ‘relaxation’ session or it was the ‘request’ system that brought about this change in their life. Susan Morrice is the perfect example of this.

    Of course, Quinn came up with this idea of saying nothing because their involvement with him usually went against them. Given the facts any intelligent person would not believe the hype/lies he surrounds the Josh Stewart ‘success’ story with.

    It is only when things go very badly wrong that they talk about who the real Tony Quinn is.


  3. TQ dont be shocked everybody in the real world is entilted to their opnion


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